Government CANNOT Legislate A "Clean Energy Economy"

It simply won’t work.  The government cannot MAKE the market do ANYTHING!  As soon as they start to control parts of it, i.e. minimum wage laws, price controls, subsidies, etc., we see problems in the marketplace.  Government is there to protect the constitution – THE REST IS UP TO OUR ECONOMY, which means people like YOU and ME – it is up to US to solve our energy crisis, and I have full-faith that 300 million Americans are just as capable of making changes as the 400-some representatives at Capitol Hill.

In a free-market, consumers have access to information that allow them to make decisions.  If there was not so much government regulation to start with (i.e. subsidies to oil starting many years ago), then the market would have done different things.  Mandating people and companies to change through legislation will not work, it will just further hamper our already beaten economy.

– Joni Cave

A Detached Representative, Dear President

By Tisha Casida

While perusing through various blogs and news-stories, a particular point was brought up on Michelle Malkin’s blog post “The shout-outs Obama forgot”.  One of Malkin’s readers stated:

“No one in the media has brought up the ultimate snub from Pres. Obama during his speech last night. He gave a shout out to Michelle Obama- twice, Joe Biden- once, but to the two officers who brought down the Ft. Hood terrorist and who were sitting right next to the First Lady, he said nothing.

Why?…You would think in one of the most tragic events that happened on our soil since 9/11, Pres. Obama would have addressed them. We all know well Pres. Bush would have.”

This made me really think about it.  The real, true heroes of our system and society are not and HAVE NOT been given any type of support, promotion, etc., at least any real substantial “shout-out” in my opinion.   The men and women who risk their lives, who give their lives, are often forgotten when there would ideally be ample viewership and readership to recognize them.

But I guess that honor, guts, glory, and citizenry does not “sell”.  Well, I actually beg to differ, but it is too bad that people with influence and power, i.e. the President of our Country, are not grateful for the millions of middle-class, hard-working Americans who make real news, in this publisher’s opinion.


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