Nice Job Blacking Out The Real Message – Keyboard Warriors

June 2nd continued to prove the sad reality we face – when it comes to real issues and people thinking that they are participating but actually hurting the message.

“Black Out Tuesday” was supposed to be a stand of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. So what did people do? They posted on their Instagram feed a black square.

I don’t want to be a jerk, but not only does this not do anything to show solidarity or actually show people’s pain, struggle, or work on some type of actual SOLUTION – but it also completely blacked out and drowned out any other messaging that you may be searching for. When you searched the hashtag #BLM or #blacklivesmatter – all you got was a bunch of empty, black screens. This shows NOTHING. Literally nothing.

It is easy to do. Look, I am doing it now. I am sitting here behind this screen bitching about something. I feel like I am participating. I feel like I am “acting” – but this is nothing but being a keyboard warrior. Screaming with text or a picture but actually DOING NOTHING.

What can we do? Surely more than this.


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