August 18, 2016 Rebellion!

Thank You Colorado for Protecting Me From Myself

Dear People of the State of Colorado:

I thought it important to address you, since you are the ones charging me on this ticket that I received while in El Paso County, Colorado.

I was pulled over for forgetting to turn my blinker while merging (thank you taxpayers, I hope you feel safer now), and then of course, couldn’t find my insurance card (I just purchased a new truck and will be supporting the tax-base with my new registration, thank you Colorado), and was asked, “Maam, is that how you wear you seatbelt?”.

My seatbelt.  I wear that thing faithfully – not because I am told to, but because I do believe it is a good idea.  However, I put the top strap under my arm, because I don’t like having it across my chest.  Because I answered honestly, and because the State of Colorado is protecting me from myself, I was fined $74.50 for wearing it wrong.

Now, listen, I am grateful that I didn’t lose any “points”, and that the officer was kind enough to not cite me for my other two (awful and dangerous) transgressions.  But really!??!!?  I was wearing my seatbelt and I still got nailed for it.  You know what?  There’s people killing other people out there – am I really the criminal here?

I will faithfully pay this, to stay out of the courts.  But I am hurt and offended at my State.  I appreciate our officers, I think they have to deal with a lot.  However, wouldn’t it be a good use of taxpayer money to go after real criminals instead of people like me?  In my world, forgetting a blinker, not having physical proof of insurance (even though it is easily verifiable that I have such), and wearing my seatbelt, but just not the “right” way are victimless crimes.  Our community and country has greater threats.

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