Liberty & The Mustard Seed – Part VIII

By; Tisha Casida


Here you will find many promotions, endorsements, and shout-outs for people, products, and services that I whole-heartedly believe in.  I may make money from that.  I may make money from writing this book (as a matter of fact, that is part of the point).  I believe in making money because if I can become a millionaire by spreading good information that helps other people to improve their quality of life (namely, by making more money and keeping more of the money that they earn), then that is a good thing.

Also, the more money I have in the bank, the more people that I can help.  I am a firm believer in charities and social welfare.  I don’t think that government should be in charge of that – I think that capitalists – people who work hard and earn money – should be in charge of where their money goes, including helping people and causes that are dear to them.  There are thousands of examples of extraordinarily rich people giving back to their community and to special causes.  If we have more people with more money to give, I am certain that we will continue to see the charitable spirit reflected in our society.  Human nature is easily argued either way – whether people are intrinsically good or evil.  This a philosophical debate by nature, one which will not be debated here.  What I am saying is that if the government is in charge of making and keeping over 300,000,000 Americans happy, when there are 435 Congressmen/women and 100 Senators, then we are looking at a fairly bleak ratio of face-time for all of these people’s wants, needs, hopes, and desires.  Charity should be local, and something that is born of the community – NOT something that is mandated as SOCIAL JUSTICE in the name of the American people’s tax-dollar.

“Charity is no part of the legislative duty of the government.”
–James Madison

“If Congress can do whatever in their discretion can be done by money, and will promote the General Welfare, the Government is no longer a limited one, possessing enumerated powers, but an indefinite one….”
— James Madison, letter to Edmund Pendleton, January 21, 1792

Money and values make the world go around – it is at the heart of every transaction – it is the reason that we are able to enjoy a quality of life with the “stuff” that we like.  Making money and creating value are virtuous acts that our forefathers and ancestors have been a part of.  There is no shame in that.  There is also no shame is respecting your time, labor, and what you earn from that.  No one should be able to take that away from you.

Liberty & The Mustard Seed – Part VII

By: Tisha Casida


Liberty versus Security – with so many crisis-like situations – economically, with our health care, with our national defense, etc., we have turned into a population seeking security instead of the liberty.

Liberty IS OUR GREATEST SECURITY.  Our ever-bigger and ever-more powerful and centralized government continues to succeed because of its (and our) ignorance of the Constitution. The horrid events of 9/11 and additional terrorist attacks on the American people, not only caused a very strong and painful memory for us, but it also brought into our lives stifling legislation and the government’s encroachment into our privacy (i.e. The Patriot Act), which changed the face of our independence.  Unless repealed at some point in the future – you or I can be deemed a terrorist with little or no real evidence, and be dealt with accordingly.  There is no safety and security in that – even though “safety” was forced down our throats (using fear-tactics and very successfully marketing) how much safer are we domestically when we no longer have privacy.  There is a place for justice and a defensive national policy, but there is not a place for innocent American citizens to be wrongfully spied on or wrongfully accused.  You cannot have the government protecting you while also ensuring your liberty.  It is impossible.

Liberty & The Mustard Seed – Part VI

By: Tisha Casida


Part of the problem in the United States is that there are two competing notions that are impossible to forge together.  We cannot all be equal and at the same time all have liberty.  It would be impossible to make sure that every citizen, consumer, and constituent of our country are equal without evading the liberty of these same people.  These issues are facing us now – with what is happening in our economy and our health care system.  Making everything equal, forced by the heavy hand of government, will in fact encroach on the liberty of many more people than those that are said to be given this equality. Such a movement is made on the platform of social justice, and inherent rights of American citizens.  Our rights are liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as justified by the Constitution of the United States of America – nothing more.

Social justice often cries for equality.  Unfortunately, just as there is a scarcity of resources, there are limits and constraints as to how “equal” we can be.  Civil rights has nothing to do with social justice.  Civil rights are HUMAN RIGHTS – something that I and any other God-fearing human being believe in.  Social justice, and even environmental justice, are battle cries that are often communicated by great people with great causes.  However, it is impossible to make everyone equal.  There can be equal opportunity, but still, not everyone will be equal, and thus, not everyone will always be happy.  This is a hard and painful lesson to learn, but the truth.  We CAN all be free.  FREEDOM and the opportunity to pursue happiness is the basis for our country.  We are all equal on the level of human and civil rights, beyond that, our FREEDOM allows us to create the life that we want to lead.  The equality of income, opportunity, political class, and social class are impossible.

To me, liberty is much more important than equality.  Liberty, justice, and the opportunity to PURSUE happiness, are all we can ask for.  That is what this country is all about – you can find it in our constitution, and the relatively free market that makes it possible to write and read this book.

Liberty & The Mustard Seed, Part II

“Risk bearing is a wonderful mechanism for regulating human decision making.” – Ron Paul, End the Fed

After reading Atlas Shrugged my philosophy on capitalism and the public welfare took its final plunge into becoming a devoted and sworn advocate for the free-market.  I have been an entrepreneur since able to make products (including Coke-flavored sand in my younger (very young) years) and collecting money (usually in the form of pennies – Mom & Dad as consumers – were not privy to my sand idea, but I still made a small profit because of the abundant resources at that time).

I believe in a limited government constrained by the Constitution of the United States of America and the citizens of this country.  I also believe in helping people – but think that the best way to do that is to teach people how to be productive and efficient members of society.  Teach them to fish – teach them to make money.  This will increase their standard of living, as well as the community and economy at-large.  A good friend often uses the analogy – giving a “hand-up versus a hand-out”.  There’s a big difference, and our current political and economic state has made a drastic dip towards the latter.

Capitalism, the quest for profits and wealth, has been given a very bad name.  The market and the means to market are often considered impersonal and unjust.  The market has no social agendas, no hopes, and no goals attached to it.  The market and successful economic policy can only be based on incentives made for producers and consumers.  This differs drastically from what we have seen recently in government.  Social agendas – housing, healthcare, and environmental regulations – have become a part of our economic policy.  Based on past countries’ experiences with a heavy-handed government attempting to “protect” people’s pocketbooks, we are in for some very rough times ahead, as false signals are omnipresent in the marketplace, in every industry that we have producing goods and services, and we have yet to see how this affects all of our own individual interests in our society and economy.  Nonetheless, we are still operating as free citizens – and I believe that no matter how bad we have wronged our free-market, that the American consumer has the will and drive to make it right.

By: Tisha Casida

Liberty & The Mustard Seed – Part I

It is in this time, as a young entrepreneur in the United States of America, I say it’s time to take action.  This is for every individual that I can reach, with the INCENTIVE of creating an existence and livelihood based on liberty and freedom. We are indeed what we create.  We are the economy.  We are the educational system.  We are the political system.  We – you and me –the citizens of this great country – are the solution to our current ills.  I will not stand by the wayside and HOPE for anyone to save me.  I trust that you will not either.  It truly is up to us.  Here is the plan of how we can do that.

I have had the opportunity to create and operate a small business for over four years now.  It has been the hardest endeavor that I could have chosen for a “career path”.  It is also the most profitable.   I love challenges, I love competition, and I love being a part of educating my community and country as a media-resource.  With our publication, The Good American Post, we are educating communities about Liberty & Sustainability, while providing positive information about our citizens and students, and promoting small-businesses that are the backbone of our country.  There are a couple of things I believe in whole-heartedly: Risk, Reward, and Liberty.

By Tisha Casida


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