I, American – An analogy and tribute to “I, Pencil” by Leonard E. Read

By: Tisha Casida

I am an American – a human being residing in the United States of America, a citizen who has come here or who resides in this country.

Liberty is both my vocation and my avocation – it is what I am.

You may wonder why it is necessary to express the purpose of explaining what I am.  I am a mystery, and sadly I have been taken for granted as a mere incident and without background.

“This is a species of the grievous error in which mankind cannot too long persist without peril. For, the wise G. K. Chesterton observed, ‘We are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of wonders’.” (Read, 1999).

I, American, as simple as I may seem, do in fact warrant your wonder, for if you can understand me better, if you can be more aware of what I am, then it can help save the freedom that mankind could so easily lose.

Simple? Yet no one knows exactly how to make me.  I am but a human, a citizen, a member of a community and country, and yet there are innumerable antecedents to what I am.

It is impossible to explain all of the antecedents that made me, however it is possible to name just a few.

My family tree begins on every continent in every country through most every part of the world.  From deserts to the tropics, the mountains to the oceans, the world was the starting point for me.  Think of all the people involved in the innumerable journeys through good times and bad to get me to where I sit today.  Think of the man-power, the machinery, the technology, the will-power to get me here today.  Think of the millions of transactions amongst people, the billions of words, the countless moments of inquiry and faith that made it possible to be in this moment.

Starting in far-away places, my ancestors made choices to seek freedom and prosperity.  In making a choice to come here, the American dream was alive and loved.  It was not just a dream; it was the reality of the journey, the faith, the motion.  My ancestors came to America to work and keep what they worked for, in a place where liberty was alive and responsibility was respected and honored.

Consider the people who have come to America.  White, black, brown; European, African, Asian, Hispanic; people who do not cling to color nor to class nor to ethnicity. For once you are here, you are American – this is the melting pot, and we are all the same, we are all Americans.  People who have come here as people, people who have come here knowing and believing that we are endowed by a Creator with certain unalienable Rights, and that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.  The journey has not always been pleasant or good.  The creation of America held many tragic incidents involving the very people that She now desires to protect.  That is the road and the journey that exists, and I must move forward in an effort to do better, as an individual, as an American.  We can learn from our mistakes.

Consider the technology that has moved us here.  Inventions, the revolution in industry, and the revolution with communication – all of these over thousands of years have contributed to my journey.  Although my life cycle is short, the experiences I have are created on the shoulders of giants (Newton, 1676).  Piece by piece, moment by moment, I am standing here today because of these human discoveries, theories, interventions, and practices.

Consider the human desire that has moved us here.  Human beings from around the world, people who work hard, study, love, and crave the freedom that allows them to do those things.  Consider the faith – regardless of religion or origin – consider the faith of the people who want to move forward, want to protect what they love, want to be free in their just pursuit of happiness.

No one knows how to make an American, even though the 307+ million Americans have a part of shaping each other every day.  “There isn’t a single person in all these millions… who contributes more than a tiny, infinitesimal bit of know-how.” (Read, 1999).  Each day a citizen may decide to read a newspaper, watch a television show, or go to school, however the other citizens will never truly know how this affects them – we just know that it does.  None of us know what the other millions of Americans want, however we are still all able to co-exist and prosper.  None of us know exactly how this works, but we know that we are able to make transactions and decisions when we have the freedom to do so.

There is no master-mind dictating to people what they should do, what they should want, or where they should work.  For over two hundred years, the country of America has been able to grow without the master planning of its future.  There have been mistakes, and more recently attacks on Her freedom, however the 307+ millions of Americans who are a part of my country can still make informed decisions.  This “absence of a master mind, of anyone dictating or forcibly directing these countless actions which bring me into being. No trace of such a person can be found. Instead, we find the Invisible Hand at work.” (Read, 1999).

We cannot “make an American”.  The Invisible Hand (Adam Smith), the liberty present in our country, and the free market where we all stand equally as consumers, are a part of a complex combination of miracles.  America is where you can find me, in “the configuration of creative human energies—millions of tiny know-hows configurating naturally and spontaneously in response to human necessity and desire and in the absence of any human master-minding!” (Read, 1999).  We are free men and women, there is no greater miracle.

