Get Out of Our House

By Richard A. Correa Sr. SGT  RIARNG Retired

If you are a sitting member of the United States House of Representatives then you need to GOOOH (Get Out of Our House). This is the message to United States representatives from GOOOH members from all over this great country. And the members of GOOOH, working with those who are concerned about the direction this nation is headed, are going to do all we can to cause these 435 professional politicians to be looking for new jobs come January 2011.

GOOOH is one of the many grassroots organizations that have sprung up since 2008. It is non-partisan and owes no allegiance to any political party. Its members come from all walks of life, all political persuasions, and they all have one thing in common – they are tired of seeing the professional political class that has a strangle-hold on the US Congress, looting the treasury to enrich themselves and their cronies while hardworking Americans foot the bill. They are tired of the corruption of our representatives and senators, and fed up with the special favors to those that keep them in power. And they will no longer allow these voracious scavengers to ignore the will of the people while they pander to the special interests that leach off the federal treasury.

So how does GOOOH plan to change all of this? By organizing groups of citizens in each congressional district to challenge the professional politicians and replacing them with citizen legislators. A daunting challenge to be sure, but as the recent gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia, the recent senatorial election in Massachusetts, as well as the close election in New York’s 23rd congressional district show that it can be done.

By using the internet, social networking groups like Facebook and messaging applications like Twitter, GOOOH has been able to organize a network of dedicated volunteers in every state, county and congressional district. These volunteers are reaching out to their fellow citizens (at work, at play, or at home) to garner support and recruit new members. And the response from our fellow citizens has been very positive.

I have been honored with the responsibility of being the state coordinator for GOOOH in the state of Colorado. I have been in contact with hundreds of Coloradans to create the state level leadership group and the many district groups. While the organization of this is still in the initial stages, so many of the folks I’ve written to and spoken with have volunteered to help.  In the work that I do,  I find myself humbled by peoples’ responses and efforts to change how things are done in our country.

As GOOOH continues to move toward the goal of replacing the professional political class with citizen legislators we ask all Americans to consider what we propose. The United States of America is a great nation because of its people, not the politicians or the government policies they espouse. Our best days are still ahead of us and this nation will return to the prosperity we have experienced when we replace the entrenched incumbents in Washington with citizens like yourselves, who will use common sense in carrying out the duties of US Representatives.

Correa served in the regular army from 20 dec 1970 to 1 July 1980, in the army reserve from jan 1982 to June 1986, and in the Rhode Island Army National Guard from June 1986 until April 1993.

He is a master military parachutist, awarded the expert field medical badge, a graduate of the 82nd ABN DIV Recondo school (the jungle operations course of the school of the americas), an honor graduate of the Ft. Bragg Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense course, the basic parachutist course, the army jump master course, as well as qualified as a parachutist in the British and Canadian armies.  He was also trained as a medical corpsman, a surgical technologist, a supply specialist and an infantryman. Correa has served in the positions of senior medical aid-man (including on a LRRP team), infantry scout section leader, a long-range surveillance team leader and as the training and operations NCO of a long-range surveillance detachment.

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Campaign for Liberty – Ron Paul & Private Option Health Care Act

Excerpts taken from

Statement of Congressman Ron Paul – United States House of Representatives
Statement Introducing the Private Option Health Care Act  – May 27, 2010

Madam Speaker, I rise to introduce the Private Option Health Care Act. This bill places individuals back in control of health care by replacing the recently passed tax-spend-and-regulate health care law with reforms designed to restore a free market health care system.

The major problems with American health care are rooted in government policies that encourage excessive reliance on third-party payers. The excessive reliance on third-party payers removes incentives for individual patients to concern themselves with health care costs. Laws and policies promoting Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) resulted from a desperate attempt to control spiraling costs. However, instead of promoting an efficient health care system, HMOs further took control over health care away from patients and physicians. Furthermore, the third-party payer system creates a two-tier health care system where people whose employers can afford to offer “Cadillac” plans have access to top quality health care, while people unable to obtain health insurance from their employers face obstacles in obtaining quality health care.

The Private Option Health Care Act gives control of health care back into the hands of individuals through tax credits and tax deductions, improving Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Savings Accounts. Specifically, the bill:

A. Provides all Americans with a tax credit for 100% of health care expenses. The tax credit is fully refundable against both income and payroll taxes;
B. Allows individuals to roll over unused amounts in cafeteria plans and Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA);
C. Provides a tax credit for premiums for high-deductible insurance policies connected with a Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and allows seniors to use funds in HSAs to pay for medigap policies;
D. Repeals the 7.5% threshold for the deduction of medical expenses, thus making all medical expenses tax deductible.



Campaign for Liberty. (2010). Retrieved on May 30th from

The F136 Engine, Competition, & Monopoly

One engine, one supplier, over $100 billion in business would equate to “operational risk”?   Yes, absolutely.

What is competition?  When you allow the free-market to work, then the best product and the best price wins.  GE/Rolls-Royce appear to not have had an opportunity to compete in a contract (coming from the government/military), therefore affording ONE company the opportunity to take this business, cost the taxpayers more, and situate more risk into our national defense by having all of the product coming from only one place (i.e. monopoly).

The single contract could go to Pratt & Whitney, and this company that has already developed a viable engine and can actually save money – GE/Rolls-Royce –  needs your support to make sure Congress does the right thing for the market, for taxpayers, and for our national defense.


And Visit the Website HERE.

– Joni Cave


What a wonderful day in politics.  The power of the people – of the people’s vote and voice – has been readily apparent with the elections held in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas.

Finally, WE THE PEOPLE, are standing up and making our voices heard.  Finally, support for liberty and free markets appears to be making a headway with our representatives.

Great job to all of those who have worked so hard to vet and elect representatives that will uphold our constitution and allow free markets to fuel our economy!

