The Impending Terrorist Threat – We Must All Be Prepared & Able to Protect Ourselves

Since there are many (unconstitutional) government agencies and departments who are now monitoring every State citizen’s actions and communications (without a warrant – an explicit intrusion of our 4th Amendment rights and privacy rights) in the name of protecting us all from the impending terrorist threat, I have decided that it is absolutely necessary to make sure individual citizens can protect themselves from terrorists, because there are simply not enough federal, State, and local law enforcement officials to protect every, individual citizen.


There are simply not enough police officers, and other law enforcement people, to protect every citizen individually from terrorists – foreign and domestic. Because there are not enough, and because our country does not have enough money to hire a law enforcement official to protect every individual equally, the only solution is to allow individuals to protect themselves.


In the name of Homeland Security, and in an effort to protect our States’ citizens from terrorists, we must protect our rights to bear arms and protect our own life, the lives of our families, and the lives of our fellow countrymen. It is the right thing to do because of the impending threats that are touted daily by our federal governmental institutions and the large news networks that are an effective media arm for those institutions. When no one else can protect you (and calling 911 rarely prevents crimes), you must protect yourself.




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