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Michal Krajicek

This letter came from one of our wonderful supporters in Europe – thank you Michal for believing in what we are doing!

My name is Michal Krajicek. I am from the Czech Republic. I was born in 1987 in the totalitarian Czechoslovakia, so I am very disappointed, when I see the way in which my country, Europe, and the USA go, especially here in Europe, with our experiences with totalitarian regimes, bureaucracy and a centrally-planned economy.

The governments, I mean also the state officers, have too much power over the people now. The laws are spammed by our parliaments with so many regulations and laws, which are difficult to understand, while our representatives are not able to read and completely understand it all and many of them resign to try it, even then they pass it. What the hell?  How is it possible that they do that?  Why do the people, who elect them in the elections tolerate it?

It is sure, that in this system, there is a lot of space for the corruption and of course, the big international corporations use it for the maximum possible benefits for them.

I see the aggression against the other countries in the name of democracy and security and of course, the results are, that these countries are only destroyed, even our stupid/corrupted politicians do it again and again. Why it is supported or tolerated by the people?

I do not like this at all.

When I was born, I was not free. I do not want to die, when my time comes, with the same status, as I was born – as a slave. I want die as a free man in the freedom country. I believe, that only possible way for it, is that I will live in the country, with small and limited government.

It is easy to say, but difficult to realize. I know, I do not want to be like a politician and try change it by myself. I also do not have the leadership charisma. Fortunately there are some great people, who are defending freedom and they need our help. Of course Ron Paul and Nigel Farage, many others, who are less seen and one special woman named Tisha Casida.

I very much appreciate what all these people do for Freedom, but Tisha Casida has best style. Steve Thompson wrote it absolutely exact when he wrote about Tisha: “Tisha Casida speaks plain, intelligent English for regular people – offering one of the best explanations of our rights and the Constitution without the condescending academic jargon”.  I have followed Tisha since February of 2012, so I know that she has great ideas for projects and events, which are made possible from the money donated from her supporters.  So, since  January of 2014 I donate to her www.Rebellion.Life project every month too.

Some people are maybe now interested, why I support a woman from Colorado, even though I never was in the USA and I live in Europe… why don’t I support somebody local?

I do it, because Tisha, with her unique style is the best inspiration for all people around the World to defend freedom. She has the best style, abilities and effort to explain the principles, which we like. The location is not so important, as much as the explained thoughts, specially today with the Internet, when it can be shared very easy.

If you like Tisha’s Rebellion and want help, please donate, buy her pamphlets or Rebellion gear. Yes, international shipping fees are not nice, but I survive it.

Thank you.

Michal Krajicek

Conscious Capitalism – Bridging the Gap Between Capitalism and Sustainability

An unfortunate stranglehold has taken place amongst the words and the emotions we have concerning capitalism and sustainability.  Swarms of Wall Street capitalists turn into blood-feasting vampires wanting to profit off of people’s despair.  Meanwhile ‘sustainability’ has become a catastrophic national and international power-grab for land, energy, and people’s choices of consumption.  Capitalists are often looked at as evil and greedy people concerned only about their own wealth and well-being.  Folks who use the word “sustainability” are often looked at as tree-hugging, wealth-distributing environmentalists concerned only about the legislation that attempts to force people’s actions.

More and more good Americans are finding themselves caught in the middle, caring about freedom to earn a comfortable living (making money) as well as about the environment (don’t we all like clean air and water?).  We are okay with capitalism because it creates economic well-being and freedom.  We would like to live in a healthy environment but do not want a federal or universal entity telling us how to make that happen.

I have often lamented about the dangers of categorizing people based off of labels (conservative, liberal, ‘the right’, ‘the left’, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, etc.).  I watch copious amounts of emails every day, fly in and out of my inbox yelling at “the other side” for being “so atrocious, so wrong, so evil”.  Do we really think this is doing us – THE PEOPLE – any good?  NO – it is not.  The more we fight with each other about the issues, the more power those with really dangerous plans for our liberty gain toward accomplishing their pernicious deeds.  The people doing true harm to our country and our world want us to fight, they want us to label each other, and they want us to spend all the time in the world on organizing against the “other side” which we have so aptly labeled and categorized.

