Statistics – Whatever You Want Them To Be

There is zero credibility in any statistic sited by any news organization at any time when they discuss national sentiment or any national statistic.

How do I know this?  Well, have you ever considered that it is impossible to actually garner a “true” sample size of the population unless you are gathering at least 25% of the people who exist in the country?  This would be over 76,000,000 people!  (I hope you are chuckling because that too is a bogus statistic.)  See how fun it is to say things and have people believe what you say?  There is no logic to this!

Yeah, you can talk to hundreds, or even thousands of people and get an “estimation”, but this doesn’t reflect millions of people.  It is impossible to account for every variable there may be, it is impossible to count on people speaking the truth, it is impossible to ask your question in a completely un-biased way.  Impossible.  You can guess, you can make estimations, but you cannot know for sure.

Statistics is an art, not a science.  Statistics is about how you can manipulate numbers and data to say something.  And then how you can find a vehicle or a means to relate that data to people.  How you accent the words, the numbers, the delivery – it is all like painting the picture that you want.  But it is art – highly subjective with zero credibility.

Have fun watching your news organization talk about the percentages of people who like or don’t like something.  Is it close to 50/50?  Is it close to 60/40?  Is it close to 70/30?  What does this mean?  Do you know who they actually talked to?  Do you know that those thousands of people may be the only ones answering the phone – not the millions of people who didn’t pick up?

Never, ever believe a poll or statistic.  Do your own fact-finding.  Talk to your neighbors.  Listen to your heart.  You will have a far better grasp on reality versus these people that try to create the picture of your reality.  Paint your own picture.  Imagine That!

To A Peaceful, Prosperous, and Rebellious 2013

Each of us makes a difference. Each of us, even in our own little world of stocking shelves, serving food, driving trucks, delivering goods, tapping on the keyboard, and talking to friends and family – each action that we take is profound.


The government is made up of people – human beings – that can be changed (or manipulated for that matter). We – you and I – are the people that can make our government exist of people who cherish liberty, our natural rights, our right to protect ourselves, our right to express ourselves freely.


We do this by our own little interactions – in our community, in our town or city, and in our County. We can participate in State and national politics – but our real power is with our small circle of 10 or 20, who we can trust, who we can talk to, and who we can build our armies with.


To a very rebellious 2013 – let us rebel against the evil powers that seek to destroy, and instead – cherish, promote, and empower the creative forces that embrace peace and prosperity. Let us rebel against collective rights, like political parties, who have their own agenda. Let us rebel against the manipulative monetary system that erodes the wealth and property of all people. Let us rebel against the tyranny that seeks to destroy our light, as free and loving people.


Rebel with me, and let’s use the amazing power that we have – for good.


In Liberty,




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Fixing Our Problems, Not Complaining About Them

I cannot tell you how many posts, emails, texts, calls, and other communications I receive about all hell breaking loose in our country. What is beyond my comprehension is that we are still discussing the mere existence of these problems that can be somewhat easily fixed at the state and local level of government.

There is a place for liberty and there is a place for law and justice. It is like Yin and Yang – they exist together and work together. There are good people, and there are bad people, and we have to co-exist as best we can to ensure freedom, responsibility, peace, and prosperity. Trust me, this is not easy, but I promise you that complaining about the problems does nothing to win the war – only arming yourself with the resources and tools, then engaging in the battle itself, will win the fight. That is what this is all about.

“He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.” – Sun Tzu

We can fight the enemy, right here in our own community, in our own state – this is where we are strongest and where we have the most power. We are the roots of the American society, let us strengthen them to be able to deal with the storm of Washington, D.C.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution…are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” – Amendment X to the Constitution of the united States of America

First of all, the Federal Reserve System is a banking cartel created by global elites that have sold out the American people (and the world), that have bankrupted the American people, and that have created economic slaves of all of us. This banking system must stop. Ideally, fixing the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C,. is going to take some time. What we can do right now is have every State in the Union adopt legislation for and create State-run banks that are an effective hedge against the Federal Reserve System. A fine example of one of these state banks already exists in North Dakota. And if we are smart, we will use our most precious resource – time – to work on a similar solution in our own States.


Secondly, Congress has enacted and the President has signed into law several pieces of legislation that are downright unconstitutional. As a matter of fact, the most recent piece of legislation signed, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (specifically Section 1021) is treasonous. Having the military take away and detain Americans is unconstitutional and everything that our American men and women fought against in the first American Revolution. No King should be able to take away the God-given rights of another with the waft of a pen – and that is exactly what has happened. It is now “legal” (not constitutional) for an agent of the military to take me away and detain me indefinitely without a trial. If I am committing a “belligerent act” by calling our President a King, then I have just made myself an enemy of the united States of America (what happened to freedom of speech?). Other unconstitutional acts include: the Patriot Act, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the Federal Reserve Act, and of course the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), which are still being debated. Ideally we would have a Congress that would repeal the unconstitutional parts of these pieces of legislation. What we can do right now is nullify these pieces of legislation at the State or County level. Especially in the case of legislation that presents a direct threat to the civil liberties as outlined in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution – County Sheriffs at the county level are supposed to be stepping up and protecting the American people based on the Constitution of the united States of America. And of course it is a solution that we can take action on right now in our own localities.

Lastly, our military is here to protect the American people. Our law enforcement is here to protect the American people. The Oath that is sworn by law enforcement, our military, and Congress – is an oath to the Constitution of the united States of America. We must hold our military, law enforcement, and Congress accountable to this oath– we elect our fellow Americans to the role of representative and role of sheriff. And we elect our commander in chief of the military. Our last safeguard for our freedom is people like you and me. And that line in the sand, when crossed, must have consequences for those who attempt to take the life and liberty of our fellow Americans.

