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Tisha Casida heads down into a coal mine near Craig, Colorado.

Tisha Casida is the CEO of That’s Natural! Marketing & Consulting – a Colorado company founded in 2005. She has worked with farmers, producers, and business owners – to build their businesses through educational materials and promotional campaigns. Her publication and online presence “That’s Natural” advocates for consumers’ food and medicine freedom.

Casida’s flagship product through That’s Natural is a CBD-rich hemp oil that is genetically superior in strength and ratio of CBD, it is domestically grown in Colorado, it is regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and it has 100% traceability. Customers from around the country and world are able to purchase these CBD-rich hemp oil products because they are from hemp (not marijuana), and are regulated through the 2014 federal Farm Bill.

Ms. Casida ran as an independent (unaffiliated) candidate in Colorado’s third congressional district (CD3) in 2012 and 2014. Tisha represents the John Galt district – housing Galt’s gulch in Ouray, Colorado. Colorado’s CD3 is the 5th largest in the nation, and spans the western half of Colorado including the premier ski destinations of Aspen, Vail, and Steamboat Springs. These diverse communities provided support to set new election records. In 2012, Casida earned the most votes for an independent candidate and in 2014, she earned the largest percentage of vote for an independent candidate in the history of Colorado’s third congressional district. Her platform included: protecting individual liberties, having a federal government that is held to the tenets of the Constitution, and bringing more common-sense policy making to the State and local levels of government where there is more transparency and accountability.

Ms. Casida has been endorsed by 2004 Libertarian Presidential nominee Michael Badnarik. Dr. Ron Paul, at a speaking event at Colorado Mesa University in 2013 said that “we need to send her to Congress”.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business, Minor in Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, Minor in Philosophy from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, as well as a Masters in Business Administration from Colorado State University – Pueblo.

Tisha is available for speaking engagements to groups around the country –
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Food & Medicine Freedom

Tisha's company, That's Natural!, supports and promotes Food and Medicine freedom through its premium CBD-rich hemp oil products that you can see here!

Food Freedom: Having the right and ability to consume anything you want for food. Also having the right to grow your own food and process your own food without asking for permission (licenses, fees, registration) from the government.

Medicine Freedom: Having the right and ability to take any products or engage in activities (massage, acupuncture, yoga, etc.) to positively benefit one’s health without asking for permission from government. If you are not harming anyone else with your choice, then it should not ever be a question of if you can or can’t do it.



Tisha Casida believes in ACTION. We CAN create solutions to the problems we face.


Tisha’s Pamphlets

Simple, straight-forward, and cohesive writing that takes very little time to read and is a great 'intro' to the concepts of Sovereignty. Buy them HERE!

Property & Wealth

The importance of protecting one’s property and what one considers to be wealth.

Sound Money

What exactly is “legal tender” and what makes it worth anything.

Natural vs. Legal Rights

What creates what we consider law, and what makes enforcement possible.

What is Right? What is Just?

Understanding and implementing the Non-Aggression Principle into our daily lives and political philosophy.

Victimless Crimes

Are YOU a victim of committing a victimless crime?

The Jury Decides the Law

The meaningful checks and balances that exist to maintain a citizen-regulated government.

Three Branches of Government

Individual branches are intended to provide checks and balances to protect individuals who live within the constraints of the ‘laws’ created.

Federal, State, and Local Government

Not all levels of government run the same – what are the differences, how this can positively affect you.

Role of the County Sheriff

The final check on executive power.



Tisha Casida is the perfect addition to your event - her background, experiences, and hands-on activism create excitement and inspire action.

CEO of That's Natural!

Business owner for 10 years, advocating for CBD and other cannabinoids found in hemp.

Food & Medicine Freedom

Protecting individuals’ liberty to consume natural foods and medicines of their choice.

Congressional Candidate

Running in Colorado’s expansive 3rd Congressional District, which spans nearly half of the western part of the State.


Reaching people nationally with pertinent information that protects their sovereignty by encouraging peaceful rebellion.


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Peaceful Rebellion


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