Mayors, Moms, and Millions – Protect Your Life with No More Federal Gun Laws

By: Tisha Casida

Former Mayor Bloomberg passionately pleaded for mayors, moms, and millions of Americans to join his crusade – and that the number of deaths caused by guns and suicide from “illegal” guns was over 30,000 a year.

In 2012, there were approximately 34,080 deaths from motor vehicle accidents.

In 2010, there were approximately 38,329 deaths from drug overdoses.

In 2012, there were approximately 1,638,910 deaths from cancer.


Guns aren’t the problem – bad people are the problem.  Sickness and disease are the problem.  Moms, daughters, and strong women – do not be fooled by this crusade against “guns”.  Follow your heart, and your gut – who do YOU trust to protect you and your family?

Why do you call 911 if you are in danger?  It is because “good guys” with guns will come to protect you (hopefully).  Are you okay with dis-arming the police, sheriffs, and the military?  If they can have guns – why can’t we, as responsible adults?

CRIMINALS ARE CRIMINALS because THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW.  More gun laws – specifically at the federal level – will do NOTHING to stop crime – they will only make more crime possible against people who deserve the right to protect themselves and their family.  More laws are designed to dis-arm people – because there are already thousands of laws for back-ground checks and other means to “protect” you from criminals getting guns if those aren’t working – NOTHING WILL.

I plead with you to research what happens to populations when they can’t protect themselves – and remember that the more laws there are – the more criminals we create out of the people who are committing no crime.


Tisha Casida is an Unaffiliated (Independent) candidate for U.S. House, Colorado District Three.  She is an advocate for protecting property rights and  a firm believer protecting individuals, farmers, and small business owners by making sure that important decisions affecting them can be made at the State and local level of government where the actions of government are more transparent and “officials” are easier to hold accountable.  If you support her efforts, please show her with a generous donation – every dollar helps her reach more people!

Guns Still Don’t Kill People – People Kill People

In today’s New York Times piece, “Children and Guns: The Hidden Toll”, Michael Luo and Mike McIntire discuss the number of accidental firearm deaths of children under the age of 15 being grossly underestimated.  As with most statistics, there is rarely an absolute known truth about the numbers and extent of what you are looking for, since it is impossible to collect all data and account for all contributing variables.   That being said, there is truth to the fact that there are tragic and preventable deaths that come from guns.

Luo and McIntire expose several incidents that “are collateral casualties of the accessibility of guns in America, their deaths all the more devastating for being eminently preventable”.  This is true.  There are huge responsibilities that come with the ownership of guns – any caliber – and those responsibilities rest with the free people who must make choices how they use and protect their gun ownership by protecting the people around them.

But the issue is the accessibility of guns to young people who have no gun safety training (or are too young to be handling a firearm) – not the fact that American people own guns.  That accessibility is the responsibility of the individual, the parent, the family, and the America citizen.  Not the responsibility of the State or the government – local, State, or federal.

There are even a greater number of cases where there are young people who are properly trained and old enough to be responsible to engage in using firearms for their intended use – self-defense or hunting.  These statistics were of course, not sited in the article, and often aren’t, because the article is trying to make a point.  And making a point is harder if you decide to use both sides of an argument.  Although it is prudent to discuss all sides, when you already know which way you are trying to make people lean, it is easier to just make it sound the way you want to.

Tragedy is unpreventable.  There are bad people, stupid people, and irresponsible people – and no law can change this.  What is preventable is making rash decisions that affect millions of people because of a few hundred, or a few thousand people – majority rule and minority rule are both bad things for the individual rights of the American people.  Responsibility rests in the hands of the individual neither the collective, nor the government – and to enhance the responsibility of the individual, we must have a free people who can protect themselves.

