With All the Added Security – What Do Failures Tell Us?

One of the most haunting things coming out of the turmoil in France is the fact that despite huge amounts of “security” and investments in “intelligence”, it still continues to be impossible to prevent terror attacks.  There are lapses in how intelligence is used, and there are always ways for humans to overlook and be erroneous in their judgements and actions.

Sadly, the only way to ensure no terror on planet Earth is to kill all humankind – not a great option in my opinion.  You see, there will always be people who seek to cause fear and terror.

How do we really, actually, successfully combat terror?  First of all, I think that our federal government could get a lesson in practicing the “non-aggression principle” and stop bombing and killing innocent people in the world in the name of “security”.  Our country’s meddling in world affairs could very well be causing some anger and hatred (“blowback”) of our foreign policy.  If people have not hurt our country, then we should leave them alone.  Of course, this is a mess with our ties to various resources around the world. But we can at least discuss the theory.

All of the “security” in the world – all of the “intelligence” in the world – both which generally erode the individual and creative rights of the people who live peacefully – will never stop terror attacks.  There must be ways to have a more effective foreign policy.  There must be ways to protect individuals’ rights in our own country and around the world.

Refuse to be motivated by fear, and be secure in your sovereignty.  By standing up for yourself – you stand up for freedom in the world.

Command and Control – Let's Bring It Closer to Home

I am reading Eric Schlosser’s (one of my favorite authors) Command and Control. And now, more than ever, I am convinced of the absolute necessity of de-centralizing the command and control of our government, and even our military.

We hear the saying, “every great empire falls”, and there is truth to this based on the history of countries that de-base their currency (like we are).  But my country, is an experiment.  And no where else in the world is there a Constitution like ours, nor a diverse and resilient set of people like Americans.  Our federal government may fail us, but that does not mean that we won’t survive it and come back thriving.

Stop here if you don’t like change or optimism (or idealism).

A “decapitation” attack – which would be aimed at our country’s civilian and military leadership – could cause immediate confusion and weakness by any enemy force.  Forget about who the “enemy” is – because we will disagree and argue about that.  Instead, let’s ask ourselves – what can we do to prepare for this?

1. Make sure that States and local governments can operate independently of the federal government.

2. Make sure that State’s have control over their own militia – known now as the National Guard.

3. Make sure that commerce can go on – even if the federal reserve note (U.S. dollar bill) has no value.

That is an excellent start.  Not only will more efficiency be gained by having a smaller federal government that can focus on certain important issues, but the American people will have more command and control when it comes to defense and protecting their property.

When anything gets too big – it fails.  I don’t want the federal government or the military to fail.  Companies and even organizations have had huge success by de-centralizing decision-making and project-controlling.  Our country will see success too, and the motion is already in place for this to happen.

Tisha Casida is an Unaffiliated (Independent) candidate for U.S. House, Colorado District Three.  She is an advocate for protecting property rights and  a firm believer protecting individuals, farmers, and small business owners by making sure that important decisions affecting them can be made at the State and local level of government where the actions of government are more transparent and “officials” are easier to hold accountable.

Winning the Economic War & Fighting Terrorism

Apparent both nationally and locally, 2012 is going to be an important year for Americans to make decisions regarding what the federal government should and should not be doing. So much money and time has been spent on special interests and social issues – neither of which should have ever been a part of the federal government’s mantra and charge for defending the individual liberties of the American people – and it is time we take a hard look and decide where to put our time, interest, and money.


Terrorism is real – it has been a part of free people’s lives since history has been recorded. There are interests that desire to control and kill factions of people based on money, religion, and other agendas. For free people, it is essential to pay attention to the basis for effectively maintaining freedom – and that is economic well-being and the ability to create and grow wealth. Only when people can exercise economic freedom, with the realization of property rights and the acknowledgement of natural rights, are we able to defend ourselves against terrorism.


