Deleting History Doesn’t Change It

The amount of rage erupting around the country is startling – all of that anger and hate have to be directed SOMEWHERE, right?

It is heat in the body – this uncomfortable and unsettling heat that is burning in so many people’s hearts. Part from a sick body, part from problems in the mind, part from detachment of meaning/spirits/God/Universe – whatever – a detachment from the greater, the infinite, peace, the Divine. Part from righteous anger and indignation, I know because I feel this too.

So concerning to me are the removal of historic statues. With people standing and screaming like it is some type of great victory to ‘throw out’ this physical structure. First, this does nothing other than make you feel good for destroying something (been there). Second – erasing the bad history that you don’t like is probably the worst thing you can do for your cause. Because without history, we don’t have a roadmap for where we have already been. We don’t have a beat on what already happened. When you ‘erase’ history, you merely lose sight, you don’t do ANYTHING to create a positive change for the future.

It is dangerous to forget and remove history. History teaches us about what we have done as people – good and BAD – and this is how we learn about what was tried and what failed, and that is so important to creating a better world. Even if you don’t like something that happened – that doesn’t mean you just get to “erase it” – it HAPPENED. OWN IT. CHANGE IT. REMEMBER IT. DON’T JUST PRETEND LIKE IT NEVER EVEN HAPPENED!

Forgetting where you came from, even if it sucks, is a bad idea in any circumstance, but especially in economic and political history – as these are the areas that rule your life.

Banning the Confederate flag, desecrating and destroying Confederate monuments – makes you feel good, right? Well, what happens in 40 years when a young person sees this flag and asks what it is and there is no information on it anymore? No lesson about what it stood for – no remembrance of what it meant to people? If we KNOW about history, we are able to explain it and work from it. If we DO NOT KNOW HISTORY we are more likely to repeat the mistakes of our past and not create as vibrantly because we repeat ourselves.

I mean, we think we are pretty f-ing smart, but to be honest, I think we are actually devolving. Not long ago people believed in their immune systems, ate nutrient-dense foods, and didn’t even know what a vaccine was. Now we are all sick from the very food we put in our bodies, we look for drugs to mask our pain, and certain people in high places plan for us to take an untested vaccine (HOW CAN YOU REALLY KNOW A VACCINE IS SAFE UNLESS YOU STUDY EFFECTS FOR SEVERAL YEARS?!?!?!) for a virus that evolves and changes and that we don’t even really understand yet.

Republic versus Democracy – Why We Should NOT Be Promoting Democracy

We hear about our country’s stellar democracy and how important it is that we, the United States of America, “promote” (via war oftentimes) democracy to other countries.  People hear this and think that democracy is equivalent to freedom; of course for anyone who knows the true intention of (most of) the Founding Fathers, we understand that we shouldn’t be living in and upholding a democracy – it is a republic that is the purest form of government for protecting individual rights.

Republic: Where people vote for representatives to represent them and protect their individual rights.  Our representatives are not supposed to go to Washington to write and enact legislation that benefits majorities and minorities, or institutes and enforces the concept of collective rights – the only task of our representatives is to protect and defend the individual rights of the American people.

Democracy: Where everyone votes on everything – every issue, every problem, every concept.  However, when everyone votes on everything, the majority continuously erodes the minority – that minority eventually does not exist – and at that point, it is tyranny.  The small voice – the minority – eventually goes away – because the votes of the representatives form collective rights.  We vote for representatives that are supposed to represent us and our individual rights.  When representatives vote on every issue that may affect the American people (forming collective rights of special groups of people), this is different than simply representing them and protecting individual rights versus collective rights.  This is where our “republic” is today – our representatives vote on issues that protect collective rights instead of individual rights.

Now, we are far away from this concept of a republic.  Most congressional and presidential candidates on both sides of the aisle continuously “win the hearts and minds” of the people by promising what they will do for majorities and minorities – promising to protect the interest of corporations, promising to protect the interest of unions (as an example). The problem is that this is the antithesis of protecting individual rights.  The protection of special interests eventually leads to the division of people based on their emotions on social issues (which the federal government should have no part of).  The protected interest of certain groups, factions or political parties charges the debates amongst all people; all people who can generally agree on the fact that individual rights are a good thing to be protected (but this is not what we are focusing on when we argue back and forth about social or group issues).

The States that are in our Union of States, which makes up the United States of America, is a unique form of government, called a republic.  Our Republic has been under attack before, during, and immediately after the creation of the Constitution of the United States of America.  The only thing that protects that Republic is the very thing the Republic defends – that is the individual rights of the American people.  Democracy, which has been touted by Republicans and Democrats for many years, is a dangerous form of government that eventually erodes away individual liberties because it relies on the will of a majority.  This will always lead to tyranny.

Look at our country – do our representatives go to Washington, D.C. to protect our individual rights?  Or do our representatives go to write legislation that benefits a group?  Do presidential and congressional candidates campaign on promises of protecting your individual liberties?  Or do presidential and congressional candidates (sans Ron Paul) campaign on promises of protecting special interest groups – groups of people who are the “minority”, groups of people who want the government involved in social issues?

We are revolutionary – the American spirit runs pure in the hearts of many people of this great Republic.  The beauty of this is, it is not uniquely American – it is human – liberty and freedoms endowed by our Creator are an inherent part of the blessings of walking this planet.

Let us remember that spirit and remember the important of individual rights this election – look for candidates that promise to protect your individual rights, as that is the key to prosperity and peace.

The Dangers of Silent Consent

“First they came for the Communists but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists but I was not one of them, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews but I was not Jewish so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me” Martin Niemoller

Yes, I know – there are those of you who despise my use of Hitler and the Nazi regime as metaphors for current events.   In my defense, I truly believe in “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, courtesy George Santayana.  And that motto guides much of my daily activities and decisions on what course of action to pursue.