You Can’t Stop Violence By Banning Guns

Let’s get one thing straight – this is not about high-powered weapons, this is absolutely about attacking the American people’s right to bear arms. People will say “Why in the world would anybody not in the military need military-type rifles?” The simple answer is – we want to make sure we never have a military that turns on its own people at the executive order of a President, or a command from a military officer. It is a check and balance. Not to mention, when there is economic turmoil and chaos, there are these things called “gangs” that tend to form and assault people and their property. These are cases where being amply armed protects the innocent.


The military is made up of men and women who are the same human beings that make up society. We are equal. If people in the military or police force have access to guns – any type of democratic weapon, like pistols and rifles – then people in society have the right to that same type of access.


For the people who desire peace, who say that banning guns will stop violence, I have three questions for you:


1.) Who is the decider about who has a right to own a gun or not, and is there any opportunity for error in decision-making?

2.) Do you really think any law is going to stop bad people from breaking the law? Isn’t that is why it is called “breaking the law”, it doesn’t matter what laws are made, bad people break laws?

3.) If the President and Congress have armed security guards and can protect their own lives – why can’t I protect my life? Isn’t my life just as valuable as our “representatives”? And aren’t our representatives supposed to protect us? Not just themselves?


I feel for the people who vehemently attack guns with such anger and disgust, when their real anger should be directed to the conditions that make it possible for violence to occur. A heavily armed population actually deters violence – as noted in the very high crime rates in Washington, D.C. where you have to right to protect yourself, versus Arizona, where you have a right to protect yourself and show people that you are able to do so.


It doesn’t matter if the weapon is a pistol, a rifle, a bow and arrow, or a knife – when bad people want to do bad things, no laws stop them. The worst of people we have to fear are governments and the military, as they often already work outside of the Constitution (the law) – therefore, if the government and military have access to high-powered rifles, so do the American people. We are equal. And we must keep one another in check.

Mental Health Treatment Issue NOT a Gun Issue – Tragedy at Sandy Hook

My heart and prayers are with the families and nation as we watch this horrific event unfold in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  As we search for answers, I want to make very clear that if this young man who killed so many innocents was on any prescription drug to treat any mental condition, that that drug (that would have been approved by the FDA) should immediately be pulled and the people being treated with such treated with another approach other than mind-altering drugs.


Mind-altering drugs to treat mental illnesses are not tested with the thousands of variables that come into play with a human brain and the emotions of billions of different people.  We are all wired differently.  No man can create a panacea to cure all people of all things.  When it comes to emotional illnesses, many times prescription drugs can cause even more emotional turmoil and result in horrid, unspeakable actions.


• Jared Lee Loughner – the killer/shooter in Arizona who attempted to kill Representative Gabby Giffords used mind-altering substances and was described as mentally ill.

• Eric Harris – one of the killers/shooters in Colorado at Columbine High School was on an anti-depressent medication called Luvox- this is in the class of drugs called “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors” (SSRI).  The other killer/shooter, Dylan Klebold, was alleged to be seen taking Paxil and Zoloft.

• James Holmes, the killer/shooter in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater actually talked about his affinity for altered states of mind and was on mind-altering prescription medication at the time of the shooting.


That is just the start of the list, and these are just the cases of mass shootings – not individuals killing themselves, or killing “just” one family member.


Mass shootings by individuals are an American phenomena.  Armies and governments do such horrific things – but individuals acting out in such immense hatred and anger has been seen more-so in our very own country.  These impulses to kill massive numbers of people are not normal – they are something that is new to this century, and especially present and new since the introduction of mind-altering prescription medications.  The side-effects of many of these drugs are explicitly stated to be unhealthy feelings like: “agitation”, “memory problems”, “confusion”, “hallucinations” (Paxil), “racing thoughts, feelings of extreme happiness or irritability” (Luvox), “Mild Degree of Mania” (Zoloft).


Many of our children and youth are eating food devoid of nutrients – combine this with prescription drugs for depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention-deficit disorder, etc. – and you have a toxic concoction that will result in horrific crimes in our country.  We must change our approach to mental health and the wellness of the young minds that are to become the leaders of this country.



