Saying Goodbye to the Monsters

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Last night I finished the biography of Cornelius Vanderbilt by T.J. Stiles.  Over the past year and a half, I have read the biographies of George Washington, J.P. Morgan, and John D. Rockefeller (all by Ron Chernow).  In this same time period, I was given a book called “A Course in Miracles” by a very dear friend and fellow Ron Paul supporter.  And since beginning to really focus in on politics since 2009, as well as run for Congressional office in Colorado in 2012 and 2014 (and exploring a third in 2016), one thing has become very apparent to me.

I am saying goodbye to the monsters.  There are so many people who exist, who seek to raise fear and use fear as a tactic to stop you from achieving your dreams – or achieving anything for that matter.  Even people who claim to support the same things that you do – when I have stood up for that – they repeatedly tell me how scared I should be of this ominous force that seeks to destroy me.

For years and years I have been told to prepare for the next economic collapse – all while I take time and energy away from actually engaging in positive and productive actions that may stop me from ever being rampaged by such a catastrophic event in the first place.  By using this fear of a tragic event to come, these people who behave like monsters, lurch behind you, using facts and data to support something that is obviously very real – but not really any different than anything that has happened for hundreds and thousands of years.

After reading these truly wonderful biographies, I was astounded at how again and again – instances of politics (the attempted destruction of individual liberties, the use of force by government, the use of force by corporations, politicians being bought by various interests, the strengthening and weakening of the federal government over States’ rights) repeated.  Again and again.  What we are seeing today, is absolutely nothing new.  This is how we roll.  This is life.

You see, there are good times and there are bad times.  There are times of economic prosperity, and there are times of stagnation and depression.  There are times of achieving liberty and there are times of oppression.  History continues to repeat – and here we are in this present moment – this “holy instant” – and what do we do with it?  What do we do with RIGHT NOW?  Because the past is gone and the future is unknown, how are you going to take this holy instant and what will YOU do with it?

I am saying goodbye to the monsters.  I want to use my precious seconds on Earth, to love, to give peace, and to peacefully rebel against people who use fear to stop others from expressing themselves and living in liberty.  True liberty is taking off all of the shackles of fear away from your heart and your mind.  All of the bad, the disaster, the war, the pain, the evil – can you imagine yourself not feeding it anymore?  Can you imagine acknowledging something but not giving your heart and mind to it?  Can you imagine, instead, believing in goodness, peace, and kindness?  In your seconds, you have the choice for what you feed your mind.  I am no longer feeding these monsters of fear.

Supporting & Celebrating Jesus' Rebellion this Easter

Tonight, a record number of Americans are likely going to sit down and enjoy the start of the faith-based series “A.D. The Bible Continues” on NBC.  This is a continuation from “The Bible” mini-series that saw around 100 million cumulative views.  Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, the producers, are excited about what this number of viewers represents for our country – a longing for faith.

I think that one of the most profound experiences of my life, has been trying to truly understand who Jesus Christ was and how I can be a more loving, at peace, and forgiving individual based on those teachings from the Bible.  I also think it is important to embrace the rebellious character that Jesus was, this peace-loving rabble-rouser that effectively caused friction with leaders who sought to ‘keep people on their knees’.

It is possible to be both peaceful and rebellious.  At, this is what we do – there are many, many ways to rebel against bad people, bad government, and bad policies – by peacefully acting out in positive and proactive ways that counter the bad, the evil, and the unjust.

Today, Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, and I hope that we can do more of this celebrating every day by embracing and invoking what Jesus taught – to refuse to be motivated by fear, to know you are loved, and to not be afraid to stand up for what is just.

– Tisha Casida

Can We Win the War on Terrorism?

By: Tisha Casida

An article from CBS reads, “Will ISIS plan a 9/11-style terror plot against the U.S.?”.

How can Congress have these fears when we have spent billions of dollars to “secure” other countries and our own?  When does this stop? Do you mean to tell me that we are in the exact same place that we were after 9/11?  And if this is the case, what is to say there is any hope to out-spend the “enemy” to “protect” us?

The only way to completely eradicate terrorism is to kill all people living on earth.  With the way that our government has handled our nuclear weapons technology and stockpile, that is a grave possibility.  There are always going to be bad people wanting to do harm to others.  If you want to win the war on terrorism – you would have to get rid of all human beings.  I am not a fan of that option.  There has to be some common sense answer to this question and fear – and it has to be different than having a standing army of Americans in countries with extreme religious factions that will stop at nothing to kill Americans.

With all of the technology we have, why isn’t is possible to do a better job at securing our country’s borders?  With the unprecedented collection of data on American citizens, as well as the disgusting use of Homeland Security as a standing army waiting to be used against our own citizens (complete with detention centers and government agencies having enough ammunition to knock off most Americans) – you would think that the government would have the “power” to stop the enemy.