So I point your attention in the direction of the woes experienced by Grazin’ Acres dairy farm in Wisconsin.  Who cares that your impassioned letter or email may not be read by those interfering with food production/consumption and private contract issues?   The sheer volume of written protest is our attempt to let those who engage in these behaviors know they do not have our Silent Consent.

Links to view Contact information and my emailed protest.

Remembering History

By Tamrah Jo Ortiz

I attended the Colorado Sky Sox ball game last night.   First time my husband has accompanied me to a baseball game since we first started dating.   Mainly because I accidentally cheered for the wrong team. (Hey, with so much going on, I forgot who was up to bat.  I did cover myself by saying, “Booo!  He was safe!” but my husband-to-be was not fooled…)

Before last night’s game,  Hubby asks if I know who Goose Gossage is. (seems his smartphone told him it was Goose Gossage night…)

(Note – Part of my Soul’s Heroic Mission this go-around is to appear a complete dumb arse in regards to sports, so by turns, I teach the males in my circle tolerance and give them a laugh when needed.   I’ve learned to play my role realllyyyy well!)

“Of course,” I reply.  “He was the co-pilot for Tom Cruise in Top Gun.”

It got the desired reaction – laughter and eye-rolling.

Then I informed him that Goose was a great ball player and a few years back – he had done something pretty spectacular… broken a record or something, because I remembered hearing about some fantastic accomplishment….

Hubby disagrees.

At the game, I’m proven right.   Goose Gossage was the 199th player to be inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

This whole story is told to my mother, who joined us for a night of All-American entertainment.  She reminds me of  my past sports faux pas.  (aka Fox Passes, in our family….)

And also points out how many times I’ve lost Trivial Pursuit games simply by not having the orange pie…(you guessed it, Sports and Leisure – on the bright side, I used to bartend, so if my questions fall more in the “Leisure” category, I win…)


During a general “Let’s make fun of Tamrah’s ignorance regarding sports” melee I finally had to speak up in defense.

“Hey!  Do you all know what absolutely critical-to-our-freedom-event occurred on the night of August 29, 1776?”

I’m met with silence.   Smug in my genius, I relay why they should really know about this.


In the evening hours General George Washington set about evacuating his Continental Army across the river to Manhattan.   Following the Battle of Long Island losses and the current reality that places him nearly surrounded by enemy forces, he calmly calls for all available water vessels, orders wagon wheels muffled and soldiers to march silently.   He charges Quartermaster General Thomas Mifflin with rear-guard duties.   In other words, Mifflin and his boys are to keep all the campfires going.

Across the way, British General Howe understands he has Georgie boy surrounded.  He does not press his advantage.   Why further demean a hapless and hopeless opponent?   Instead, he gives his foe the night to accept defeat and pen his eloquent surrender speech.    His scouts report all is quiet, campfires are going and the enemy is not up to any funny business.

The retreat, hindered by mis-carried orders instructing Mifflin to abandon his post too early and aided by a late morning fog, is successful.  By mid-morning on August 30th, General Howe stands surveying empty American fortifications, puzzled as to just how his surrounded quarry managed to escape.

The bulk of the Continental Army (around 9,000) had been safely snatched from the jaws of total ruin and/or capture.

In large part to the distraction of peaceful campfires.


I’m not discounting the accomplishments of sports figures.    But in my mind, knowing the above story is more important than knowing who-broke-what-record.

Simply because, it gives me time to reflect on and ponder the extraordinary effort put forth by our forefathers in the quest for Freedom.   By delving deep into the history of our Revolution, I see how many times our cause was on the brink of being lost.

I am deeply touched by stories of those who marched in snow without shoes, fought battles with nothing more in their stomach than boiled shoe leather and how, even in those days, office politics abounded.

Knowing George managed to keep his post AND win the war, in spite of gossiping, negative, incompetent back stabbers trying to get him fired nearly the entire time, reassures me great things can be accomplished, even if the cause you’re joining is peppered with the lazy, power-hungry and traitorous.

I’m also intrigued by the campfire ruse.

I see a lot of campfires around these days – lit and tended to distract us from the real issues.

I really don’t want to be on the side that got distracted….

So, I’ll continue in my evil ways of teaching true sports fans tolerance.   I’ll continue to forget what a balk is, why pinch hitters are necessary and why yelling, “Quit diving for the ball” at an opposing fielder who has done the extraordinary time after time tonight is met with silence and glares.   Sports fans like seeing great plays, even if they are by the opposing team.

On the flip side, did you know Lynne Cox trained both her body and mind to swim the Bering Strait?  Amazing what the human body and spirit can do…

WALLBUILDERS – Know Your History

In an interesting interview with Glenn Beck, founder of WallBuilders, David Barton, discussed the “Black Regiment” which later became known as the “Black Robe Brigade”.  We’ll give you the links, so that you can read at-length, however the conclusion of his conversation with Beck is what is so important to remember.

Our country was built upon the concept of INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.  This is very different from COLLECTIVE RIGHTS.  Individual rights allow for individuals to have freedom to do what they like, as long as they are not hurting anyone else.  Collective rights, as we are witnessing more and more, can quickly tromp the rights of the individual for the rights of “the greater good”.

Although Americans, in general, are kind and giving people who really DO care about the collective (and take care of the collective using a free market and paying certain taxes), that does not mean in any way shape or form should be be forced into taking care of the collective.

Individual rights are considered God-given rights that each of us has to take care of our body, mind, and spirit.  When these are taken away, be become slaves to a system – probably one of governance.

Know your history, be a patriot, and stand up for this great country and the principles she was founded upon.

Read more about forgotten history HERE at WallBuilders.

– Tisha Casida


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