Economic terrorism, a real-world means of destroying countries by using currency and the debt-system of our monetary policy, is American’s greatest terrorist threat. With the literal push of a button – our economic system as we know it could be wiped out – there are no regulations, no transparency, and no accountability to protect and defend Americans against this push of this financial melt-down button. Kevin Freeman has wrote an excellent book on the subject called Secret Weapon, and eloquently explains how America’s financial system could be collapsed with the vested interests of nations who would like to replace the dollar, and who would also be happy to end capitalism as we know it to instead adopt a different monetary policy under a different type of law. One which would erode not only our individual liberties, but also be dangerous to the peace and freedom embraced by humans around the world.


National defense is about much more than defending the borders of our country – it is also about defending the infrastructure and system by which we are able to operate freely and creatively. Whatever your belief system is, and whatever your values are – the most important thing to fight for right now is the ability to fight for and enjoy those things. If our economy is collapsed, we will no longer have the ability or freedom to do anything. And our economy and financial system could be collapsed. But unlike the scares in 2008, it will be much worse, and we may not be able to dig out.


This is about using our time and energy to focus on the taproots of problems, and as I see it – the greatest threat to the American people is economic warfare made possible by our debt, our weak currency, our monetary policy, and our lax regulation and insight of financial markets both here and abroad. This must change and change now for us to be able to continue having a voice for any of our values and special interests. This is trans-partisan – and this is something that should be discussed and deliberated by our representatives at every level of government.


Individuals, Counties, Sheriffs, and States Step Up Against Unconstitutional Acts of Government

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbids the use of the military in domestic law enforcement. That means that you cannot be detained, tortured or killed by the military of the United States – if you are suspected of wrong-doing, local law enforcement must go through the State’s constitutional procedures of finding, arresting, and punishing you.

Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) basically nullifies this law, as it states that “belligerent acts” are a potential reason to be detained indefinitely and “covered persons” could generally mean any American citizen in the United States.  What exactly is a belligerent act? And if they wanted to protect American citizens – why didn’t they have a clause specifically stating that NO American citizen would ever be taken and detained indefinitely without due process and without the right to trial?

The fact is that if they (the Republicans, the Democrats, the Representatives (or better-said Politicians) had a chance to stand up for you – and they did not. For the most part, our three federal branches of government have not “stood up” for the American people’s individual liberties for a long time. And that’s okay, because our rights come from our Creator – and the first and most important level of government that we have given some responsibilities to are our States and the counties that make up those states.

County sheriffs are elected by the people. They are the highest law of the land. Back in the 11th Century, the King used to appoint a representative (called a “reeve”) to keep peace amongst the land (peace, or domestic tranquility was called “shire”). Hence the sheriff (shire-reeve). In the united States of America, county sheriffs are elected by the people they serve – they are not appointed by anyone, including a King or a bureaucrat. The sheriff reports directly to the people – they are accountable to the people they serve and they are charged with upholding the Constitution. The sheriff has the power to call on the militia (that is you and me). And when the federal government gets out of control, the sheriff is the last line of defense in protecting the American people.

We have great reason for celebration across the country because individuals, county officials, county sheriffs, and state officials are telling the federal government to leave their citizens alone and preserve due process.


Colorado – El Paso County (622,263 Citizens)

Peggy Littleton, County Commissioner, stood up to the unconstitutionality of the verbiage in the NDAA by introducing a resolution to nullify section 1021 and would basically “reinstate” habeas corpus, due process, and the right to trial for citizens of El Paso County. This resolution was passed and signed by the County Commissioners with support from the El Paso County Sheriff’s office. [SOURCE: http://www.csindy.com/IndyBlog/archives/2011/12/16/el-paso-county-resolution-on-due-process-passes]


Montana (974,989 Citizens)

William Crain, and Steward Rhodes (founder of Oathkeepers) are working on recalling the representatives who voted for the bill (Max Baucus (D) and Jonathon Tester (D) Denny Rehberg (R)). Rhodes says “These politicians from both parties betrayed our trust, and violated the oath they took to defend the Constitution. It’s not about the left or right; it’s about our Bill of Rights. Without the Bill of Rights, there is no America. It is the Crown Jewel of our Constitution, and the high-water mark of Western Civilization.”[SOURCE: http://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/10650-montana-launches-recall-efforts-against-ndaa-supporters]

