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We must get new, fresh faces in Congress.  The representatives who are there now have been there TOO LONG and are corrupted.  The Rebellion Rule is simple – two terms, and you’re done.  No matter how good or bad a job they do and no matter what party you normally support, vote out anyone after their second term.  This is effective and the quickest way to get the attention of either party so that they produce better candidates and better policies.  Entrenchment equals corruption and two terms isn’t enough time for the special interests to entrench a party or elected official.

This is the quickest way to actually grab ahold of your freedom before it’s gone.

It is too late to infiltrate or change the corrupt two-party strangle hold.  You will never be able to win when you follow the rules of people who can change those rules at any time to stop you.

Voting out these politicians after two terms benefits our country because it creates unpredictable outcomes.  Some would say this is not a benefit but will ‘harm the nation and its people’ (these are usually people who make their living from being a sycophant in either of the corrupted parties).  Let’s face it, the corrupt people and parties in place today already harm the nation… they have a track record of failure and anything is better than letting those traitors continue to rule us.  A peaceful rebellion is our next option.  We must exercise this option before our current leaders impose rule or law that forces people to react in violent ways.  We advocate peaceful solutions even when our government provokes violence for their own power gain.

Clean your house this election!

Mayors, Moms, and Millions – Protect Your Life with No More Federal Gun Laws

By: Tisha Casida

Former Mayor Bloomberg passionately pleaded for mayors, moms, and millions of Americans to join his crusade – and that the number of deaths caused by guns and suicide from “illegal” guns was over 30,000 a year.

In 2012, there were approximately 34,080 deaths from motor vehicle accidents.

In 2010, there were approximately 38,329 deaths from drug overdoses.

In 2012, there were approximately 1,638,910 deaths from cancer.


Guns aren’t the problem – bad people are the problem.  Sickness and disease are the problem.  Moms, daughters, and strong women – do not be fooled by this crusade against “guns”.  Follow your heart, and your gut – who do YOU trust to protect you and your family?

Why do you call 911 if you are in danger?  It is because “good guys” with guns will come to protect you (hopefully).  Are you okay with dis-arming the police, sheriffs, and the military?  If they can have guns – why can’t we, as responsible adults?

CRIMINALS ARE CRIMINALS because THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW.  More gun laws – specifically at the federal level – will do NOTHING to stop crime – they will only make more crime possible against people who deserve the right to protect themselves and their family.  More laws are designed to dis-arm people – because there are already thousands of laws for back-ground checks and other means to “protect” you from criminals getting guns if those aren’t working – NOTHING WILL.

I plead with you to research what happens to populations when they can’t protect themselves – and remember that the more laws there are – the more criminals we create out of the people who are committing no crime.


Tisha Casida is an Unaffiliated (Independent) candidate for U.S. House, Colorado District Three.  She is an advocate for protecting property rights and  a firm believer protecting individuals, farmers, and small business owners by making sure that important decisions affecting them can be made at the State and local level of government where the actions of government are more transparent and “officials” are easier to hold accountable.  If you support her efforts, please show her with a generous donation – every dollar helps her reach more people!

Directing Your Anger at Politician's Use of Extortion

We hear groups screaming at “The President”, the “Republicans”, the “Democrats”, the “Corporations”, the “Unions”, but what if this is exactly what the corrupt elite want?  If you are busy fighting what you think is the enemy, you may be wasting your time and energy, because the enemy may be the very people picking the fights.

Peter Shweizer’s book, Extortion, is a real eye-opener about the “permanent political class” using their position in the Congress or Senate to represent one interest alone – THEIRS.  Many politicians on both sides of the aisle use their ability to write and vote on legislation to raise money that benefits – not any cause or group of people – but their own personal net worth and wealth.

Just imagine if your representative – a Republican or a Democrat – has their office write up a piece of legislation that benefits a certain industry.  Now, that they have this document in hand – they can go to people that both support and oppose this legislation and say “you better contribute to my leadership PAC” otherwise this is going to not pass, or, this legislation is going to pass.  This is called extortion.

Politicians on both sides of the aisle are raising money on both sides of an issue.  Who loses?  YOU.  The American people lose.  The copious amounts of legislation being introduced to extort money from individuals, companies, unions, industry groups, and organizations often never pass.  And if they do pass – then the people who wrote these confusing pieces of legislation that are now law, leave the political arena and enter into the consulting industry – where they get paid to navigate the confusing legislation they created.  This is sick.

I tell people to stop screaming at the President, the parties, and these competing special interests and instead focus their anger, time, and money on their representative – their Congressman or Senator – who deserves their anger.  This game of extortion that is being played must stop.

The "World" Set a Red Line

President Obama, said, in defending his potential future action to strike Syria, that it was not he who set the “red line” that was crossed.  He said the world set that red line.