I, American, although made from many different races, classes, and religions, do not cling to those as testimony for how others should act or be.  I, American, although a part of a social system do not expect a social system, I take responsibility for what and who I am.  I, American, although faced with displeasure, anger, and poverty, righteousness, happiness, and prosperity, do not expect from anyone anything other than interaction in a marketplace where I can work, purchase, and sell goods and services without the intervention of a master-plan that tries to decide what is best for me.  I, American, understand what I am charged with and accept the responsibility and prosperity that accompanies such “risk”.  Having the liberty to make my decisions, is all I ask for.

I, American, in a country that has had millions of immigrants come to Her for liberty and the opportunity to pursue their dreams, believe in the creative interactions that have made our prosperity possible so far.

“The lesson I have to teach is this: Leave all creative energies uninhibited. Merely organize society to act in harmony with this lesson. Let society’s legal apparatus remove all obstacles the best it can. Permit these creative know-hows freely to flow. Have faith that free men and women will respond to the Invisible Hand. This faith will be confirmed.”  (Read, 1999).

I, American, seemingly simple and often misunderstood, believe in the miracle of my creation. I believe in the liberty that rewards responsibility. I believe in the free men and women who are my fellow citizens.  I, American, believe.


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To A Peaceful, Prosperous, and Rebellious 2013

Each of us makes a difference. Each of us, even in our own little world of stocking shelves, serving food, driving trucks, delivering goods, tapping on the keyboard, and talking to friends and family – each action that we take is profound.


The government is made up of people – human beings – that can be changed (or manipulated for that matter). We – you and I – are the people that can make our government exist of people who cherish liberty, our natural rights, our right to protect ourselves, our right to express ourselves freely.


We do this by our own little interactions – in our community, in our town or city, and in our County. We can participate in State and national politics – but our real power is with our small circle of 10 or 20, who we can trust, who we can talk to, and who we can build our armies with.


To a very rebellious 2013 – let us rebel against the evil powers that seek to destroy, and instead – cherish, promote, and empower the creative forces that embrace peace and prosperity. Let us rebel against collective rights, like political parties, who have their own agenda. Let us rebel against the manipulative monetary system that erodes the wealth and property of all people. Let us rebel against the tyranny that seeks to destroy our light, as free and loving people.


Rebel with me, and let’s use the amazing power that we have – for good.


In Liberty,




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Why It Would Be Easy to Give Up

I believe myself to be a fairly intelligent, responsible, and caring individual.  What is disheartening is the amount of rejection one can face when standing up for what is right and what entails liberty and freedom.

In working with various political parties, I have been appalled at the lethargic nature of the political machine.  I am also disgusted with how I am treated incompetent because I am a young female.  Albeit not all of the time, unfortunately these attitudes persist in our society and are detrimental to progress as a nation.  I AM the Next Generation of Leaders.

I believe that most political parties are doomed to ever making something truly happen for the people.  The reason is because they in themselves are political machines with predetermined motives and agendas.  Even the Libertarian Party, of which I am a huge fan, is so wrapped up in its own incredulous image of itself that they miss opportunities, and do not embrace people who would make excellent mouth-pieces for them.

It would be easy to quit.  But saving a country and an economy is not for the faint of heart.  I promise to you, whoever reads this, that there are enough of us fighting to get our country back – without the power of any political party or machine.  It is up to the people – period.

– Tisha Casida

This piece was originally posted at The Good American Post – Colorado

Government CANNOT Legislate A "Clean Energy Economy"

It simply won’t work.  The government cannot MAKE the market do ANYTHING!  As soon as they start to control parts of it, i.e. minimum wage laws, price controls, subsidies, etc., we see problems in the marketplace.  Government is there to protect the constitution – THE REST IS UP TO OUR ECONOMY, which means people like YOU and ME – it is up to US to solve our energy crisis, and I have full-faith that 300 million Americans are just as capable of making changes as the 400-some representatives at Capitol Hill.

In a free-market, consumers have access to information that allow them to make decisions.  If there was not so much government regulation to start with (i.e. subsidies to oil starting many years ago), then the market would have done different things.  Mandating people and companies to change through legislation will not work, it will just further hamper our already beaten economy.

