April 5, 2015 Rebellion!

Supporting & Celebrating Jesus' Rebellion this Easter

Tonight, a record number of Americans are likely going to sit down and enjoy the start of the faith-based series “A.D. The Bible Continues” on NBC.  This is a continuation from “The Bible” mini-series that saw around 100 million cumulative views.  Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, the producers, are excited about what this number of viewers represents for our country – a longing for faith.

I think that one of the most profound experiences of my life, has been trying to truly understand who Jesus Christ was and how I can be a more loving, at peace, and forgiving individual based on those teachings from the Bible.  I also think it is important to embrace the rebellious character that Jesus was, this peace-loving rabble-rouser that effectively caused friction with leaders who sought to ‘keep people on their knees’.

It is possible to be both peaceful and rebellious.  At REBELLION.life, this is what we do – there are many, many ways to rebel against bad people, bad government, and bad policies – by peacefully acting out in positive and proactive ways that counter the bad, the evil, and the unjust.

Today, Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, and I hope that we can do more of this celebrating every day by embracing and invoking what Jesus taught – to refuse to be motivated by fear, to know you are loved, and to not be afraid to stand up for what is just.

– Tisha Casida

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