Liberty and law – working hand in hand – are all we have left if we are to “save” any part of our American roots. The law is the Constitution – and there is a place for justice. Liberty is our ability to “alter and abolish” our government when it is not working out to protect the people’s freedoms.

Washington, D.C. may implode – I am asking that you help elect me so that I can go there to help fix it. If that doesn’t work though, I am here no matter what to tell the federal government – NO. No more unconstitutional laws, no more unsound currency, no more unconstitutional wars. I am here to fight for you – the federal government is out of control, and it is our job to use our States and counties to step up.

Not complain – step up. Our enemy depends on fear and inaction – let’s change that.


“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” – Sun Tzu






Local Governments Working With Business to Help People

Here’s a concept – what happens when you find representatives that make forward-thinking decisions that help positively affect people, the environment, and businesses’ bottom line?   Something called local economic development takes place, and it is good for people’s standard of living and quality of life when they live in these communities where they are able to accomplish such things. It is completely possible to create a win-win for all people involved, and this is where the focus should be.

Many functions of the federal government can be “pushed down” to the local level where taxpayers and voters can be closer to the decision-making and have greater participation in the processes. This helps keeps these processes transparent. That’s a good thing. Transparency and accountability in government are a good thing – I think we can all agree on that.

In my own business I have worked with many people involved in the recycling industry. Sometimes for-profit businesses are able to effectively work with local governments to create services that fill a need for people. To be truly sustainable, these services eventually have to be able to create the revenue streams on their own to be functional – people have to be willing to pay for that service. Being subsidized by taxpayer money on a continual basis indicates that this may be a product or service that people don’t want. It all depends on the community, the people, the businesses, and the leadership. There are many variables, and never a one-size-fits-all solution.

Yesterday I was able to make a trip to Summit County (not in our congressional district) with a small business owner who recycles paint. We went to pick up the paint that had been turned in from Summit County residents, and brought that paint back to Pueblo County (in our congressional district), where it is mixed together to create various earth-toned paint, which is then sold for $3/gallon to people looking for inexpensive paint. This allows the small business owner to still make a profit, yet provide a service for low-income residents of Pueblo County and beyond. This paint can be shipped all over the country. This is good for business

People recycle the paint in Summit County, then Summit County pays the small business owner to pick it up, and then the small business owner re-packages and sells his service. The paint does not end up in the landfill, and people get a product for a good price. A win-win. And it includes local governments working with small business owners.

Oftentimes us liberty-minded folks get very adamant about the dangers of an unrestrained federal government – and I am there in that fight. The Republicans and the Democrats in Washington, D.C. are not doing everything in their power to create economic development for it’s citizens (the best way is by letting businesses do their thing). It is also very important at the same time to point out positive and proactive local governments and officials that are actually doing something to help and protect their citizens. When you have people with integrity in government, that sure helps solve many of our problems.



Dissent is Not Terrorism

The United States of America is a system of representation and individual liberty that is open to criticism and dissent.

This is an inherent part of freedom and our liberties, not to mention our right to free speech, the First Amendment and our Bill of Rights.

Tea Party activists have gotten a very negative wrap from some representatives in the current administration and public at-large, and it appears that this is moving towards a whole new level.

A very good resource, The Patriot Post (PatriotPost.US), had a story on training activities taking place with our own American soldiers to “deal with” terrorist threats including the “Local Militia Groups / Anti-Government Protesters / TEA Party” (Alexander, 2010).

Political dissent, when expressed without any type of violence towards others, is a legal activity that is an important part of being an individual in the United States of America.  The fact that these people – the TEA Partiers – could be targeted by our own military, is scary and preposterous.

Please take the time to read the whole essay here.

– Joseph Poder


Alexander, M. (2010). The Patriot Post (PatriotPost.US). Retrieved on May 6, 2010 from

OPINION: Spring is a Reminder that All Things are Possible

Driving around the rural districts in my community, I get to see baby calves, sheep, kids (the goat-kind), chicks, ducklings, and the green sprouts of vegetation on the land and in the trees.  It is beautiful and wonderful, and proof that there is always a dawn, a beginning, a new life.

On a very sad news-day in our country, I think it is important to remember that.  When we feel like the world is going to hell, and that we face many challenges and fights ahead of us, economically, socially, and politically, sometimes it is as simple as watching these spring creatures roam about, to remind us that we are sane, and that we are safe.

The bad news and continuous drumming of doom can ruin your day, but don’t let it ruin your heart.  An old saying from Rumi goes something like, “Drink this fine wine, never-mind that it has been given to you in a dirty cup.”  At the end of the day, everything really could be going terribly wrong with our “system”, but look at what is close to you, because chances are that you may be okay.  And if YOU are okay, then that is where the world starts, so it can’t be that bad.

I like to take responsibility for my feelings, and if we all do that, we will recognize that the world has its problems, but everything is not that bad.  And if we can just accentuate the good, the positive, the new, the Spring, then our world starts to color itself differently.

And that can change so many things!

– Tisha Casida

10th Amendment & Power to the People!

By: Joni Cave

In attempting to decide and decipher the fate of my Country, there has been a lot of talk about State sovereignty and states succeeding from the Union in an effort to keep their autonomy.  In these talks there is much discussion and debate about the 10th Amendment, the power that it holds for States, and the fact that it is in our Constitution for a reason.

In two articles from the 10th Amendment Center, Bryce Shonka did a great job of detailing this phenomena, you can find his articles here:

And here:

Now THAT is power to the people!


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