– Joni Cave

America Speaking Out

Could it be that our leadership is finally feeling that they had better listen to the American people?  Could it be that millions of Americans have stood up across party-lines to demand that their senators and congressmen listen to what they want for their country, for their future?  Could it be that we are finally seeing the marketing attempts of a group of people to actually reach citizens and find out what they want?

Well, we hope so.  And we will see.  The Good American Post will vet the site “American Speaking Out” and let you know what we think as this media develops.

Let us know what YOU think!


EYES on 2nd Amendment Rights

The Arms Trade Treaty, which will likely be pushed by the United Nations as we near 2012, represents threats to our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Those who desire having such a universal declaration against arms may believe that weapons in the hands of individuals are dangerous.  I believe that those who support such a treaty have not fully investigated what is really dangerous – evil people.

Guns do not kill people.  PEOPLE kill people.  And unfortunately, those that have evil motives are often the first people to find ways around any type of legal barrier to obtaining weapons.  The innocent people, who need weapons to defend themselves against the lunatics, are then harmed by such legislation.

Anti-gun activists may want to protect kids, protect wildlife, etc.  However they must be cognizant that with a universal treaty like that of the Arms Trade Treaty, that liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot be defended by We The People.  It is the opposite of safety – the 2nd Amendment is what keeps us safe!

The government’s role is to PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION and the RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE.  Many actions that the government takes today are the opposite of that.

Please read up on the Arms Trade Treaty, and see this excellent post about its affect on American gun ownership.

– Tisha Casida


We hope you have been paying attention to what bills and issues are looked at in the House and Senate, because there is a positive correlation with when politicians are up for election – if there are contentious issues that may cost them seats, these bills are sent to the back-burner.  If there is an issue that will win them votes, then it is time for a marketing campaign!

Unfortunately, we have a whole lot of politicking and very little representation.  We like to remain optimistic, but it is easy to see that bad things happen when there are not checks and balances (hence our constitution and the separation of powers which are so important to protect).

Have you heard anything about the “Boss Tweed Era”?  It is a classic example of politicking and bullying – something that we must be cognizant of at all levels of politics.  We need representatives that protect liberty and protect our constitution – period.

There are many great events and organizations rising to the occasion, and we commend them!  Be sure to check out these people and groups that are making strides to protect our liberties, and be wary of the politics in play (find many of them in our blogroll).

Let’s find people who represent WE THE PEOPLE versus worry about covering their own tails.  See Get Out Of Our House (GOOOH) for more information.

Recession Busters

It’s now or never, and it’s up to us.  The more we rely upon national indicators, the more we will be disappointed.

The recession is very real, but WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE make it.  WE are the constituents and WE are the consumers.  Even if the dollar crashed, WE THE PEOPLE would find ways to make it.

Epicurus said, “You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday.  You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.”

And this is true – we are in very difficult times (The Good American Post is made up of independent contractors and small businesses), but this is no reason to throw in the towel – now it’s time to step up.

We are recession busters, and we are looking for more people who want to take control of this country’s future.

1. We want contributors

2. We want sales-people who can sell a product that appeals to the American people

3. We want independent thinkers to tell us how we are doing

Contact us for more information for how to contribute, make money, and be a part of our growing team.


Knowledge Vs. Presumptions

Reading through Thomas Sowell’s book, Basic Economics, it is easy to see that letting the market work is essential to having a sustainable and productive economy.

The reason “the market” works so well is that there are millions of people with specialized knowledge making decision about what to buy and what to sell.  These people – the 300+million consumers in the United States of America – each have their own individualized knowledge that helps them to make decisions

Knowledge, in itself, is a scarce resource.

When government officials start making decisions that affect the market, they are doing this based on PRESUMPTIONS.  Presumptions about what is best ARE NOT the same as specialized knowledge coming from the market, of the 300+ million people that make up our economy.

Presumptions are what get people in trouble – it is KNOWLEDGE that we need.  And thus, less government intervention, red tape, and bureaucracy in our free market would allow for more efficient and more specialized decisions from WE THE PEOPLE.  That’s the whole idea of a FREE MARKET!

-Tisha Casida


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