Government CANNOT Legislate A "Clean Energy Economy"

It simply won’t work.  The government cannot MAKE the market do ANYTHING!  As soon as they start to control parts of it, i.e. minimum wage laws, price controls, subsidies, etc., we see problems in the marketplace.  Government is there to protect the constitution – THE REST IS UP TO OUR ECONOMY, which means people like YOU and ME – it is up to US to solve our energy crisis, and I have full-faith that 300 million Americans are just as capable of making changes as the 400-some representatives at Capitol Hill.

In a free-market, consumers have access to information that allow them to make decisions.  If there was not so much government regulation to start with (i.e. subsidies to oil starting many years ago), then the market would have done different things.  Mandating people and companies to change through legislation will not work, it will just further hamper our already beaten economy.

– Joni Cave

Global Warming DID NOT Cause the Oil Spill

We here at The Good American Post LOVE our environment and are appalled at the Gulf Oil Spill disaster that is wrecking havoc on the eco-sytstem.  We are also very happy to embrace concepts of sustainability, as conserving and protecting our land is of utmost importance.  What is not acceptable is having legislation, like the new energy-bill that will cause potentially disastrous consequences on our economy and line the pockets of people who gamble with our land, our lives, and our future.

We will be doing an on-going series both online and in print about SUSTAINABLE changes for our energy supply to both protect our environment while protecting our free-market and liberties.  Stay tuned, and oppose any legislation that will do even more harm to our free markets – the one thing that can save us.  And be wary of those who use disasters as leverage.  There is a better way, one that will benefit our communities and economies and allow us to prosper.

– Good American Post Staff Reports


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