November 17, 2013 Rebellion!

Climate Change & Global Warming Affecting the World – Tell China!

Horror and chaos ensue from Mother Nature wreaking her havoc on another community in our world, and it is time to blame the human beings.

The UK’s Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC), a “committee, comprising 14 aid agencies, said Typhoon Haiyan was a glimpse of the future for millions who will be at risk from extreme weather.”

Okay, let’s ignore the argument completely about whether global warming or climate change is “real” ( I think that the Earth’s climate has warmed, cooled, and changed for arguably millions of years), or if humans are the culprit.  Let’s just ignore that argument completely and save some time.  Let’s look at the two countries that we should focus on if human beings are the culprit – China and India.

You see, the United States has some of the strictest environmental regulations in the World – so – in an effort to be efficient, let’s look at the two countries that contain over 2.5 BILLION people combined.  The United States’ has just 12% of the population of these two countries – and since we are doing our job of being a leader in environmental regulations, it only makes sense that others should follow before we go the next step of creating any more taxes.  The developing world has to catch up, otherwise our efforts will have no impact.

Before you break the backs of the 313 million Americans who are already over-taxed and extremely regulated, why don’t we be “equal” in our chastising of human behavior and try to dictate policy to these other countries who don’t seem to care as much about environmental regulations.  Try to dictate to them, because until they change something – our efforts here at home will have minimal effect.

The reality is, if you believe that climate change is caused by people driving their ineffecient-emission-cars – you better change the 1.351 billion peoples’ habits in China and 1.237 billion peoples’ India – that would be the real culprit.  If you believe that climate change is caused by large, commercial animal farms – you better get rid of regulations and taxes that stymie family-farms and ranches that could be an alternative to that situation.  Pick a cause, and I will tell you what we can do, other than tax, burden, or fear-monger the American people, to make a REAL DIFFERENCE.

It’s okay that we have different beliefs – let’s tear down the walls on whether or not we believe in the human being’s role in creating climate change, and focus on actual solutions to clean up the environment.

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