April 14, 2010 Rebellion!

Another Reason to KNOW YOUR FARMER

More evidence is coming forward about the potential chemicals that can be found in our food.  First of all, it is the centralized food system and dangerous choices made by people, that has resulted in this action.  The USDA has rules and guidelines, and attempts to enforce them as best that they can, however it would be impossible (economically) for an inspection to occur on every piece of meat that hits store grocery shelves.

What to do?  Safety resides in knowing your farmer.  The customer does the inspecting.  Generally, small farmers have less need for dangerous chemicals and antibiotics (at least in large quantities).  Knowing who your farmer is and their farming practices is a sure bet to ensuring the quality of your beef and the health of those who will consume it.

Become responsible for your purchasing decisions.  As our good friend Paul Alhadef has said, “We need a consumption revolution”.  It is up to us to make better choices, support and purchase from local vendors, and take control of the decisions that affect our food.

Read the whole story HERE.

– Tisha Casida

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