April 3, 2010 Rebellion!

Gasoline Taxes, Red Tape, and Free-Market Solutions

There are two types of taxes:

1.) Taxes that are arguably necessary because of how our country operates and the fact that the United States DOES take care of others and DOES provide for national defense.

2.) Taxes that are detrimental to the free-market, to anyone who works, to anyone that owns a business, and to our future of the entrepreneurial spirit that has in the past made our country so productive, prosperous, and a destination for those who want to live the “American Dream”.

Gas prices have risen and will continue to rise, the economics behind such are beyond the grasp of myself, and not worthy of this particular blog post.  However, there are upcoming taxes re-named as “FEES” (specifically in the Cap and Trade legislation) that will increase energy prices even more.  The effects of these types of taxes are destructive towards our free-markets, just as much as artificial caps or ceilings on prices are.

American Solutions has a more detailed explanation of the upcoming taxes. I can tell you that we should be very wary of the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill that will hide taxes by calling them fees as well as put in place a mechanism to regulate carbon emissions.  I am a big proponent of lowering pollution, but am 100% confidant in free-market solutions to do this.  I do NOT believe in creating additional red tape, more layers of bureaucracy, or increasing taxes OR FEES on the American people.  It is counter-productive and harms the foundations and principals upon which this country was built.

By Tisha Casida

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