I didn’t set it.  I don’t agree with it.  And large numbers of people don’t – is that not part of the World?


Okay, so the “leaders” of countries represent all of their people.  (In America, the President is NOT supposed to be the sole executive leader, but we are moving there fast.)  That would mean, if every country had a leader who agreed with President Obama, that would equate to 196 “leaders” – representing 6.9 billion people.  Very few “leaders” with massive representation can be a very dangerous thing.


The TRUTH is that while we look up at the television or bow our heads to the speakers to hear our leaders speak – it is YOU AND I who are responsible for our thoughts, actions, and destiny.


And the President is NOT MY KING  I do not want more war.  Congress – please take note that the responsibility for any action or inaction lays on your shoulders and you WILL be judged by your actions.  You are supposed to stop tyranny – you are supposed to stop executive rule.  THIS IS YOUR LAST RED LINE TO CROSS!

– Tisha T. Casida


Most of our “leadership” in Washington s pathetic.

Just pathetic, and I would use adjectives to describe the pathetic-ness but then kids could not read this, and they should as this is their future that these worthless politicians are waging on un-winnable wars.

Unbelievable.. Senator John McCain, you are pathetic.  Sickening.  You can actually joke about paying poker on your smart phone while you wage a decision about war that could bring the United States into a conflict that could be devastating to our economy and security?  It is not a joke and it is not funny – I despise you and what you portray as being a leader to the United States of America.  And you are not alone, but since i just witnessed you snickering on “The Situation Room,” on CNN, you are the target of choice.  I wish you had the morality to be humbled, but obviously you are so out of touch that there is no hope of reaching any type of reality, and the words I write are solely to fuel the fire that will out-flame your propaganda and lies that you think will evade the thinking minds of the American public.

You said that we “make the world a much better place”.  How about we do that by making the United States of America a beacon and light of freedom and NOT by bombing the smithereens out of nation-states that have completely different thought patterns and belief systems than we do?  Why don’t we secure OUR country and OUR nation?  Why in the world are we arming terrorists in the name of fighting terrorism?  Who are the terrorists?!?!?!

You “key Republicans” that are funded and protected by the powerful military-industrial complex are not conservative and no protectors of the Constitution,  How dare you risk the lives of our young – how dare you risk our lives, our prosperity, our Country.  I pray that Providence prevails and destroys your ego, your wealth, and your worth.  You have no business representing our American people WHO DO NOT WANT MORE WAR.  May you fail, and may the country and our young people be protected from your disgusting interpretation of a free country and a free World.

– Tisha T. Casida

Legislation Doesn’t Really “Help” Us

Please unplug from the matrix – your representatives in Congress don’t necessarily know what they are doing and can’t necessarily help you.  Please let me illustrate.

Right now, in the 112th Session of Congress – there are:

3,402 Bills in the Senate
6,140 Bills in the House
523 Resolutions in the Senate
734 Resolutions in the House
51 Concurrent Resolutions in the Senate
133 Concurrent Resolutions in the House
47 Joint Resolutions in the Senate
114 Joint Resolutions in the House

Assuming that each of these pieces of legislation (that become law – which affects the justice of our Constitutional Republic, and the individual rights of the sovereign State citizens within the united States of America) is 10 pages long – that would equate to a total of 111,440 (11,144 x 10) pages of text that our representatives must read in order to know the laws and resolutions (not to mention treaties, which are not mentioned here) being proposed and enacted that affect our individual rights, sovereignty, and ability to create wealth and protect our property rights.

Rewind – only a small percentage of bills are ever passed through designated committees, and an even smaller amount of bills are passed by the House, and an even smaller number of bills are passed by the Senate.  So why are our representatives spending so much time on writing bills that don’t pass?  Well, it is to tell you about what they are doing – which is in effect – nothing.  They are doing nothing more than creating a façade about what they say they support – it comes down to the fact that very little of this ever helps any of us as individuals, small business owners, and anyone who is trying to actually “survive” and “make a living”.

It is a lie – and we must unplug from it.  There is absolutely no piece of legislation that will help you or a ‘special interest’ that you have, for that matter.  The only thing that can help us is being able to act in freedom and move regulatory functions that are inefficient at the federal level, down to the States and even into the Counties of those States where we are closer to our representation.  This is where we can hold our elected officials accountable, and not support this atrocious waste of time and taxpayer money creating hundreds of thousands of pages of documents that do nothing to get us out of our economic recession.  We have the power – we find it by unplugging from this matrix.

Public Servants – To Serve & Protect

Sometimes I feel like a criminal. Sometimes I get parking tickets for somewhat exorbitant amounts of money (at least they add up), and sometimes I get pulled over to make sure I have my papers – license and registration. Being on the road so much, it is also very easy to see that many others are subjected to these checks – to these methods of revenue-generation.