Or, maybe that complete power to stop the enemy would mean that we, as Americans, would be literally or figuratively dead.  Either incapable of living, or determined to be the enemy ourselves, and killed.

What is happening in Iraq with ISIS is a lesson for us about the use and power of government.  Even the most “powerful” government in the world cannot stop bad people from doing bad things.  Even with the “Patriot Act” that strips away the freedoms and liberties of innocent and peace-loving Americans, even with trillions of dollars of spending on the “War on Terror”, even with our own “Weapons of Mass Destruction” – bombs, bullets, tanks, and drones – that we use against others – we still have enemies, and we still have people who want to terrorize us.  But now the question becomes – who are the terrorists?

It is too late to turn back the clock on our interventionist foreign policy that often takes other countries’ resources as a part of the plan of intervention.  Imperialism is nothing new in the history of our world.  However, for the sake of the next generation, for our kids and grandkids, we can at least theorize and discuss possible options to protect Americans and to protect the liberties of Americans – the very freedoms that make our country one where people want to flee to for liberty – not want to destroy.

What are the options for dealing with this crisis?  We certainly do not need boots on the ground in these countries that harbor terrorists and terrorist organizations like ISIS.  With the technology that we have, it is possible to not have our troops physically there.  We also do not need Homeland Security infiltrating our local police forces to create a standing army, where the potential for abuse is large and growing.  Any type of defense against foreign enemies should be at the borders – not in our community and towns.  If we focused our data collection on foreign enemies – the efficiency of that data collection should increase.  As with 9/11 and the Boston Bombings – these data collection systems were already in place – if the people collecting data were doing their job – we should have been able to stop these terror plots.

Yes, I am sure ISIS is planning a terror plot on the U.S.  I am sure there are several organizations that are doing so.  How can we use our technology to protect Americans while preserving their civil liberties and privacy?  How can we use the checks and balances of our republic to protect people and make sure we never become a police state with the horrific potential outcomes as what happened in Hitler’s Germany?

There are solutions, but we can’t be afraid to talk about them, and we can’t be led down the path of fear and terror about who wants to kill us.  We must walk unafraid, and realize that terror comes in many packages – including those sold to us by our own government in an effort to destroy our will to question, to fight, and to live.

Please Stop with the Fear-Mongering – Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

I cannot believe that a Health and Wellness site is promoting this incredulous story in a way that is intended to make the reader feel helpless.

In reference to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, and the strange “facts” surrounding its disappearance, the conclusion of this article, speaking to the possibility of a weapon that made the airplane “vanish”, Health Ranger Mike Adams says…

“If there does exist a weapon with such capabilities, whoever controls it already has the ability to dominate all of Earth’s nations with a fearsome military weapon of unimaginable power. That thought is a lot more scary than the idea of an aircraft suffering a fatal mechanical failure.”

Really?  Is this conclusion at attempt to build your readership’s confidence in their health and bodies, or to destroy such by issuing fear.  To completely give up any hope and control, to believe that this, and all of these weapons and capabilities exist – is to deny our very existence – the miracle that makes our thoughts and actions even possible.  To believe in some great, grand, all-powerful force – that can find anyone, anywhere, that can kill anyone, anywhere – that can essentially work to “control mankind” – is an attempt to use fear to stop you from believing in yourself and your ability to control your thoughts, and your actions.

Maybe the scariest thought in the world is not the idea that you do not control anything and are at the whims of great and powerful government forces, but instead, that you do control everything – and are completely responsible for your thoughts, your beliefs, and your world that you create.

Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware of awful and horrible things world-wide, but I refuse to have people try to scare me with this idea of someone or something being able to kill me.  So what?  I will die – and I will die knowing that I never gave power to these people who seek to control you by making you afraid.  In that, I am free.

After years and years of living in the dark spaces of the unknown and the uncontrollable, I will find peace, and I will refuse to be motivated by fear.

– Tisha T. Casida

Flying Above the Mind Vampires

“Like the bird who flies over the field and doesn’t care about the fences underneath.”

Benjamin Zander, TED Talks “The transformative power of classical music”

I believe in the power of individuals in this world to transform our political systems into something that preserves the individual liberty, creativity, and potential of who we are as human beings.  I believe in the role of peace, in the role of sound currency, and in the role of love to forge through the murkiness that sometimes shadows these beliefs and I believe in the sincere thoughts we have to obtain greatness.

The more I study, and the more I listen, the more profoundly sensitive I am becoming to the words we use, the foods we eat, the ideas we present and how we present and communicate to each other.  We are all this way, although sometimes we are going so fast that we don’t hear our hearts, our senses reaching out to us about the people and energy around us.