The “beloved” conservative Ronald Reagan did our nation no favors when it came to the care of the mentally ill when we cut the funding for these institutions.  Personally, I believe this funding and all programs would be much more effective at a State level – nonetheless, his policy put many mentally ill patients on the streets, and has done our nation no favors when it comes to protecting innocent lives from the inexplicable actions of the mentally ill.  Ever since, there has been an increase in the types of crimes that have no real answers and make us question the morality and saneness of our nation.


This is not a gun issue – those guns were legally purchased by Adam Lanza’s mother.  This is a mental health issue.  And for those of you who think that taking guns off the streets will alleviate the violence of insane individuals, I have news for you – it will not and it would be impossible to enforce – criminals always get weapons.  The only way to protect our citizenry is to allow individuals the opportunity to be armed to take the lives of those who attempt to take our own lives, or the lives of our children.


There are angels in heaven who have the hands of those little kids, who are safe now and far away from the horrific actions of that day.  In memory of them, and to their sacrifice, I beg you to consider a strong and peaceful campaign again the pharmaceutical industry and doctors/psychiatrists who use these mind-altering substances to treat our children’s emotional disorders.

– Tisha T. Casida

AK-47’s For Soldiers – If the United States is a Battleground, Then I Am a Soldier

President Obama stated that AK-47’s are for soldiers – “I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals”.  Most likely, this comment was made in an effort to turn the conversation to not the “ban of guns” – which is highly controversial, but to the “ban of high-powered guns”. And of course, this is how all rights are whittled away – and how you start to lose your freedom.

My heart hurts for innocent lives that are lost at the use of a gun. My heart hurts for innocent lives lost because of toxins in the environment and lack of access to nutritional foods. My heart also hurts for innocent lives lost because they cannot protect themselves – if you look at our foreign policy – for decades we have attempted to decide who to “arm” in other countries, and then see the devastating effects of that. The lives being taken in Syria are because those innocent people have no way to protect themselves – the United States decides who to arm, but it does not necessarily arm the innocent people who would need to protect themselves when “the bad guys” come to hurt or kill them.

People die every day. Although you cannot stop criminals from having access to weapons, you can protect citizens by allowing them to protect themselves. That is the 2nd Amendment. It is the only way to save lives – to allow people to protect themselves. Bans on guns increase crime and violence.

Thanks to the National Defense Authorization Act, the United States is now considered a battleground. Since this is the case, I have decided that I am a soldier. If my country is a battleground, and since it is impossible for any law enforcement or military to protect me at all times from all threats, I myself am a soldier – and therefore – should always have access to guns – of any model. I am not a criminal, but I know criminals can get weapons of all types, so I am a soldier, here to protect my own individual liberties.

The Impending Terrorist Threat – We Must All Be Prepared & Able to Protect Ourselves

Since there are many (unconstitutional) government agencies and departments who are now monitoring every State citizen’s actions and communications (without a warrant – an explicit intrusion of our 4th Amendment rights and privacy rights) in the name of protecting us all from the impending terrorist threat, I have decided that it is absolutely necessary to make sure individual citizens can protect themselves from terrorists, because there are simply not enough federal, State, and local law enforcement officials to protect every, individual citizen.


There are simply not enough police officers, and other law enforcement people, to protect every citizen individually from terrorists – foreign and domestic. Because there are not enough, and because our country does not have enough money to hire a law enforcement official to protect every individual equally, the only solution is to allow individuals to protect themselves.


In the name of Homeland Security, and in an effort to protect our States’ citizens from terrorists, we must protect our rights to bear arms and protect our own life, the lives of our families, and the lives of our fellow countrymen. It is the right thing to do because of the impending threats that are touted daily by our federal governmental institutions and the large news networks that are an effective media arm for those institutions. When no one else can protect you (and calling 911 rarely prevents crimes), you must protect yourself.