Our police force, sheriffs, and state patrol are a group of men and women who are charged with (swearing an oath upon) some means of serving and protecting the people who they live amongst. Unfortunately, it oftentimes seems like their purpose is to write as many tickets as they can for as many statutory (not constitutional) laws that are created at a local, state, and federal level. It is more about revenue-generation that serving and protecting.

More than once I have seen a law enforcement officer speed by someone on the side of the road who is obviously having a problem to go and write a ticket to someone else. Maybe the ticket is for speeding, for not wearing a seat belt, for expired tags, for a burnt-out headlight, for no insurance – but whatever the reason, it is not to “serve and protect” – it is to generate revenue. Yeah, maybe if the person is going 20 MPH over the speed limit – they may be endangering others, but how often does that happen? Most of the time, people get pulled over and written tickets for crimes that are by no means crimes. We are not criminals, and it is a shame that we are starting to feel that way.

I had a very pleasant experience one time with an officer who really was trying to “serve and protect”. My infraction was minor, he was kind and courteous, and just warned me that others in his field may not be so kind. For the first time I did not feel intimidated by the law (as well as I shouldn’t because I am not a criminal), but I actually wanted to participate in the process. To serve and protect – why is that not painted on our law enforcement vehicles anymore? And I mean OUR vehicles – it is our taxpayer money that pays for those police cars, and pays for the salaries of the law enforcement officers. They are OUR public servants – and should be serving us by protecting us from real criminals – from people who threaten the life and limb of the American public.

Lt. Col. Allen West – Let Freedom Ring

Good American Post – Staff Reports

Operation “Go West” – the campaign for retired Lieutenant Colonel, Allen West, is where you will find this message, “2010 will present a historic opportunity to reclaim our America. We are at a crossroad where only you can help us become that ‘city on a hill’ that is the American ideal and the American promise.”

We have heard this before – all candidates have such rhetoric.  What makes Allen West so different?

Let’s start with the fact that he can eloquently explain topics that are important and urgent, and appears willing to fight for what is right – not necessarily what is popular.  Interview after interview, West coherently answers questions about our domestic issues and international issues.  He can quickly quote and refer to SunTzu, the Koran and Plato, to name a few historic resources.  He is not afraid to call people out for committing actions that harm our republic and liberty.  His replies to questions are detailed, and researched – making our current politicians look exactly like that – politicians – not representatives of our Republic.   West is a man who has actually studied the problems, and is informed enough to make decisions by taking positive actions to make a difference!  This isn’t just rhetoric, it’s what makes this candidate so different.

He is a man who loves his country and believes that people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin (King, 1963).  West says to an audience, “I don’t see myself as African-American, Black-American – I see myself as an American”.  He goes on to say “…I am very proud of the heritage of my parents, I am very proud of the heritage of my people, but if you stick a knife in me, it’s gonna come out red, white and blue…” (see the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxB75lVN1us).

He excelled in the military, serving our country for 22 years.  His honors include: a Bronze Star, three Meritorious Service Medals, three Army Commendation Medals (one with Valor), and a Valorous Unit Award.  Badges that he proudly wears include: Army Master parachutist badge, Air Assault badge, Navy/Marine Corps parachutist insignia, Italian parachutist wings, and the German proficiency badge (Bronze award).  Lt. Col. West has put his life on the line for our country and freedoms.  The people that he meets around the country who have a connection to our armed forces, can appreciate a man of West’s caliber and strength.  The freedom and liberties that we are trying to save today should reflect the men and women who have already given their lives for this country, as well as those who are serving in our armed forces now.  We owe it to them to be informed by standing up for liberty.

Lt. Col. West appeals to a large base of voters who love this country for what it stands for and the constitutional principles it was built upon.  West is dedicated to liberty, the constitution, and free markets.  His campaign embraces his love of country, as well as his love of life.  West is an avid distance runner and PADI Master certified SCUBA diver.   He likes riding motorcycles and attending church, all American values and a lifestyle we should admire.

Listening to Lt. Col. West speak and interact with thousands of community members, it’s clear that he is probably one of the most qualified candidates for any office, including President of the United States.  However, upon digging deeper, and going beyond his amazing love for country, community, and prosperity, we have found that, in fact, he is indeed true to his word, with an intriguing background and dedication to freedom.

We could use about 534 more of them in our House of Representatives and Senate.  Please take the time to look at his campaign here: http://allenwestforcongress.com


King, M.L. (1963, August 28). I Have a Dream. Address at March on Washington. Retrieved on July 1, 2010 from http://www.mlkonline.net/dream.html.

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The death tax stands to ruin any small businesses and family farms that are rich in assets and land.  Hard-working Americans who saved and accumulated these assets will be punished for their hard work and investment.  This is backwards.  Help do something about it HERE: http://www.americansolutions.com/jobsfirst/2010/07/kill-the-death-tax.php


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