This must move beyond the “us versus them” mentality if we are to truly have any peace, prosperity, or liberty in our country.  Benjamin Franklin said, “Do good to your friends to keep them, to your enemies to win them”.  This is what we must do if we are to solve the problems we are facing.  Just think about if we took 25% of the time we “complain” about the other side and instead use that time to do something positive and actionable.

For instance, be nice to someone who calls themselves a capitalist and ask them about how they spend their money or if they are interested in donating to any relevant and purposeful (and legit) foundations or causes – you may be surprised about how much of their money they “give away”, voluntarily, to others.  For instance, be nice to someone who is involved with a sustainability fair or event and ask them about what they are trying to accomplish with their movement – you may be surprised to find out how much they really care about people’s health and that relationship to the health of the environment.  All of this can be done voluntarily when free people act in their communities, doing well by doing good.

You see, there is nothing wrong with caring about money and there is nothing wrong with caring about the environment.  We, as Americans, need to start at that point when we have discussions about capitalism and sustainability.  HOW THESE TWO THINGS ARE CREATED, IMPLEMENTED, AND ACCOMPLISHED are what are important.  And, if you talk to most people, they agree that they want more control over their money and wealth, and they agree that they like to keep decisions closer to ‘home’ or closer to their own community.

We will never all agree, and that is a beautiful thing – it makes us autonomous, sovereign, and free.  What we must do is work together to find common ground and produce a strong and positive force that will be able to create a prosperous, peaceful, and free community.

– Tisha Casida & Jeff Hanson

Dear Next Generation,

Dear Next Generation,

It is not every day that we have the opportunity to watch an anomaly in the world – a nation that is governed by the people – slowly be eroded into a nation of economic slaves, while we continue to work and play as if nothing is wrong.
While you were dialing in for American Idol, your representatives at a federal level continued to argue amongst themselves about how to deal with a $14-plus trillion debt, a deficit that as-stands will not be able to pay present and future obligations, and the fact that with both unemployment and underemployment considered, there are between 24% and 29% of American people who are suffering from not being able to work.

While you were enamored with the latest meat-attire of Lady Gaga, your government and the Federal Reserve “bailed out”, “loaned”, and “stimulated” companies, organizations, and economies of not only the United States, but also foreign entities.  The results of this are being seen, and will continue to have devastating effects on the economy.  “Quantitative easing” is like calling an EF5 tornado a “Qualitative smoothing” – it is semantics, and a lie.

While you decided that voting “didn’t do any good”, 535 people helped to make federal decisions that affect YOUR privacyYOUR right to protect yourself, and YOUR right to consume products that you may enjoy or that may benefit you.

While you didn’t “get involved” because you thought that you weren’t able or capable of participating, hundreds of men and women who cannot read the Constitution of the United States of America, who can’t read the bills until after they pass, and who cannot balance a budget, made over six figures while “representing” you.

While you were afraid to call out these politicians and “leaders” for what they were doing, several of us screamed at the top of our lungs to stop being apathetic and join us.

Thankfully, that moment is not quite over yet.  The opportunity to make a difference is real, and it is not too late.

The Death of the Tea Party & The Republican Establishment?

A Warning to the Ego-Agenda Hypocrites

August 3, 2010 – Colorado Springs, CO – Tonight I had the chance to visit a Coalition for a Conservative Majority (CCM) meeting in Colorado Springs.  I went with a non-partisan organization that represents liberty – traveling across the country to educate people with materials that include the Constitution of the United States.  Prior to the meeting we sat down for a conversation with the leader of this group, Bradford Collins.  While he continually plugged a local newspaper called “The Constitutionalist Today”, I figured it was my duty, as a citizen, to ask if this paper had any political affiliation (in theory, the media should be non-partisan, in my opinion).  When I asked Mr. Collins this, he promptly replied that “No” they are not non-partisan – they are “partisan” – I guess meaning that they are conservative.  Since all of the public figures (candidates) on the front page were Republican, I was guessing that conservative in this instance probably meant “Republican”.

My fellow organizer and myself had arranged with Mr. Collins to speak briefly about our endeavors – her travels across the country, and my publication and media-model called The Good American Post.  He said we could both have a couple of minutes at the beginning to speak to this group of around 60 people.  Introductions were made, and when it came time for me to have a moment to stand up and speak to these people about our company, dedication to liberty, and love of free markets – I was ignored.  I had raised my hand at the beginning of the meeting – indicating that I was from “press” other than The Constitutionalist Today – so I am sure he knew that I was still in the room and still wanted a chance to address the crowd, since I was the one who coordinated for this organization to be there.  But I was forgotten.  I stood there – silenced.