The other states besides Montana that have the constitutional provisions to recall their sitting elected members of the congressional delegation (including such a reason as violation of their oath of office include: Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Wisconsin, New Jersey,


Rhode Island (1,053,209 Citizens)

Rhode Island Senator, Daniel Gordon, also introduced a resolution that is making its way through the Rhode Island State House. SOURCE: http://thenewamerican.com/usnews/congress/10558-one-lonely-state-representative-opposes-indefinite-detention Gordon stated, “Given the fact that the constitutions of Rhode Island and that of the United States are replete with guarantees of individual liberties, right to habeas corpus, and right to freedom of speech, the offending sections of [the NDAA] are repugnant to the sensibilities of anyone [who] has a basic understanding of the foundation of this country. When I took the oath of office, I swore that I would support the constitutions of Rhode Island and the United States. And before one constituent of mine is snatched up in the dead of night, without due process under our laws, they’ll have to pry those documents from my cold dead hands.”


Ohio – Bowling Green (29636 Citizens)


Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) and the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Committee for Repealing the NDAA are working on a local city council in Bowling Green, Ohio. Dan Johnson, a student at BGSU who is spearheading the effort is working on organizing at least 150 students and residents to attend up-coming city council meetings.

Virginia (7078515 Citizens)


Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall (R) introduced House Bill 1160 to prevent Virginia law enforcement officials from enforcing the unconstitutional language of the NDAA. Verbiage in this bill “piggybacks” the ruling by the United States Supreme Court that invalidated part of the Brady Law and illustrated that “under our system of federalism, a state can’t, against its will, be turned into a “go-fer” to enforce a federal law enforcement regulatory scheme”. [SOURCE: http://americanvisionnews.com/1548/va-bill-to-nullify-ndaa-indefinite-detention-of-us-citizens]


Washington (6,664,195 Citizens)

Five Washington state representatives introduced a bill in the Washington State House that “condemns the unlawful detention of United States citizens and lawful resident aliens under the National Defense Authorization Act, and forbids “any state employee, member of the Washington National Guard or any agent of a corporation doing business with the state” to cooperate in the federal detainment or investigation of a U.S. citizen or resident alien” [SOURCE: http://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2012/01/washington-state-legislators-introduce-ndaa-nullification-bill/] The five representatives are: Jason Overstreet (R-Blaine), Matt Shea (R- Spokane Valley), Vincent Buys (R-Lynden), Cary Condotta (R- East Wenatchee) and David Taylor (R-Moxee).


County Sheriffs Across the Country

And on January 30th, 2012, around 100 sheriffs from around the country came to a presentation by an eclectic line-up of speakers to learn about their role and duties as sheriffs and the importance of them understanding their jurisdiction when it comes to upholding the oath to the Constitution and protecting the American people. These sheriffs represent thousands and thousands of American citizens who may be afforded constitutional protection under their elected representatives – the county sheriff.


If 5% of the population was able to participate and win in the American Revolution that first made this country free, then that means we just need about 15.4 million people (of the 307 million) to step up and enforce our individual liberties and the Constitution. If each of these examples listed above affects the number of people that are in their states and/or counties – and if these people who live in these states, cities, and counties participate in protecting our own American citizens from unconstitutional acts of government, then we have already topped the number we need at 16,422,807 citizens. Of course, these people actually need to be activated – but the intention and movement is there.   Today is a very good day for liberty.


What defines an extremist?  What defines extremism?

“As a government, we are working to prevent all types of extremism that leads to violence, regardless of who inspires it. At the same time, countering al-Qa’ida’s violent ideology is onepart of our comprehensive strategy to defeat al-Qa’ida. Over the past 2½ years, more key al-Qa’ida leaders—including Usama bin Laden—have been eliminated in rapid succession than at any time since the September 11 attacks. We have strengthened homeland security and improved information sharing. Thanks to coordinated intelligence and law enforcement, numerous terrorist plots have been thwarted, saving many American lives.” —President Barack Obama, August 2011

How is it possible to prevent extremism that leads to violence – regardless of who inspires it?  What must be done?  How do you know who to stop and when?  This most recent Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) out of Washington, D.C. leaves those definitions pretty open.