I Am The Militia

At one point in time I actually thought that the militia was an underground organized group of people who were ready and poised to protect and defend their families, their communities, and their country. Now I realize that there is (in addition to this) a public, unorganized group of people who may not really know their responsibilities to protect their life, liberty, and property, but may just be willing to do that if push comes to shove.

For all of us, there is a line in the sand that eventually gets crossed and we have to decide whether to submit, or to fight back. It can be for different reasons (foreclosure, I.R.S., drinking raw milk, smoking marijuana, carrying a gun, carrying a Constitution, planting a garden), but at some point, good and honest people decide to stand up for themselves and their families. Because we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and that among those are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Militia – is you and I. The Army and the Navy – both mentioned in the Constitution, are separate entities from the Militia (funding and use of Armies and Navies limited to two years if I may add). The second amendment calls for a “well regulated Militia, being necessary for a free State”. In Article I, Section 8, the Congress actually has the power and duty to “provide for the organizing, arming, and disciplining [of] the Militia” (U.S. Constitution). That means that Congress is actually supposed to make sure that you and I are armed and trained to protect our liberties. But I will settle on the idea that they will just let us do our own arming and training, I won’t make them spend taxpayer money on my weapon of choice.

I am the militia. I don’t necessarily know anyone else in this militia, but I do know that everyone that I interact with is in fact some part of the Militia, who are supposed to defend these individual, civil liberties. And although some of these people call themselves Republicans and some call themselves Democrats, and some call themselves Christians, and some call themselves Atheists or Agnostics, that none of this really matters. If someone attempts to take the life of someone else – I, as part of the militia am going to do my best to stop it. If someone attempts to kidnap someone else – I am part of the militia am going to do my best to stop it. At some point, 911 doesn’t work to prevent or stop crime – but I can, and you can, and we can. We are the American people. We are the militia.

Independent Thinking at The Good American Post

By Tisha Casida

Is it possible to both believe in preserving the environment and believe in liberty?

Is it possible to not believe in climate change but to believe that we should not pollute our air as much?

Is it possible to not believe in regulating carbon emissions but like the idea of electric cars?

Is it possible to both want to recycle and believe that the free-market will be the best vehicle to embrace the recycling industry?

Is it possible to eat organic and be a conservative-thinker?

Is it possible to be a “tree-hugger” and want to protect our second-amendment rights?

Is it possible to be a border-line vegetarian but love to hunt?

At The Good American Post, we sure think so.  Our publication embraces independent thinkers who LOVE LIBERTY and LOVE OUR FREE MARKET.  Those are the two things we stand by – our constitution and our economy – the rest is up to us, the American people to continually build and protect.

You will not hear us damning any group of people for their beliefs or their political ideologies.  You WILL hear us promoting and protecting our constitution and our free-market.

And yes, we believe that you can love sustainability and be a capitalist at the same time.

We want to hear from you, come and join us on our blog.

EYES on 2nd Amendment Rights

The Arms Trade Treaty, which will likely be pushed by the United Nations as we near 2012, represents threats to our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Those who desire having such a universal declaration against arms may believe that weapons in the hands of individuals are dangerous.  I believe that those who support such a treaty have not fully investigated what is really dangerous – evil people.

Guns do not kill people.  PEOPLE kill people.  And unfortunately, those that have evil motives are often the first people to find ways around any type of legal barrier to obtaining weapons.  The innocent people, who need weapons to defend themselves against the lunatics, are then harmed by such legislation.

Anti-gun activists may want to protect kids, protect wildlife, etc.  However they must be cognizant that with a universal treaty like that of the Arms Trade Treaty, that liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot be defended by We The People.  It is the opposite of safety – the 2nd Amendment is what keeps us safe!

The government’s role is to PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION and the RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE.  Many actions that the government takes today are the opposite of that.

Please read up on the Arms Trade Treaty, and see this excellent post about its affect on American gun ownership.

– Tisha Casida


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