Warning About Political Parties

“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”
– GEORGE WASHINGTON, Farewell Address, September 17, 1796



Why abandon the GOP and Democratic Parties?  Because they are the same in too many ways. They are the problem, because they are not representative of the people. The Tea Party figured they could fix the GOP by electing Constitutional Conservatives and it worked!  In fact, it worked so well that the internal GOP elites have declared war on this type of invasion into ‘their’ choices for us.


The internal party elites see us ‘the people’ (not just the Tea Party) as invaders of their kingdom – a big corporate government. They fear independent minds that think and verify. We need to wise-up and stop trusting the people feeding us what they want us to eat – the opportunity to be a Republican as a constitutional candidate no longer exists where I am from; the GOP elites have and will stop us if we work within their framework.


We have seen this type of planned resistance in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District where I am running.  The Colorado GOP destroyed the clear winner of the state convention (Bob McConnell) and fed us their primary choice (Scott Tipton) by heavily funding him and demonizing others.  They did this while adapting to the talking points of “the people’s choice” (McConnell) with no intention of living up to the voters’ needs.  And then they drilled in the fear of what would happen if the Democratic challenger got elected.  The GOP voters took a reluctant bite.  Now, two years later, things don’t taste too good and the independent and swing voters of the GOP and Democratic parties are ready to spit out the candidate that was fed to us in 2010 by the GOP.


Now what? Who can take on the established party candidates?

Some will say that I’m a “spoiler” who can’t get elected and will only “help the Democrat” get elected.  Honestly, looking at the polling and track record of our current congressman (Scott Tipton) and talking to many of the voters who voted Republican, it is obvious he won’t win even if I don’t run.  I spoil nothing.  I offer a true choice of a fiscally conservative constitutional candidate that isn’t tied to big money and controlled by lobbies and big government corporate cronies.

We can’t change the system overnight.  There are options, if you dare to take charge of your vote and vote with your conscience.  We must stop the fear planted in our heads by the party elites and make sensible choices that we can live with. It’s no longer a ‘you have to vote the party, lever puller world’ since both sides, both political parties, have clearly aligned to stay in control.


Demonstrated track records of both parties are now visible to us if we take a realistic look. The Internet has ratted out the biased media.  Some are even now worried that the parties will start to control the Internet in the same way that they control the main-stream-media.


I say re-elect none of them and lets start fresh before more damage is done – that is one of the reasons I am running as an independent/unaffiliated candidate. There are many of us across the country running for our rights and liberties with no party affiliation. This time, more than ever, people are listening and supporting us and dare I say, actually winning!  This is why you see the blow-back from both parties against Independents as we take the seats away from them more and more.  Look at how many people are becoming Independent voters – that is what we should have been doing all along.  Several of our founding fathers warned against political parties – and we can see why.


If you are in Colorado’s 3rd District, I invite you to take a walk on the wild side and vote for someone who cares and dares enough to fight the battle for you regardless of which party you currently associate with. We are all really independent-minded and we share so many common goals and ideals.  We must stop the corporate parties who dictate how we should behave and what is good for us. We are smarter than that.  I challenge you to sort it all out and vote based on common sense, dignity, historical fact and the visionary perspective our founding fathers blessed us with by creating the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Only then can your vote come from your heart.


Nationally, I encourage people to do the same and take a hard look at the parties and ALL of the candidates, including those that are unaffiliated/independent. More and more of us are winning and we need your help.


My campaign is traveling Colorado, listening and talking with all of the citizens who want to be heard. Please come and visit me when I’m in your town, or write/call anytime.  All viewpoints are welcome because I will be representing all of us, not just a political party.  This is about THE PEOPLE versus the established failed big corporate government party system that have completely ignored the people’s freedom of choice and liberty which I shall tenaciously fight for every day.  I listen.  I am accountable and accessible to the people’s voices.  I want your vote and support to change our path.  To the Republican and Democratic parties – if you can ever come back to representing the people of this great country, please let me know.  Until then, please accept my sincere invitation to join me in the fight for our freedom and liberty.

The Merging of Green and Tea – People Over Party

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  The blue and red pills that have shaped our country are causing Tea Party groups, the Occupy movement, and more and more self-professed Independents to step away from party lines and start moving towards the concept of “common sense”.  Or, as discussed in Richard Maybury’s Are You Liberal? Conservative? Or Confused?, moving towards a place of economic liberty and social liberty.  Which was, in essence, what several of our Founding Fathers had intended.


