Interview with Kevin Freeman, Author/Advisor for Economic Warfare


Tisha Casida interviews author Kevin Freeman about how individuals and States (using States’ Rights and the Tenth Amendment) can protect themselves from economic warfare and economic terrorism.  The National Security Investment Consultant Institute (NSIC) can train and equip leaders and investment managers for how to protect their community and clients –  Refuse to be motivated by fear and take your life, your finances, and your property and wealth into your own hands.  If the federal level of government and Congress won’t act – let’s have our States and our own families DO SOMETHING about protecting our money from economic warfare and terrorism!

Political Party Elites Better Take Notice!

By Steve Thompson

Get ready for a new type of politician. Bob McConnell is running for Congress representing the 3rd district in Colorado – and he is not alone.  Just about everyone agrees that real change in Washington requires new non-career politicians.  The arguments have been made regarding experience and “seasoned” career-seeking politicians, however the people of our great country are just not buying into that brand of ongoing unsuccessful results. We the people are demanding better results and better-qualified candidates like McConnell.

I had heard a radio interview with McConnell a few months ago and really liked what he had to say – a diverse and interesting guy.  He’s got it all, recovering lawyer, former soldier, practical environmentalist, family-man, with a demonstrated spirit and passion to stand by his words with actions.  The interview worked, I was hooked and wanted to know more.

I am one of those Independent voters that the two traditional parties hate (the Independents who actually make the difference regarding who gets elected).   Many people tell me that I’m wasting my vote and both parties remind me that “I” (with my vote) am why the opposition gets into power.  Obviously, both sides think I am on their side and not the other.  Therein lies the problem, they don’t want to accept I don’t support either of them and millions of voters don’t…yes, millions of us.

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New Blood & No House of Cards

We are excited to see the momentum behind some of our new candidates seeking office.  We were able to interview Bob McConnell (pictured above) running for Congress in District 3 of Colorado – his interview can be found on page 21 of our premier national issue (visit

It is so important for folks to learn about their candidates and understand how they are seeking office – what we mean is – whether or not they have been chosen by the political party “elites”.  People in power are not just those at the national level of our current administration – the power is also in the hands of the people who make decisions at caucuses and primaries.  Know who your local officials and leaders are, and find out who THEY are supporting, and then decide if you are happy with who they are supporting.

We have to hold everyone accountable here, and we have plenty of good candidates running – now we need to make sure that those in positions of power actually listen to us – we the people.

“Sooner or later we’ll run out of other peoples money to spend.”

Interview by Tammy Steuver-Alhadef

PUEBLO — Dana Perino hasn’t stopped moving since she left the White House. The former White House press secretary for the Bush administration spends her Tuesdays with Sean Hannity as a news analyst in the studios of Fox News. She also devotes one day a month to a consulting firm providing strategic communications advice to the private sector. The rest of her days are spent delivering speeches, running a mentoring program she organized for young career women, as well as contributing political commentary to The Washington Post, and The National Review.

Perino said the next generation of voters will have to tackle the financial situation we’ve created by overspending.

“Sooner or later we’ll run out of other peoples money to spend.” She also said that the threat of terrorism will continue to loom. “The odds are stacked against us,” she said of the threat of another terrorist attack.

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