This is about definitions and who is defining them.  Most of us would agree that “extremists” who go and kill others (including themselves) are dangerous.  What about people who are extreme in their rhetoric but would never hurt anyone?  Freedom of speech allows us to speak up and out as long as we are not violating anyone else’s right to life and liberty. What if those people who speak up are called an extremist?  Are the Occupy Wall Street crowds engaging in extremism?  Are the Tea Party crowds engaging in extremism?  Are Ron Paul followers and supporters engaging in extremism?  Isn’t it up to the person to decide whether or not these people will engage in violence?  Before a crime is committed – who has the power to actually know what people are going to do?  Law enforcement and our government are not God and do not know everything.  Why are they the ones to decide who is being extreme and whether or not those people may use violence BEFORE IT HAS EVEN HAPPENED?  Isn’t that dangerous to our freedom to express ourselves?

I take offense to this and these definition because I myself have been called a “radical” and an “extremist” because I really truly believe in the Constitution of the United States being the control mechanism to keep our government in check.  I have also been called these names because I have given up everything to be able to try and speak to others about it.  I have even been called this when I say that I believe in Jesus Christ, as he walked and taught us while on this earth.  And if someone tried to kill me for any of these things, I would fight back.  Does that fit their definition of extremism?  Am I now the enemy?

These are questions you should ask yourself.  Even if YOU don’t think you are doing anything – what if someone who didn’t like you decided that you are?  What if they then tell local law enforcement what a dangerous and extreme person you are?  Are you now the enemy?

Just reminding you that we have more freedom right now than we may ever have again, and you better use it.


“Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.”
– George Washington

Being Bellicose is Bad Business

Peaceful countries mean prosperous countries – a better quality of life and more opportunity to learn, grow, and love.  Peace enhances prosperity because it allow for commerce to take place without having fears about one’s security and environment.  Peace is good for everyone, in every class, of every creed and origin.

The creation of the Global Peace Index, by Steve Killelea, “measures 144 nations based on 23 indicators of the existence or absence of peace both within and outside a country’s borders”(Deprez, 2010). These indicators “use quantitative and qualitative data from the World Bank, various U.N. offices and Peace Institutes, and the Economist Intelligence Unit and are divided into three categories: five measures of ongoing domestic and international conflict, 10 measures of safety and security in society, and eight measures of militarization” (Deprez).

Who is on the top of the list?  New Zealand, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Austria, Sweden, Japan, Canada, Finland, and Slovenia to name the top ten.  The gross domestic product (GDP) per capita ranges from $20K to above $100K, the unemployment rates are generally very low, and the mean years of education hovers in the 15-year to 17-year range.

Where does the United States rank?  In 2009, at 83rd place.  High incarceration rates, high homicide rates, and military operations overseas contribute to its ranking.  What can we learn from this?  It would be wise to work on peace and prosperity because it is key to citizens and consumers having the quality of life that makes a country, its economy, and its place in the world – beautiful.  And isn’t that the whole point?

Good business means good business practices and creating, enhancing, and promoting a peaceful environment is the key to this.  It can happen at the individual, family, business, organizational, and governmental level.  We each make our choices how we think and how we work with others – this happens between companies and between countries.  If we are in business to make money (and I believe in my heart that THAT is why millions of immigrants have come to the United States since its inception – because it is the land of the FREE where we can dream and make great/prosperous things happen) – then we need to be pro-peace.  Let’s stop the violence that can tear down our households, communities, and country.

Lt. Col. Allen West – Let Freedom Ring

Good American Post – Staff Reports

Operation “Go West” – the campaign for retired Lieutenant Colonel, Allen West, is where you will find this message, “2010 will present a historic opportunity to reclaim our America. We are at a crossroad where only you can help us become that ‘city on a hill’ that is the American ideal and the American promise.”