An article entitled Tea Party, OWS & Blue Republicans: Is This Phase Change?


by Robin Koerner states, “Except for a few at the extremes, no one is saying that the State or corporations are always and inherently evil. The problem, rather, is with what they have been allowed to become.”  Can’t we agree on that?  Not all government is bad and not all “big” businesses are bad – but it is corrupt people, with large amounts of power, which are bad.


Nine items that both sides of the proverbial political aisle can agree on, eloquently explained by Koerner, include:


1. The Federal Reserve System is not benefitting the people of this country and should be eliminated.

2.  We need to end the revolving door between businesses, industry, and government officials (if officials are or have been associated with companies that could benefit from government funding – do not allow them to participate).

3. You should be able to create wealth from hard work, taking risk, and saving money – not from means like fractional reserve banking.

4. Privatizing profits and socializing losses are bad business and bad policy.

5. Wars that are not in self-defense are bad and dangerous.

6. If we engage in military activity there must be a direct correlation in how it will make us safer.

7. We should utilize and embrace the Bill of Rights.

8. Never ever should you be punished for telling the TRUTH (e.g. the “Patriot” act).

9. If a government program is not producing any of its intended benefits, then it should be eliminated.

Amazingly enough, these are the core issues that are affecting our monetary system and quality of life.  In 2012 let’s agree on these issues, and then “hire” elected representatives to do their job and actually focus on getting things done to tackle these.  By doing this we will start to change this paradigm of needing the “right or the left” to do it for us.  We – the people – are supposed to do this, and we must elect representatives that actually represent the interests of the people.  Not the party.

Conscious Capitalism – Bridging the Gap Between Capitalism and Sustainability

An unfortunate stranglehold has taken place amongst the words and the emotions we have concerning capitalism and sustainability.  Swarms of Wall Street capitalists turn into blood-feasting vampires wanting to profit off of people’s despair.  Meanwhile ‘sustainability’ has become a catastrophic national and international power-grab for land, energy, and people’s choices of consumption.  Capitalists are often looked at as evil and greedy people concerned only about their own wealth and well-being.  Folks who use the word “sustainability” are often looked at as tree-hugging, wealth-distributing environmentalists concerned only about the legislation that attempts to force people’s actions.

More and more good Americans are finding themselves caught in the middle, caring about freedom to earn a comfortable living (making money) as well as about the environment (don’t we all like clean air and water?).  We are okay with capitalism because it creates economic well-being and freedom.  We would like to live in a healthy environment but do not want a federal or universal entity telling us how to make that happen.

I have often lamented about the dangers of categorizing people based off of labels (conservative, liberal, ‘the right’, ‘the left’, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green, etc.).  I watch copious amounts of emails every day, fly in and out of my inbox yelling at “the other side” for being “so atrocious, so wrong, so evil”.  Do we really think this is doing us – THE PEOPLE – any good?  NO – it is not.  The more we fight with each other about the issues, the more power those with really dangerous plans for our liberty gain toward accomplishing their pernicious deeds.  The people doing true harm to our country and our world want us to fight, they want us to label each other, and they want us to spend all the time in the world on organizing against the “other side” which we have so aptly labeled and categorized.

This must move beyond the “us versus them” mentality if we are to truly have any peace, prosperity, or liberty in our country.  Benjamin Franklin said, “Do good to your friends to keep them, to your enemies to win them”.  This is what we must do if we are to solve the problems we are facing.  Just think about if we took 25% of the time we “complain” about the other side and instead use that time to do something positive and actionable.

For instance, be nice to someone who calls themselves a capitalist and ask them about how they spend their money or if they are interested in donating to any relevant and purposeful (and legit) foundations or causes – you may be surprised about how much of their money they “give away”, voluntarily, to others.  For instance, be nice to someone who is involved with a sustainability fair or event and ask them about what they are trying to accomplish with their movement – you may be surprised to find out how much they really care about people’s health and that relationship to the health of the environment.  All of this can be done voluntarily when free people act in their communities, doing well by doing good.

You see, there is nothing wrong with caring about money and there is nothing wrong with caring about the environment.  We, as Americans, need to start at that point when we have discussions about capitalism and sustainability.  HOW THESE TWO THINGS ARE CREATED, IMPLEMENTED, AND ACCOMPLISHED are what are important.  And, if you talk to most people, they agree that they want more control over their money and wealth, and they agree that they like to keep decisions closer to ‘home’ or closer to their own community.

We will never all agree, and that is a beautiful thing – it makes us autonomous, sovereign, and free.  What we must do is work together to find common ground and produce a strong and positive force that will be able to create a prosperous, peaceful, and free community.

– Tisha Casida & Jeff Hanson


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