REAL Journalists Don’t Use Adjectives to Create Emotion In You

There is a war on your mind! The “news” “media” is really mostly ALL propaganda – meant to lead you down a path of emotion so that you act irrationally in the favor of big business. FEAR is the driver! It is EASY to spot!

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Dear next generation – you can change this! Real journalism presents facts without emotion, adjectives and opinion and allows for viewers and listeners to use their OWN consciousness to make decisions! Join Tisha’s peaceful rebellion at, Parler @tishatcasida

Principles of "Conservatism"

Being “conservative” can mean a lot of things – it is all up for the interpretation to the people who are discussing what it means – it is all in they eyes of the beholder.

Today’s “conservatives” are sometimes considered to be Republican, and often there are people in the Democratic party that are also deemed to be “conservative democrats”.

Concerning the topic of sustainability, sometimes also called the “green” movement, often those on the “Right” side of the isle will deem such a concept as a waste of time, or something not worth supporting (and supporting DOES NOT necessarily mean creating legislation for).  What is strange, is that the BASE of the word in conservative is CONSERVE.  The reason for this, is that not too long ago, those who were conservative, often-time republican, were those who recycled, limited expenses (including energy), and wanted to preserve their land and environment.

That is why it is crazy to group or lump people into categories or classifications – because most ALL OF US, at least all good Americans, want to see conservative principles – like those above.  Being conservative isn’t about being republican or being “green” – being conservative means to make choices that benefit one’s pocketbook, community, economy, and environment.

– Dixie Signum

Time for NEW MEDIA

With the sudden and somewhat unexpected news of the retirement of Helen Thomas, considered the “dean of the White House press corps”(2010), we can reflect on the concept that journalism as we know it is changing.  Not to say that this particular event is good or bad, but to remember that an era and a country are changing, and that the media, the press, and the journalists are at the forefront of how our country will continue to be shaped.

This brings our attention to another issue – the FTC working paper on the “Reinvention of American Journalism”.  We here at The Good American Post advocate for journalism that is embraced and enhanced by the free market – not by government grants, subsidies, and taxes (which can artificially create incentives or behaviors).  READ THE FTC DISCUSSION DRAFT and oppose any action on behalf of the FTC that may impede free speech as we know it.

It is time for new media – it is time for our country to stand up and stand tall for journalism that is based on the free market by people who are advocates of the truth, presenting all sides, and being caring Americans.

CNN Wire Staff. (2010).  Retrieved on June 7, 2010 from

The Reinvention of Journalism?

Please take the time to read the FTC’s Discussion Draft on the “Reinvention of American Journalism”.

What you will find is the most ludicrous advance against the first amendment of all time, and the beauty of it is, that they are actually telling us that this is their plan.

The “challenges” that they (the FTC) face are that over 300 million Americans have potential access to information from millions of Americans via mediums like the Internet.  Proponents of a free market where consumer knowledge available in real-time is a matter of great efficiency, and what makes for a health and robust economy, not to mention the embracing of our first amendment rights (which is in effect, liberty and freedom), would say that there DOES NOT need to be any taxing/subsidizing/grant-giving from the government to our next generation of journalists.

Because, if the government is taxing/subsidizing/grant-giving, then it is arguable that they will have some type of “control” over who gets taxed/subsidized/awarded.  So, if Uncle Sam doesn’t like your journalism, then you will could be ran out of business.  This is NOT LETTING THE MARKET DECIDE – this is allowing the heavy hand of government to decide what information is taken, promoted, and disseminated.

In my opinion, that is what The Good American Post is the anti-thesis of, and we will stand behind protecting journalist’s rights to free speech as well as vehemently opposing any type of government-funding or intervention into the realms of journalism.

Reinvention of Journalism_FTC Discussion Draft – Please take the time to read this.

– Tisha Casida, Publisher

Independent Thinking at The Good American Post

By Tisha Casida

Is it possible to both believe in preserving the environment and believe in liberty?

Is it possible to not believe in climate change but to believe that we should not pollute our air as much?

Is it possible to not believe in regulating carbon emissions but like the idea of electric cars?

Is it possible to both want to recycle and believe that the free-market will be the best vehicle to embrace the recycling industry?

Is it possible to eat organic and be a conservative-thinker?

Is it possible to be a “tree-hugger” and want to protect our second-amendment rights?

