Department of In-Justice

At the federal level of government, the “justice system” – or the judicial branch of government – is engaging in a dangerous use of force against dissenters of the administration.

What is happening with Lois Lerner and the unfathomable loss of her email communications illustrates the corruption in the justice department – there is none – for people who are part of the “us” crowd, that are protected by the executive branch of government, the President, and his Cabinet.  Aren’t there laws for federal agencies to keep records?  If these emails were miraculously found – they would most likely show the dangerous use of a government agency – the IRS – to stop and quiet people, organizations, and companies that are against the current administration.

This use of force by the government is not only unconstitutional (and most people on the true liberal left can agree with this), but it is a dangerous usurpation of power that throws our country further into the far-right (Fascism) and far-left (Marxism) use of the presidency and executive branch to stop individuals from exercising their natural rights, and having the right to due process in a court of law with a jury of their peers.

What can you expect, when the “justice system” is NOT made up of people who have worked for Americans as peace officers, judges, or armed service members – but instead – as fund-raisers.  Eric Holder was a key fundraiser (bundler) for President Obama.  If the people who raise the most money get to be the people who use the hammer of justice – then isn’t there a lot of opportunity for those people, like Eric Holder, to use the justice system to hurt or “get back at” people, companies, and organizations that they dislike?  I believe it is a conflict of interest.  And the legislative branch of government – our Congressmen and Senators – should be doing a much better job of this.

This is about social justice, and equality – what is good for the American people should be the same standards that are applied to anyone in office, making a living thanks to the taxpayers of our country.  If WE are required to keep our tax information for 3 years or more, why isn’t the IRS required to keep its communications having to do with our tax information for 3 years or more?   There is no excuse – and there is injustice being served by our “justice” department.

If this is the corruption, and half of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes – WHY ARE YOU?

Enemy Expatriation Act – A Bad Band-Aid for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

Unbelievably, or, perhaps in the fashion of presenting treasonous legislation this year, the Enemy Expatriation Act (HR 3166 and S. 1698) has been sponsored by Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Charles Dent (R-PA).  It just goes to show that a party or label can never define what a person will actually do in office.

This bill gives the United States government the power to take away American’s citizenship if that person is considered to be “hostile” against the United States.  It changes the verbiage in U.S. Code 1481.   If you “compare 3166 to 1481 and the change is small. The new section makes no reference to being convicted as it does in section (7).”  No conviction means no opportunity to be proven guilty and have innocence beforehand.  It also means no due-process and no chance to attempt to fight back using the “court of law”.

So, even though there is “revised” language in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that is supposed to exclude American citizens from being detained indefinitely without due-process, the passage of the Enemy Expatriation Act gives the United States government the ability to just strip away your citizenship if you are considered “hostile”.  And then you can be treated like someone who is not a citizen – with no opportunity for redress, with no conviction using the court of “law”, and with NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.  Sound like a band-aid?  Sound like a loop-hole?  Sound like bad news for freedom of speech and freedom to assemble?

Yes – you can be stripped of your citizenship for “engaging in, or purposefully and materially supporting, hostilities against the United States”.  Well, what is a hostility?  Is it being a member of the Tea Party?  Someone who participates in the Occupy Wall Street movement?  Someone who invests in lead, silver, and gold?  A person running for Congress as a Constitutionalist?  You see, the devil lies in the definition of “hostility” – because who is defining it other than the people in charge of enforcing the law?  And that can be really bad for liberty when you are trying to make positive changes in government.

It is almost like they are planning on a lot of people being REALLY MAD at the U.S. government.  I wonder why?  Could it be that a lot of people are angry?  Could it be that there are some very bad things going on inside of the U.S. government?  Could it be that the American people have been sold out by many of their ‘representatives’ and that these politicians are scared that the American people are going to be hostile to them because they sold us out?

I wonder if words are considered hostile?  I sure hope so, and I hope that this gets to the powers that be – I AM NOT THE ENEMY AND IF YOU EVER, EVER TAKE ME AWAY FOR SPEAKING OUT WHEN YOU DO SOMETHING WRONG, I WILL MAKE SURE THERE IS HELL TO PAY.  I am not the enemy.  And my fellow Americans are not the enemies – the enemies are those who call us liberty-loving, constitution-waving, gun-carrying, heirloom-seed storing people dangerous.  We are just fulfilling our duty to hold our representatives feet to the fire.

We are fighting back.  We are winning.  The reason is that WE ARE NOT THE ENEMIES, we are seekers of truth and people who are willing to stand up for our God-given rights. Carry on!

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