But I want to let you know that there are things that exist that are mind-vampires that truly feed off of your thoughts, and erode your power and well-being.  Remember those dreams, those feelings as a child – ignorance of fear – just the desire to create and exist?  Where do those feelings go – those that are inherently part of our being?  They are taken away by mind vampires, by people and words that destroy your belief in your divinity and your power.  Fear rules their words and force, and this fear is sent out to crumble the thoughts of the dreamer, the believer, the individual.

It is so easy to become wrapped up in this spiderweb, and it is often a web created by very well-meaning people.  I do know, admit, and understand that there are real issues we face and that these issues have solutions that require action.  But I believe that our actions speak louder than words, and that we could save time and energy to focus on the solutions first, instead of use fear, anger, and ill-will to influence people to act.

The latest example is Monsanto’s creation and passage of a federal law that exempts them from any responsibility to people or the environment with the genetically modified products that they are producing.  This is bad, except that shouting out how bad it is, or sending hate-mail to Monsanto, or to our corrupt “representatives”, is not only pointless – it is an expansion of your energy that would be better used to learn about a local farmer, talk to your county or State representatives, or just go purchase something from a local producer that costs more than what you buy at the grocery store.  Using fear and hate directed at mind-vampires just takes away your mind from your own individual power to immediately change what YOU do.  Do you know how much power you have?

All my life I have had mind vampires tell me that I am stupid for believing in what I believe in.  I have mind vampires try to scare me from speaking out freely against my country’s government.  And I fall down, and pick myself back up – just like we all do, as we learn more about the things that destroy us, versus the things that create us.

Today is a very good day to change your trajectory of what you are doing with your precious time on earth.  Be wary of the people and things that make you feel bad, make you feel fearful, make you feel tired.  Guard your heart and your mind and know that you are absolutely in charge of your destiny.

– Tisha Casida

To A Peaceful, Prosperous, and Rebellious 2013

Each of us makes a difference. Each of us, even in our own little world of stocking shelves, serving food, driving trucks, delivering goods, tapping on the keyboard, and talking to friends and family – each action that we take is profound.


The government is made up of people – human beings – that can be changed (or manipulated for that matter). We – you and I – are the people that can make our government exist of people who cherish liberty, our natural rights, our right to protect ourselves, our right to express ourselves freely.


We do this by our own little interactions – in our community, in our town or city, and in our County. We can participate in State and national politics – but our real power is with our small circle of 10 or 20, who we can trust, who we can talk to, and who we can build our armies with.


To a very rebellious 2013 – let us rebel against the evil powers that seek to destroy, and instead – cherish, promote, and empower the creative forces that embrace peace and prosperity. Let us rebel against collective rights, like political parties, who have their own agenda. Let us rebel against the manipulative monetary system that erodes the wealth and property of all people. Let us rebel against the tyranny that seeks to destroy our light, as free and loving people.


Rebel with me, and let’s use the amazing power that we have – for good.


In Liberty,




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Making Enemies of People Who Keep Us On Our Knees

What is your greatest fear? For me, after a lifetime of struggling with my own fears and worries, I am working on letting go of fear as much as I can. Because fear stops me from accomplishing things that I want to accomplish.

After so many fights, in my own mind – of being scared of death, scared of war, scared of terrorists, scared of God – I let go of my fears. I decided that I would spend my time loving my walk on earth, versus being terrified of all of the things that could go wrong while I am here.

Fear is the basis for most of our legislation, most of our laws, most of our communications from the media. Fear sells – it is arguably the most powerful human emotion – it is built in our DNA – to react to situations that are dangerous. We can’t change that. What we can change, if we want to create a better and more peaceful life for ourselves, our family, and our community – is how much we allow fear to control our actions. And that is something that can only be done on the individual level.

All of our great teachers and leaders have let go of fear to do something great. You may not like all of these people, and there are certainly character flaws in them (and us) that could be argued with no conclusion. We all have different likes and beliefs and don’t agree on everything. But it is true that these people were not afraid of death, and not afraid of speaking out against the people who keep us on our knees.

This year, for many people, the election is not about Right versus Left, Conservative versus Liberal, Republican versus Democrat. For many people, this election is about attempting to find people who are not corrupt, people who want to be public servants, people who do not want to make a career our of “politics”, people who will represent all of their constituency, and not just the people who belong to a particular party. These two sides pull us back and forth – stating the fears we should have if “the other party person” gets elected.

The truth is – these politicians from both “sides” are mostly all the same – they mostly all find ways to keep us on our knees. They mostly all work on legislation that erodes the rights of the individual, and they mostly all stay silent about the forces that have destroyed our economy – the erosion of the value of the dollar, the Federal Reserve System (inflation), and the corruption of the banking and financial industries that are in cahoots with representatives from the government.

