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I again became aware of how little use the 10th Amendment is to states who have no power over their own commodities and currency.

Fresh off the presses, How Race to the Top is re-writing US Education, gives us just another example of the legal blackmail that occurs frequently in our great country.

When an elected official proudly states, for news publication, the following, I question our hopes of realizing solutions:

“These are my best hopes,” he said in May. “You see people doing things that a year ago they said they would never, ever agree to.”

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10th Amendment & Power to the People!

By: Joni Cave

In attempting to decide and decipher the fate of my Country, there has been a lot of talk about State sovereignty and states succeeding from the Union in an effort to keep their autonomy.  In these talks there is much discussion and debate about the 10th Amendment, the power that it holds for States, and the fact that it is in our Constitution for a reason.

In two articles from the 10th Amendment Center, Bryce Shonka did a great job of detailing this phenomena, you can find his articles here: http://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2009/09/the-federal-government-is-not-the-united-states/

And here:


Now THAT is power to the people!

The Power of the 10th Amendment

In watching the unfolding events of 2009, it has come to my attention the importance and relevance of the 10th Amendment within our Constitution.  There are several federal issues that can drastically affect the American constituent and consumer.  Two, that immediately come to mind are:


HR-3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009


HR 2755 – The Federal Reserve Abolition Act

I am 27 years old.  Five years ago I was planning on opening a restaurant.  Today, I am trying to figure out how to help win the Country back to the way its Founders intended.  If I were preparing for the government to

  1. Overtake Healthcare
  2. Continue monopolizing the dollar so that is has absolutely no value whatsoever

I would focus on State Sovereignty, and the powers that the States have to protect their citizens from the far-reaching and detrimental effects of attacks on our Constitutional rights.

This is the power of the 10th Amendment.  And we encourage our readership to learn about this, and what your State is doing to protect you.

Please visit: The Tenth Amendment Center for additional information.


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