Prior to this, while sitting at this table with Mr. Collins, I went to the restroom and was told that while I was gone that he took my purse and notebook away from my seat, sat it on a distant stand for food-trays, and gave my seat away to someone else.  Being a fairly humble and forgiving human being, I wrote it off for a simple mistake from an oblivious individual.  A mistake that I, too, although a young female, am also a human and a citizen that deserves a seat at a meeting (and that my personal property (e.g. purse) should not be infringed upon.

I had my Good American Posts in hand, ready to quickly address the crowd, excited to tell them about what I had started July 4th of 2009 as an effort to create a medium to educate our readership about capitalism and community – an effort that has been successful because we reach audiences of every demographic and every political affiliation.  We appeal to “the people” because we are non-partisan and focus on solutions instead of the problems. People across the country love us – and we are a vehicle to help educate our communities about how to make a positive difference.  I guess that I must have been a threat to these people who stood before me – the “leaders” of this organization and this movement – that included Mr. Collins, Michelle Morin (Mom4Freedom), and the publisher of The Constitutionalist Today, Lana Fore-Warkocz.  They were before me, they saw me, they knew I was there – I was ignored.

I am 28 years old.  I represent the next generation of leaders.  These people should be thrilled to see a young entrepreneur who is embracing and fighting for liberty.  Instead, I was shunned.  Because I have this publication, because I am unaffiliated with any political party, I guess I am some type of threat to their (apparently) Republican establishment.  A threat to this group.  A threat to this partisan paper that was the only press promoted at this event.

Tears weld up in my eyes.  These are our leaders?  Are these people standing at the front of the room the people that will save our country?  Why won’t they let me speak about media that has proven its success – The Good American Post – that brings people together from all political spectrums because we appeal to Americans – not Republicans, or Democrats, or Libertarians – but to We The People?  Why won’t they let a young female have a moment to speak?

I’ve heard that the publisher of The Constitutionalist Today calls her paper the “paper of the Tea Party”.  The authors and board members of this publication, who stood before me at the CCM meeting this evening do a very good job of telling people how much they love liberty.  However, their purposeful ignorance of my presence and desire to speak, in addition to taking away my “place at the table” (literally), proves to me one thing.  If these are the “leaders” of the Tea Party movement – we are doomed.  All they care about is their own pocketbooks, their own media, and their own agenda.  Another part of the machine.  They scream liberty, but it is an act – they are lying to us and they have lied to me.

These people who call themselves leaders and patriots that use the tree of liberty to try and squash the voice of a young patriot because she is supposedly a threat to their revenue streams are appalling and a detrimental component to the liberty movement.  It started a long time ago – the people who smile politely, clap quietly, and scoot away the independent voices that hold in their hand what could save a country.  Now I know what Sarah Palin meant when she said “Many of us are not going to sit down and shut up, we’re going to say ‘No we do not like it…”.

What we fight for is liberty.  What we fight against is an establishment – the establishment is our tyranny – the establishment is the false-God, saying that they know best while silencing the voice of independence and freedom.

As we left the meeting, a police officer who had just finished pulling over a car and writing them some type of ticket (“feeding” as we like to call it), sped past a man on the side of the road with a vehicle that was obviously broken down.  It concluded the day.  Where are the people extending their hand to good Americans?  Where are the people that hold out their hand in the name of love and liberty?  Where are the people that are for We The People?

– Tisha T. Casida

Casida is the founder of The Good American Post and currently resides in Southern Colorado.  Her company is dedicated to free markets, new media, and liberty. You can find out more at

The Answer is Civic Culture, Sustainability, Local Economy and Community

Lance Benninghoff

As I’m researching and writing my master’s thesis concerning economic development, I’m becoming more convinced that the current economic and political system is in dire need of change and innovation. A survey of the latest headlines and the economic recession are proof that the current systems are not working as intended. However, the key idea for people to keep in mind is that rather than sink down into a pathology of despair and helplessness, the time of crises is an opportunity to innovate and come up with new and creative solutions to our problems. The current situation doesn’t have to be this way.