Is it possible to be a border-line vegetarian but love to hunt?

At The Good American Post, we sure think so.  Our publication embraces independent thinkers who LOVE LIBERTY and LOVE OUR FREE MARKET.  Those are the two things we stand by – our constitution and our economy – the rest is up to us, the American people to continually build and protect.

You will not hear us damning any group of people for their beliefs or their political ideologies.  You WILL hear us promoting and protecting our constitution and our free-market.

And yes, we believe that you can love sustainability and be a capitalist at the same time.

We want to hear from you, come and join us on our blog.

When Free Press Is Not Free

The Net Neutrality Act, which is still being pushed by special interest groups, has nothing to do with freedom.

Free Press, an organization that takes the very name and concept and has twisted it to mean something entirely different, is a proponent.  With the slogan “Save the Internet” they are using fear-based tactics to try and win people over into thinking that there is something that can be “saved” by this legislation (even though the Internet is VERY FREE and VERY SAVED as we speak – that is why I can write this).

You can read more from RedState, as well as from an interview with Glenn Beck.

NEVER EVER EVER trust anything that is said by anyone!!  You must check and verify your sources.  This “Free Press” is an example of this – they are against a free press in every aspect of the word “free”.

– Joni Cave

Why We Need New Media

Good American Post Staff Reports

In an article in Politico, one can see where members of the press may not be so happy with the current administration’s lack of disseminating information to the public.

Although this administration claims to be more transparent than any other, the truth is that they are not.  They have had less day-to-day interaction with the press and both the President and the press secretary are harder to reach than other administration.

Some may argue that this makes the message coming from the White House easier to control.

At the end of the day, the American people need the truth, and then they can decide for themselves what they like or dislike.  And, although it is arguably impossible for any reporter or media resource to be 100% unbiased (because we are all human and all have opinions), it would certainly make sense for media to at least have more access to the President.

We need new media, we need real people in Washington, and we have a lot of work to do.

Read the complete article HERE.

Recession Busters

It’s now or never, and it’s up to us.  The more we rely upon national indicators, the more we will be disappointed.

The recession is very real, but WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE make it.  WE are the constituents and WE are the consumers.  Even if the dollar crashed, WE THE PEOPLE would find ways to make it.

Epicurus said, “You don’t develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday.  You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity.”

And this is true – we are in very difficult times (The Good American Post is made up of independent contractors and small businesses), but this is no reason to throw in the towel – now it’s time to step up.

We are recession busters, and we are looking for more people who want to take control of this country’s future.

1. We want contributors

2. We want sales-people who can sell a product that appeals to the American people

3. We want independent thinkers to tell us how we are doing

Contact us for more information for how to contribute, make money, and be a part of our growing team.

Liberty & The Mustard Seed – Part VI

By: Tisha Casida


Part of the problem in the United States is that there are two competing notions that are impossible to forge together.  We cannot all be equal and at the same time all have liberty.  It would be impossible to make sure that every citizen, consumer, and constituent of our country are equal without evading the liberty of these same people.  These issues are facing us now – with what is happening in our economy and our health care system.  Making everything equal, forced by the heavy hand of government, will in fact encroach on the liberty of many more people than those that are said to be given this equality. Such a movement is made on the platform of social justice, and inherent rights of American citizens.  Our rights are liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as justified by the Constitution of the United States of America – nothing more.

Social justice often cries for equality.  Unfortunately, just as there is a scarcity of resources, there are limits and constraints as to how “equal” we can be.  Civil rights has nothing to do with social justice.  Civil rights are HUMAN RIGHTS – something that I and any other God-fearing human being believe in.  Social justice, and even environmental justice, are battle cries that are often communicated by great people with great causes.  However, it is impossible to make everyone equal.  There can be equal opportunity, but still, not everyone will be equal, and thus, not everyone will always be happy.  This is a hard and painful lesson to learn, but the truth.  We CAN all be free.  FREEDOM and the opportunity to pursue happiness is the basis for our country.  We are all equal on the level of human and civil rights, beyond that, our FREEDOM allows us to create the life that we want to lead.  The equality of income, opportunity, political class, and social class are impossible.

To me, liberty is much more important than equality.  Liberty, justice, and the opportunity to PURSUE happiness, are all we can ask for.  That is what this country is all about – you can find it in our constitution, and the relatively free market that makes it possible to write and read this book.


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