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Looking for families of soldiers to submit brief stories about their loved ones in the service.  We will feature them on our blog, as well as in the Quarter 3 National Good American Post (printed edition)!
Please email us at: goodamericanpost@gmail.com, and put in the subject line “Solider”.

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And if you have people that you know that are serving, and you would like to share their story with us, please email us at: goodamericanpost@gmail.com and put “Soldier Story” in the subject line.

Honored Soldier: SPC Francesco Boccia

SPC Francesco Boccia,a Combat Medic with C Co 1-185th Armor Battalion California Army National Guard, is the 22 year old son of Huerfano County (Colorado) resident, Debbie Boccia.

Frank joined the National Guard 3 years ago and did his basic training at Ft. Benning, Georgia. He did his medical training at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas and works as a civilian firefighter/EMT in Los Angeles County, California. Frank deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in August of 2008. Debbie says he plans on staying in the medical field, whether in the service or in the private sector. Valorie, Frank’s sister, and Debbie have much to be proud of in this fine young man.

Thank you, SPC Francesco Boccia, for serving those around you, us and our country! You are one of our heroes.

Francesco Boccia

Have a soldier to be featured?  Email us at:  info@goodamericanpost.com

Honoring Our Troops – We Want Your Stories!

We want stories about the men and women who are serving or who have served to protect our country.  It is simple, anyone can send us information, and we will set this up so that more folks around our country can get to see those that are giving their lives to protect our liberty.

We are looking for short-stories (around 300-400 words) and pictures that show these soldiers in our various branches of military service.  Send us their information, and our readership, both in print and online, will get to see why we are so proud and so grateful for our troops.

Please send all information and pictures to: goodamericanpost@gmail.com at put in the subject line “Honoring Our Troops”.

Thank You Soldier, SSG Cheyenne Smithey

SSG Cheyenne Smithey is currently serving us and our country in the U.S. Army.  He is with Alpha Company, 2-7 CAV, stationed at Ft. Hood, TX.  Smithey is a squad leader involved in training soldiers to prepare them for deployment. This includes training in tactical knowledge and preparing them physically for combat.  So far in his miltary career, he has had a tour in Afghanistan and two tours in Iraq. Smithey is married to Anitra Reynolds Smithey, daughter of Ernie and Carol Reynolds of Walsenburg.  They have a son, Toby, and a daughter, Rylee.  His parents are Chuck and Marianne Smithey of Gardner and who also own Antique Ave and Boutique Blvd, on Main in Walsenburg.  Thank you SSG Cheyenne Smithey for serving us and our country!  You are one of our Huerfano (Colorado) Hometown Heroes.  Join their fan-page at:

Thank you Soldier – SPC Richard Walter

Spc. Richard T. Walter is currently serving his second deployment in
Iraq. Spc. Walter joined the Army in 2005 at the age of 17. Assigned
to the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division out of Fort
Benning, GA. Where he has been since the completion of his training
in 2005. Upon his return from this deployment, over half of his time
served in the US Army will have been in Iraq. His wife Kari Walter,
parents Rick and Shelley Walter and sister Arleigh all await his safe return.
Thank you SPC Richard Walter–you are one of our Huerfano (Colorado) Hometown Heroes!

Thank You Matthew Sherar!

Navy hospital-man, Matthew Sherar is currently serving his country in Arifjan, Kuwait.  Matt is working long hours at the naval hospital in the emergency room and surgical unit as a medic. Prior to his deployment, he was stationed at Portsmouth, Virginia. He has been in the Navy since 2006. Matthew is the son of Marlen and Carol Sherar of Walsenburg, Colorado. His parents, brother Jeff, Sister in law-Jennifer, nieces and nephews, Depree, Madisyn, Chloe and Zackary anxiously await his safe return home.  Thank you, Matthew Sherar, for serving us and our country!  You are one of our Huerfano Hometown Heroes.

Join their fan page at:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Huerfano-Hometown-Heroes/152314703706?v=wall.

Thank you Soldiers! A Family in Service

We have 3 of our 4 children who are/have been recently active duty. Parents names, stepfather, Vic and mom, Linda Anstett, and father Bill LaPorte. I will write a short paragraph about each of the children.

John Michael LaPorte, (my son) First enlisted in 2002, completed his basics at Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri. Spent 1 yr in Kabal, Afganistan, and 1 yr. in Balad, Iraq. He was part of the 400th QMCO attached to the 110th MNT DIV from Maysville, KY. He is currently an E4 88 Mike, Wheeled Vehicle Operator, in the National Guard Reserves, 1115 Transportation Co. Raton, New Mexico.
Melissa Ann (Lewis) LaPorte, John Michaels wife, (my daughter-in-law), first enlisted in 2005 and completed her basics in Ft. Jackson, S. C. and then sent to Ft. Lee, Virginia for Advanced Individual Training as a 92 Alfa Automated Logistics Specialist. She was then deployed to Balad, Iraq until she returned home in 2006,to reserve status until 2008. At that time, Melissa became a recruiter for the Army in Raton, New Mexico, her current assignment duty. Melissa is currently E4 SPC, looking forward to a promotion in November to E5 SGT.
Melissa Ann LaPorte Beaton, (my daughter), enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard, 2006, basic training @ Cape May, New Jersey. currently stationed in Baltimore Maryland. She is and E-3 Seaman @  ANT Baltimore, (Aids to Navigation). Melissa will complete her enlistment in January of 2010.
Justin Robert LaPorte, (my son), enlisted in the National Guard, KY, as a mechanic. In 2006 he went active duty with the Army as a E4 SPC 88 Mike in the 101st Airborn Division Screeming Eagles. from Ft. Campbell, KY. He is currently stationed in Bagrham, Afganistan for the last year and should be returning home in December. 2009.

LCPL Travis P McConnell

LCPL Travis P McConnell, USMC
Field artillery, Cannoneer, Quebec Battery 5-14, Aurora, CO
Basic training at MCRD, San Diego, CA
Combat training at Camp Pendleton, CA
Field artillery schooling at Fort Sill, Laughton, OK
Travis has been in the Corp for three years and is a graduate of LaVeta High School, 2003.  Travis and his wife, Nickeya, have two children, Skyla and Sean.  He is currently on the LaVeta fire department and a correctional officer at Huerfano County Correctional Facility.  Travis is due to deploy to Afghanistan in 2010.  Thank you, LCPL McConnell, for serving us and our country.  You are one of our Huerfano Hometown Heroes! (Southern Colorado)



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