Why is this? The answer lies in the recognition that economics, politics, law and public policy are socially constructed.  They are not monolithic abstract concepts immune from change. Rather, they are driven by individuals whose interpersonal relationships develop into social networks whose internal and external relationships create social structures at the local, state, national and global scale.

Relating this to the local level, of which I am most interested, it is important to acknowledge that economics and geopraphy do not serve solely as determinants of which communites fail or succeed. Rather, civic culture composed of local leadership and community social structure, in addition to the policies they implement, are what truly determine the success of communities.

Economics and geography, while important, merely serve as part of a contextual framework to which local leadership and community social structures adopt policies in reaction to these influences. This explains why cities with the same geography, demographics and governmental structure often adopt divergent policies and thus have divergent policy outcomes. In essence, its people and personalities that  utlimately determine allocation of scarce resources and this changes over time as well as can be changed.

Understanding the civic culture of a community is critical to implenting local economic development policies based on sustainability, local economy and community as outlined by Joseph Ciadella in his article, Debating Detroit’s Redevelopment, that I agree are necessary to create a successful community. I shall enlarge on these ideas in further articles.

Benninghoff is currently working with the Otero (Colorado) County Commissioners and County Administrator and learning to become a future City Manager/County Administrator. He currently belongs to the International City County Manager’s Association and the  Colorado City County Manager’s Association. He is also working on his Master’s Thesis which is the Economic Development Policy for Otero County.  This will look at strategies encompossing sustainability and internally developing the local economy.

Right, Left, Red, Blue, Middle, Green – UNITE!

“Where are the Greenies?” said a friend who owns property and has been vocal about the intrusion of the heavy hand of government in Colorado land law.

The reinstatement of the “Death Tax” in Colorado will have negative implications for land owners who want to leave their land to their children.  If HR 3524 (Colorado House) does not get passed, the Death Tax will come back in 2011 with even sharper provisions.

Positions of various government representatives seem to favor land-owners, that is, until you look at their voting records.  Politics is in full force at all levels of government – this includes state and local representatives as well.

Aside from the bureaucracy that so many of us are sick and tired of, another more positive and productive statement must be made.  That is, this particular issue, could really unite some facets of ideologies.

For example, land owners want to protect their land (via not being taxed at their death).  By farmers and ranchers wanting to protect their land and NOT sell out to developers, this is in fact preserving the land/environment/eco-system which can be decimated by urban sprawl and unsustainable development.

Farmers and ranchers want to protect land and wildlife because it is important to them and their children.  Environmentalists, and “greenies” if you will, want to protect land and wildlife because it is important to them and their children.

In addition to this, hunters and fishers want to protect land and wildlife because it is important to their sport.  People that are so often shoved into the category of “tree huggers” want the same thing.

So where are we?  Where are the Americans here?  We want the same thing – let’s take a harder look at the bureaucracy and red tape that is in place to “help” the heavy hand of government and see how we may be able to eliminate some of the negative consequences that hurt ALL OF US.

Whether you are conservative or liberal on land issues – this is one area where we should be fighting together.  The death tax, and any taxes that make it impossible to preserve land, wildlife, and eco-systems should be eliminated – we will all benefit and protect the very environments that we call home.

– Tisha Casida

In Favor of Scouting

Boy Scouts of America has played an integral role for many males in the United States (this can also be said, of course, for the Girl Scouts of America and females).    In an article by Dave Banks, he asks if the Boy Scouts are still relevant to our society.

These types of organizations, that may seem out of date and (unfortunately) out of place in a high-speed, high-tech world, are arguably very relevant and important to our next generation.  The skills that are taught, the emphasis on community awareness and involvement, the incorporation of time spent between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, are an integral part of our society, our history, or culture, and our country.

READ “After 100 Years, are the Boy Scouts Still Relevant” HERE.

Keeping Our Next Generation Healthy

That’s Natural! features various articles on sustainability, one of the more popular columns is “Sustainability from the Start”, which offers helpful tips for moms and dads wanting to take care of their babies and young children in a somewhat toxic world.

In this post, the idea of “sustainability” revolves around SIMPLICITY, saving money, being more economical, however at the same time engaging in actions that are nor harmful to your home or baby.

Read the excerpt here:


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