Is Whole Foods 365 Brand Sourced from China?

At That’s Natural Life Force Market, one of the largest distributors that we work with (one of the largest natural foods distributors in the country) is UNFI.

Today when looking at their ordering portal, they have a warning about companies that may be affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) events unfolding. Most of these companies are based in China, with some in Italy. To my surprise (and horror) it appears that the Whole Foods 365 Brand and Allegro Coffee brand may be coming from or have some connection to China! Screenshots below.

Is this the 365 Whole Foods Brand coming from China?
Is this the 365 Whole Foods Brand that is coming from China and/or Italy?

I may be reading this wrong, and it may be just certain products and not the entire line… But, I always wonder how they can undercut other producers and get their pricing so low while still making enough of a margin to make it profitable for their shareholders…. maybe this is a part of that picture.

What do you think?

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