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We hope you have been paying attention to what bills and issues are looked at in the House and Senate, because there is a positive correlation with when politicians are up for election – if there are contentious issues that may cost them seats, these bills are sent to the back-burner.  If there is an issue that will win them votes, then it is time for a marketing campaign!

Unfortunately, we have a whole lot of politicking and very little representation.  We like to remain optimistic, but it is easy to see that bad things happen when there are not checks and balances (hence our constitution and the separation of powers which are so important to protect).

Have you heard anything about the “Boss Tweed Era”?  It is a classic example of politicking and bullying – something that we must be cognizant of at all levels of politics.  We need representatives that protect liberty and protect our constitution – period.

There are many great events and organizations rising to the occasion, and we commend them!  Be sure to check out these people and groups that are making strides to protect our liberties, and be wary of the politics in play (find many of them in our blogroll).

Let’s find people who represent WE THE PEOPLE versus worry about covering their own tails.  See Get Out Of Our House (GOOOH) for more information.

Why We Need New Media

Good American Post Staff Reports

In an article in Politico, one can see where members of the press may not be so happy with the current administration’s lack of disseminating information to the public.

Although this administration claims to be more transparent than any other, the truth is that they are not.  They have had less day-to-day interaction with the press and both the President and the press secretary are harder to reach than other administration.

Some may argue that this makes the message coming from the White House easier to control.

At the end of the day, the American people need the truth, and then they can decide for themselves what they like or dislike.  And, although it is arguably impossible for any reporter or media resource to be 100% unbiased (because we are all human and all have opinions), it would certainly make sense for media to at least have more access to the President.

We need new media, we need real people in Washington, and we have a lot of work to do.

Read the complete article HERE.

Government Intervention for Baggage Fees?

Don’t our men and women in Congress have better things to do than to intervene where the free market is completely capable of creating a “fix”?

Spirit Airlines has decided to charge passengers for carry-on bags.  Why in the world would Senator Chuck Schumer find it necessary to take the time (and therefore money) to fight this?

Well, there are many things wrong with this picture – first of all there is a tax loophole that would encourage such behavior on behalf of Spirit Airlines.  The problem?  There are way too many taxes in the first place.

Second, if people don’t like it – they can CHOOSE NOT TO BUY IT!   They can stop using Spirit Airlines, and hence, send a message to other companies that they may want to reconsider charging such a fee.

That is called a free market.  And every day we get further and further away from being able to be cognizant, responsible citizens, making choices for ourselves.  Instead of crying out for the government to protect us, we all need to make our choices loud and clear that we can take care of ourselves and make our own purchasing decisions.

Stand up for yourself and send these representatives packing (just make sure they don’t have a carry-on).

Read more from the own Senator’s site HERE.

By: Tisha Casida

Democracy Versus Republic

By Tisha Casida

A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to visit a 2nd grade classroom representing the program, Junior Achievement.  Our lesson for that morning was “Our Community”, from which I had the opportunity to enlighten these young minds about:

1.) What makes up a community

2.) How production of goods works (what production in industry is)

3. ) What taxes are

4.) How elections work

In talking to these students about elections, I emphasized over and over again the importance of their vote and their voice because of our role as citizens in a DEMOCRACY, however as the words rolled off of my tongue, I felt like I was lying.  At one time, I did feel that my vote counted, but as I was speaking the words that day, I no longer believed, I was just going through the motions of saying what I was supposed to say.

Why?  How have I become so cynical about what a democracy is?  Well, that is very simple – a democracy is NOT what the founders and framers of our Constitution had wanted as a FORM OF GOVERNMENT. A Democracy (either direct or representative) is rule by The Majority.  This majority can be whoever is in power at the time based on elections, but that majority can abuse those powers in a tyrannical way if not constrained by a constitution (a constitution or ruling document that can easily be ignored if a majority has that power).

It is a REPUBLIC that is distinctly and strictly controls The Majority in order to protect Individual’s God-given unalienable rights (which ALSO PROTECTS THE MINORITY).  A Republic can be representative still, and elections still take place, and the Majority still has a role, HOWEVER, all of these actions are strictly contained and constrained BY THE PEOPLE whose charge is to constitutionally limit government.  It is the PEOPLE’S jobs to hold elected representatives responsible, and it is up to the people to continually be a part of legislative decisions that affect their communities and country.

When I was speaking the other day, I was speaking of something that I do not believe is the foundation of this country.  We were not founded as a democracy – we were founded as a REPUBLIC (the very words in our pledge of allegiance), and if we were to hold true to that and fight for that, we would see a very different reality.

Political Party Elites Better Take Notice!

By Steve Thompson

Get ready for a new type of politician. Bob McConnell is running for Congress representing the 3rd district in Colorado – and he is not alone.  Just about everyone agrees that real change in Washington requires new non-career politicians.  The arguments have been made regarding experience and “seasoned” career-seeking politicians, however the people of our great country are just not buying into that brand of ongoing unsuccessful results. We the people are demanding better results and better-qualified candidates like McConnell.

I had heard a radio interview with McConnell a few months ago and really liked what he had to say – a diverse and interesting guy.  He’s got it all, recovering lawyer, former soldier, practical environmentalist, family-man, with a demonstrated spirit and passion to stand by his words with actions.  The interview worked, I was hooked and wanted to know more.

I am one of those Independent voters that the two traditional parties hate (the Independents who actually make the difference regarding who gets elected).   Many people tell me that I’m wasting my vote and both parties remind me that “I” (with my vote) am why the opposition gets into power.  Obviously, both sides think I am on their side and not the other.  Therein lies the problem, they don’t want to accept I don’t support either of them and millions of voters don’t…yes, millions of us.

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