There Is No Way We Know How Far the Coronavirus Has Spread

Aspen Daily News Article on March 2, 2020

It is mind-numbing to me how incompetent we are to believe anything that anyone is saying about this Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We have “experts” telling us from a position of ‘authority’ about what to do and where the spreading is and why. But we don’t really know. We really don’t.

Today in the Aspen Daily News, they talk about people exhibiting all of the symptoms of coronavirus, but if they aren’t severe enough – the people aren’t tested. OMG.

All the symptoms – but no test needed?!??!?!?!??!

So, in other parts of the country, like California, there’s proof of people not even knowing who they were exposed to having it (whoever gave it to them showed ZERO symptoms) who contracted it. That means that people who were asymptomatic not only HAD IT, but also SPREAD IT. And here in the Roaring Fork Valley, there are people who are not exhibiting ENOUGH of a symptom do a test who are roaming freely among the population because they ‘probably’ don’t have it or didn’t have it severe enough to warrant a test. My head hurts.

I think what is in order is an honesty-check. We really don’t know where this has spread. It can obviously spread via people who don’t show symptoms. If people don’t show symptoms and spread it to other people who contract it who don’t show symptoms for 14+ days – the spread is inevitable, unstoppable, and an inherent part of a virus. This won’t be the last one.

What can we do? I don’t think there’s any way to stop it, but we can boost our immune system. Something we should be doing every day anyway. I have heard that Oregano Leaf tea is outstanding for preventing viral infections – and on that note, probably Oil of Oregano as well. The That’s Natural team has been taking our CBD Oil product with a lot of success as far as avoiding getting the flu-bug. Take your life into your own hands – and build your immunity!

Is Whole Foods 365 Brand Sourced from China?

At That’s Natural Life Force Market, one of the largest distributors that we work with (one of the largest natural foods distributors in the country) is UNFI.

Today when looking at their ordering portal, they have a warning about companies that may be affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) events unfolding. Most of these companies are based in China, with some in Italy. To my surprise (and horror) it appears that the Whole Foods 365 Brand and Allegro Coffee brand may be coming from or have some connection to China! Screenshots below.

Is this the 365 Whole Foods Brand coming from China?
Is this the 365 Whole Foods Brand that is coming from China and/or Italy?

I may be reading this wrong, and it may be just certain products and not the entire line… But, I always wonder how they can undercut other producers and get their pricing so low while still making enough of a margin to make it profitable for their shareholders…. maybe this is a part of that picture.

What do you think?

At That’s Natural, we look for complete traceability of the supply chain of our products. From our premium CBD-rich hemp oil products, to everything that is in our retail Life Force Market. Traceability means EVERYTHING. Pure, Potent, Trusted…. That’s Natural!


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