If there is one thing that will save us and preserve the liberties that are unique to our country (although they are quickly being whittled away) – it will be the separation from acting in fear and instead acting out of love. Our enemies cannot control our outcome when we detach from their fear-based agendas. You and I are powerful people, and if we understand this and believe it – we can work together to make sure we ensure health, prosperity, and safety for our kids and grandkids. So what is your greatest fear? Can you let go – and work with me to find solutions?


Gearing Up for World War III

“If you want the truth to stand clear before you, never be for or against. The struggle between “for” and “against” is the mind’s worst disease.” – Sent-ts’an


Trade sanctions, in a global economy (like we operate in), could be considered an act of war. The embargo on the import of Iranian oil by the European Union has significant implications for all of us. Iran – the supplier of oil for India, China, and Russia – is being forced to take an action. Either they will stand up for themselves, they will get assistance from China (who are already negotiating with them), or the desires of the West will effectively replace the regime in an act that we have seen time and time again. All of this is a sure bet that the United States is getting its nose into some pretty bad business. Is this about democracy? Is this about terrorism? Is this about elite control of resources and wealth?

India’s Population: 1,170,938,000

China’s Population: 1,338,299,500

Russia’s Population: 141,750,000

European Union’s Population: 490,426,060

Total: 3,141,413,560

United States’ Population: 307,000,000


The United States is just 9.8% of this entire population of people who will be drastically affected by an oil embargo in the Strait of Hormuz. Which makes one think about our foreign policy. And why we keep intervening when our country is broke (15 trillion dollars – we cannot even “produce” our way out of this at this point). And why we keep purchasing foreign oil when we have our own oil and energy resources to develop. And why we keep arming regimes, helping other regimes, then over-throwing those regimes that we arm and help, in the name of democracy while killing thousands and thousands of innocent people and calling the lives of our troops expendable, and the deaths from these continual interventions “collateral damage”. I am sick of it.

If this is about oil – we need to take a look at what we are doing right here in our own country. Renewable resources, coal, oil, and gas – are all readily available for us to take advantage of – why aren’t we? We need jobs, right? Why are we shooting ourselves in the foot and meddling in other countries affairs?

If this is about control of resources – why is the United States the supreme dictator of sovereign nations’ resources? What made us better than everyone else? Can’t these countries make decisions and make mistakes without our guidance and leadership? They may actually want that.

The argument back will always be a fear-based, war-mongering approach of “They are out to get us, kill us, etc., so we must stop them before they do!”. Well, what if we don’t have any money to do that? What would the smart approach be? How about developing our own country’s resources so we are not as dependent upon foreign oil? How about working on a sound currency and monetary policy that does not allow the power elites to print money, create inflation (the most insidious of taxes), and erode the American people’s wealth through a central bank called the Federal Reserve? How about bringing our troops home to build our own national defense (not offense) and protect our own people, and protect our own borders?

Why does this sound so extreme when it is what Jesus Christ would tell us to do?   Jesus Christ was someone who believed in the truth, in loving thy neighbors, in exercising peace and dialogue. Why are we not taking the high road and acting like better neighbors? Why aren’t we trying out the golden rule for a change? This interventionist stuff is not working – isn’t that obvious? The United States has been at war basically since its inception. And maybe that is not a good thing – there are other countries that do very well from a quality of life standpoint that are very peaceful. We can attack others who attack us, but we have the military capability and might to isolate the “bad guys” – we do not need to occupy other countries’ sovereign lands and kill innocent people indiscriminately. Not to mention create more pain and problems from the weapons of war.

If you think I am a “softie” by saying this, let me reaffirm that I think that every American should be armed – I think the federal government should arm them (actually Constitutionally mandated in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16), and I think we need to protect our country. If someone attacks us from abroad, we can constitutionally use the Letters of Marque and Reprisal to isolate them and have them punished. And if we do need to go to war, it can be declared by Congress – which is constitutional – and not what we have done most recently with the “wars” that we are in.

I want my fellow Americans to be the healthiest, strongest, and most liberated people in the world, and I want us to create the economic soil that must be amended in order for our seeds of prosperity to grow. And we can start this by responsibly using our own resources, and stop participating in actions that will create the next world war. That is why we need to elect new representatives into Congress – people with a stake in the game, people who live and work in this country and want to see our nation have sound economic growth so that our children and grand-children can enjoy exercising free will, personal responsibility, having private property rights, and living with civil liberties that make us free. This is why I am running for the United States House of Representatives – to amend the soil for future generations, and to use this country’s resources for our own economic well-being and benefit.


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