Political Parties Corrupt Absolutely – Convention of States

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– Tisha Casida

I am a huge fan of what the Convention of States Project is attempting to achieve.  I believe in the mission so much, that I think it important to remind people that there are no “teams” when it comes to protecting the Constitution and liberty.

In Colorado, a Republican Senator (Tim Neville) was supposed to introduce a Resolution in the State Senate for the Convention of States but backed out.  Another corrupted Republican who does not actually stand for the Constitution – Dudley Brown – is also a part of the fiasco.  Mr. Brown would not support my candidacy for Congress as an Independent, even though I had stronger 2nd Amendment stance than Republican Scott Tipton,

There are is no Red Team versus Blue Team, Republican versus Democrat fight going on here.  Political parties corrupt absolutely and cannot be trusted with our liberties and with common sense government.  Political parties are bought, and the institutions that they control are bought.

Our only hope is a more common-sense approach at civics and government at the State and local levels.  This is where we have more transparency and more accountability with the people who we elect to office.

Vote them ALL out in 2016!  Clean your house!  After two terms, get new representation into office – regardless of political party – this is the quickest and surest bet to better governance.


Right, Left, Red, Blue, Middle, Green – UNITE!

“Where are the Greenies?” said a friend who owns property and has been vocal about the intrusion of the heavy hand of government in Colorado land law.

The reinstatement of the “Death Tax” in Colorado will have negative implications for land owners who want to leave their land to their children.  If HR 3524 (Colorado House) does not get passed, the Death Tax will come back in 2011 with even sharper provisions.

Positions of various government representatives seem to favor land-owners, that is, until you look at their voting records.  Politics is in full force at all levels of government – this includes state and local representatives as well.

Aside from the bureaucracy that so many of us are sick and tired of, another more positive and productive statement must be made.  That is, this particular issue, could really unite some facets of ideologies.

For example, land owners want to protect their land (via not being taxed at their death).  By farmers and ranchers wanting to protect their land and NOT sell out to developers, this is in fact preserving the land/environment/eco-system which can be decimated by urban sprawl and unsustainable development.

Farmers and ranchers want to protect land and wildlife because it is important to them and their children.  Environmentalists, and “greenies” if you will, want to protect land and wildlife because it is important to them and their children.

In addition to this, hunters and fishers want to protect land and wildlife because it is important to their sport.  People that are so often shoved into the category of “tree huggers” want the same thing.

So where are we?  Where are the Americans here?  We want the same thing – let’s take a harder look at the bureaucracy and red tape that is in place to “help” the heavy hand of government and see how we may be able to eliminate some of the negative consequences that hurt ALL OF US.

Whether you are conservative or liberal on land issues – this is one area where we should be fighting together.  The death tax, and any taxes that make it impossible to preserve land, wildlife, and eco-systems should be eliminated – we will all benefit and protect the very environments that we call home.

– Tisha Casida

Voices Being Heard

It is easy to feel like no one is listening.  It is also easy to miss stories that are blatantly ignored by media sources.  While it is impossible to cover everything, here at The Good American Post we are focused on educating our readership about liberty and free markets while promoting businesses and organizations that are a part of our economy.

From Colorado, because of the activeness of concerned people and patriots, the Voter Fraud Enhancement Bill, has been stopped from going any further this session.

Read more at our Good American Post-Colorado Blog: http://gapcolorado.wordpress.com/2010/04/21/hello-world/

And visit the 9-12 Patriots in Southern Colorado, who are doing a great job of strengthening voices for liberty: http://9-12pikespeakpatriots.ning.com

Going to a Caucus – Where are WE THE PEOPLE?

By: Tisha Casida

I am the youngest person here by at least 20 years, and I am 28 years old.  Out of 264 people in my precinct 83 – only 6 people are sitting at the table (only 5 technically count because when I registered to vote when I was 18 I decided that I was Independent).  That is a 1.9% turnout.  If this were a test – WE THE PEOPLE – failed miserably.

I am a citizen of the United States living in the great state of Colorado.  I convinced my parents to go with me to the republican caucus taking place this evening – Tuesday March 16, 2010.  In addition to the three of us, there were three others at our table – Bill, Ken, and Steve.  Our chairman for our precinct was not present.  Ken and Steve were diplomatic enough to take over and explain the processes as we went along.  Reading material on most all of the candidates was available for everyone to look at as well as pick up – I saw every candidate there represented in one form or another except for Scott McInnis – I guess the Southern part of the state may not mean too much to him, at least that is what I came away with.

The purpose of a caucus, as I have gathered so far, is that this is where WE THE PEOPLE start to select candidates for governor, the U.S. senate, the U.S. house of representatives, state treasurer, state senate and house districts.  On the docket tonight (at least for the straw pole) was to decide upon who the registered republican precinct members wanted for governor (Dan Maes vs. Scott McInnis) and the U.S. senate (Ken Buck vs. Jane Norton vs. Cleve Tidwell vs. Tom Wiens).

Several of the tables for other precincts meeting here were EMPTY – meaning that NO ONE from these precincts of around 200 people came to represent a candidate or represent a value or ideal they would like to see upheld.  Tragic.

The process was simple, efficient, and ended in just ONE HOUR.  We talked about all of the candidates, everyone voiced an opinion as to what they thought, the votes were made for the straw pole (at our table), and everyone was given the opportunity to present resolutions (of which we had none, however there were several for us to look at on one of the tables when we walked in).

It was overwhelming at first, but now an understandable process.  Which really irritates me, because more people should have been there, more people should know what is going on (republican OR democrat OR anything else).  This is a fatal flaw of the public education system – fifth graders should be able to rattle off their precinct number and the process of a caucus, a county convention, a state convention, and a primary.  This is also a dangerous flaw with our society – the reason we are in the mess that we are in is because we have sat on our keisters and not taken an hour out of an evening to go to things like this.

Know your enemy folks – it is ignorance and arrogance.  Learn about our political system, get involved, and fight for liberty – we are all we have.

Local Food Systems are Most Sustainable!

Beans & Green Chiles

Beans & Green Chiles

Our friends at That’s Natural! have successfully finished their last week of the Market, on Thursday, September 17th in Pueblo, Colorado.  There are Farmers’ Markets going on all over the Country, and we here at The Good American Post want to say THANK YOU to our local producers for creating this food and bringing it to market.  We know how sustainable this system is, and give kudos to those around our Nation that are making this positive difference in our very centralized food-supply.  Cheers!

Art + Produce Marquee at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center

Art + Produce Marquee at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center


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