Power As The People

Today I took my abuelita (little grandmother) to church and watched as many people, many years my elder, hug and shake hands with one another. You could see them quickly catching up with one another, sharing updates, sharing consolation, sharing love.


When disaster strikes, we can call on “the government” to help us, but it is really the people who surround us – in our community, our church, our favorite non-profit organization, our favorite local store – that “save us”. It is our neighbors, our customers, our vendors, and our friends who hug us, who cry with us, who help us to rebuild. These are individual people – we as individuals hold the power to help one another.


There is an entity called “the government”, but it is really just a collection of individuals – those people who work in government have families, have communities, and have souls (for the most part), and act as individuals as well.


What is the difference between a collection of individuals in a community and a collection of individuals acting as “the government”? Well, it is the use and ability to use force – the force of law, the force of punishment and incarceration if laws are broken, the force of death if you run from a law that you broke. The difference between a collection of individuals in a church, and a collection of individuals who work for “the government” is the use of force.


I don’t believe that force should ever be used unless it is to protect one’s life. Force should not be used to protect the IRS’s collection of taxes, to protect the EPA officials who use drones to spy on farmers’ land, to protect Monsanto from the deadly repercussions its trans-genetically modified seeds may create. The use of force should only be used by individuals to protect individuals – not as a collective force acting as “the law” and as “the government”.


When disaster strikes, we can only save ourselves. Anything that “the government” does for us, as people, involves the use of force and should be used sparingly. Most of our everyday problems as individuals could be much better solved by smaller groups of people acting in our community, County, and State. It happens naturally – it will continue to be how we truly solve the problems facing our economy and culture.


When disaster strikes, “the government” responds (eventually) and tells us what they expect us to do, how to behave to get their help, and only offer what they think we need.  When your family, friends, neighbors and people you have never met respond and step up, they ask what you need and then find a way to do it.  No limits, no rules, no restrictions…who do you want to help you in your time of need?  A heavy hand or a helping hand?


Love is powerful. WE are powerful. We do not derive our power from government – we derive our power from loving each other. In the times ahead, please remember how much power you have.


– Tisha Casida


We Want YOUR Soldier Stories

Looking for families of soldiers to submit brief stories about their loved ones in the service.  We will feature them on our blog, as well as in the Quarter 3 National Good American Post (printed edition)!
Please email us at: goodamericanpost@gmail.com, and put in the subject line “Solider”.

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In Favor of Scouting

Boy Scouts of America has played an integral role for many males in the United States (this can also be said, of course, for the Girl Scouts of America and females).    In an article by Dave Banks, he asks if the Boy Scouts are still relevant to our society.

These types of organizations, that may seem out of date and (unfortunately) out of place in a high-speed, high-tech world, are arguably very relevant and important to our next generation.  The skills that are taught, the emphasis on community awareness and involvement, the incorporation of time spent between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, are an integral part of our society, our history, or culture, and our country.

READ “After 100 Years, are the Boy Scouts Still Relevant” HERE.


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