We have heard this before – all candidates have such rhetoric.  What makes Allen West so different?

Let’s start with the fact that he can eloquently explain topics that are important and urgent, and appears willing to fight for what is right – not necessarily what is popular.  Interview after interview, West coherently answers questions about our domestic issues and international issues.  He can quickly quote and refer to SunTzu, the Koran and Plato, to name a few historic resources.  He is not afraid to call people out for committing actions that harm our republic and liberty.  His replies to questions are detailed, and researched – making our current politicians look exactly like that – politicians – not representatives of our Republic.   West is a man who has actually studied the problems, and is informed enough to make decisions by taking positive actions to make a difference!  This isn’t just rhetoric, it’s what makes this candidate so different.

He is a man who loves his country and believes that people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin (King, 1963).  West says to an audience, “I don’t see myself as African-American, Black-American – I see myself as an American”.  He goes on to say “…I am very proud of the heritage of my parents, I am very proud of the heritage of my people, but if you stick a knife in me, it’s gonna come out red, white and blue…” (see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxB75lVN1us).

He excelled in the military, serving our country for 22 years.  His honors include: a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award.  Badges that he proudly wears include: Army Master parachutist badge, Air Assault badge, Navy/Marine Corps parachutist insignia, Italian parachutist wings, and the German proficiency badge (Bronze award).  Lt. Col. West has put his life on the line for our country and freedoms.  The people that he meets around the country who have a connection to our armed forces, can appreciate a man of West’s caliber and strength.  The freedom and liberties that we are trying to save today should reflect the men and women who have already given their lives for this country, as well as those who are serving in our armed forces now.  We owe it to them to be informed by standing up for liberty.

Lt. Col. West appeals to a large base of voters who love this country for what it stands for and the constitutional principles it was built upon.  West is dedicated to liberty, the constitution, and free markets.  His campaign embraces his love of country, as well as his love of life.  West is an avid distance runner and PADI Master certified SCUBA diver.   He likes riding motorcycles and attending church, all American values and a lifestyle we should admire.

Listening to Lt. Col. West speak and interact with thousands of community members, it’s clear that he is probably one of the most qualified candidates for any office, including President of the United States.  However, upon digging deeper, and going beyond his amazing love for country, community, and prosperity, we have found that, in fact, he is indeed true to his word, with an intriguing background and dedication to freedom.

We could use about 534 more of them in our House of Representatives and Senate.  Please take the time to look at his campaign here: http://allenwestforcongress.com


King, M.L. (1963, August 28). I Have a Dream. Address at March on Washington. Retrieved on July 1, 2010 from http://www.mlkonline.net/dream.html.

We Want YOUR Soldier Stories

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Looking for the Light Switch

Our contributor, Tamrah Jo Ortiz, has done a fine job tying together war, peace, culture, good vs. evil, light vs. dark, and drama.  We love to explore the possibilities of creating a better world for our future generations, and Tamrah’s post does such a concept justice.  Please read it HERE.

Liberty & The Mustard Seed – Part VII

By: Tisha Casida


Liberty versus Security – with so many crisis-like situations – economically, with our health care, with our national defense, etc., we have turned into a population seeking security instead of the liberty.

Liberty IS OUR GREATEST SECURITY.  Our ever-bigger and ever-more powerful and centralized government continues to succeed because of its (and our) ignorance of the Constitution. The horrid events of 9/11 and additional terrorist attacks on the American people, not only caused a very strong and painful memory for us, but it also brought into our lives stifling legislation and the government’s encroachment into our privacy (i.e. The Patriot Act), which changed the face of our independence.  Unless repealed at some point in the future – you or I can be deemed a terrorist with little or no real evidence, and be dealt with accordingly.  There is no safety and security in that – even though “safety” was forced down our throats (using fear-tactics and very successfully marketing) how much safer are we domestically when we no longer have privacy.  There is a place for justice and a defensive national policy, but there is not a place for innocent American citizens to be wrongfully spied on or wrongfully accused.  You cannot have the government protecting you while also ensuring your liberty.  It is impossible.


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