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Celebrating sovereignty and promoting peaceful REBELLION has to be the most fun and rewarding thing that someone could do.  That’s why I want to show and highlight some of the awesome and amazing people around the country doing great deeds and finding actual workable solutions to the problems that we face.

You cannot be stopped!  You cannot be silenced!  If you believe in yourself and in peace – we can indeed ensure health and prosperity for our loved ones and community.

After running for Congress in 2012 and 2014, and owning my own enterprise (That’s Natural!) for over nine, it is my honor to be a part of finding and creating rebellious acts that embrace those who are not afraid to push back and DO SOMETHING (versus complain about it!).  Let’s Do This!

In Rebellion,

Tisha Casida

Tisha Can Win – Talking Points for All Third Party or Independent Candidates

Liberty wins when YOU STEP UP.  Do NOT believe that you cannot make an impact, because you can and you do.  Refuse to be motivated by fear and be a part of the light and the force that brings peace and justice to our fellow human beings.  With Love,  Tisha Casida

Why Tisha CAN WIN

Tisha Casida earned 11,125 votes in 2012 with a campaign budget of approximately $35,000 – that means that her cost per vote was $3.15.  Versus Republican incumbent Scott Tipton’s whose cost was $12.01 per vote.  That means that Tisha got 3.81 times as many votes per dollar than the Republican who raised total of $2,342,228 and spent $2,225,170 (This amount is more than the average of $1.5 million spent by candidates running for the U.S. House in 2012 –   This shows how much more efficient a serious third party can be on a smaller budget.  It IS possible to win.

Tisha got almost 4 times as many votes per dollar than the establishment Republican.  Why?  People loved her platform, the fact that she signed the voluntary term limits declaration, her openness to discussion and willingness to listen to people, and the fact that she was new blood.

Another way to look at the potential is that If Tisha’s 11,125 votes were able to convince just 6 other people to vote for Tisha, she could easily win the election in 2014. In addition, if she was able to raise a percentage of what the Republican raised, she would be able to win 3.81 times as many votes, and easily win the election.

Tisha Casida is Talking About Real Issues that Affect ALL AMERICANS – Not Just Republicans and Democrats.

Neither the Republican or Democratic candidates in Tisha’s election are talking about these important issues that have a dramatic and lasting impact on our lives, freedom, and ability to protect our property and savings:

Tisha speaks to monetary policy and the rise and risk of inflation – which equally erodes the wealth of ALL AMERICANS.  Casida speaks about auditing the Federal Reserve which has NO oversight from Congress.  Even though the value of our money is the most important topic for us all to be concerned about, neither Republican Scott Tipton nor Democrat Abel Tapia are talking about our currency, the value of the dollar, and how that impacts all of us equally!

Tisha speaks to fiscal policy and the unfair and unjust system of progressive taxation engaged in by the unconstitutional Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  She talks about common sense federal tax policy reform that would benefit all Americans and bring more prosperity to the country.

Tisha speaks to foreign policy and the fact that we are engaged in wars (since Vietnam) that have NOT been declared by Congress.  If our representatives are not the ones making the decision to send our troops into war – then who can we hold accountable when we decide that we do not want to use our taxpayer money to fund these un-winnable wars against other religions and cultures.  We have lost control over Congress (the people’s house), and our foreign policy and blowback from such are suffering because of it.

Tisha Casida is fighting to protect YOUR property rights, YOUR 401-K’s, YOUR savings and YOUR plans for retirement.  If we do not embrace the next generation of leadership that is trying to bring common sense to Washington, D.C., then the people who will suffer most are the ones who have worked all their lives to buy a home, have a savings account, and have a retirement account.  It is time we embrace the next generation of leaders who will be making decisions about what we are going to do with our debt and our country’s future.

Tisha Casida has signed the voluntary term limits declaration – limiting her service in Congress to a maximum of three terms.  She is not a career politician – she is a Statesman, who is not making a career out of politics, but coming back to her community to live with the laws that are passed in Congress.  Republican incumbent Scott Tipton’s net worth has increased 112% since entering office in 2009 – has YOUR net worth increased that much in this “down economy”?

Why a Third Party or Unaffiliated Candidate DOES Win

When candidates run outside of the Republican-Democratic parties, they can have profound influences on elections.

– They force both parties to talk about issues that they may not otherwise talk about.

– They educate and inform people about additional issues and talking points not brought up by the R or D parties.

– They affect policy and policy discussions as they reach more voters and create more dialogue.

– They empower individuals in the community where they are running – to question, to participate, and to run for office themselves.

What Can YOU Do To Help?

1. Donate – even if it just a “little bit”.  ( EVERY dollar makes a difference, Tisha uses that money to reach more voters and the next generation about these important issues!

2. Tell your friends and family about her and her platform.  Send an email to them with a link to Tisha’s website.  Encourage them to DO something to protect their savings!

3. Ask organizations to endorse Tisha and send out an email to their membership, telling them about her and her candidacy.

4. Write “Letters to the Editor” to your local newspaper and talk about having more choices during the election!

AND REMEMBER….   Liberty wins when YOU STEP UP.  Do NOT believe that you cannot make an impact, because you can and you do.  Refuse to be motivated by fear and be a part of the light and the force that brings peace and justice to our fellow human beings.

With Love,

Tisha Casida

Twitter: @TishaTCasida @VoteCasida @Casida2012 @TuckerWucker @VivaCasida


Instagram: tishatcasida


To A Peaceful, Prosperous, and Rebellious 2013

Each of us makes a difference. Each of us, even in our own little world of stocking shelves, serving food, driving trucks, delivering goods, tapping on the keyboard, and talking to friends and family – each action that we take is profound.


The government is made up of people – human beings – that can be changed (or manipulated for that matter). We – you and I – are the people that can make our government exist of people who cherish liberty, our natural rights, our right to protect ourselves, our right to express ourselves freely.


We do this by our own little interactions – in our community, in our town or city, and in our County. We can participate in State and national politics – but our real power is with our small circle of 10 or 20, who we can trust, who we can talk to, and who we can build our armies with.


To a very rebellious 2013 – let us rebel against the evil powers that seek to destroy, and instead – cherish, promote, and empower the creative forces that embrace peace and prosperity. Let us rebel against collective rights, like political parties, who have their own agenda. Let us rebel against the manipulative monetary system that erodes the wealth and property of all people. Let us rebel against the tyranny that seeks to destroy our light, as free and loving people.


Rebel with me, and let’s use the amazing power that we have – for good.


In Liberty,




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Making Enemies of People Who Keep Us On Our Knees

What is your greatest fear? For me, after a lifetime of struggling with my own fears and worries, I am working on letting go of fear as much as I can. Because fear stops me from accomplishing things that I want to accomplish.

After so many fights, in my own mind – of being scared of death, scared of war, scared of terrorists, scared of God – I let go of my fears. I decided that I would spend my time loving my walk on earth, versus being terrified of all of the things that could go wrong while I am here.

Fear is the basis for most of our legislation, most of our laws, most of our communications from the media. Fear sells – it is arguably the most powerful human emotion – it is built in our DNA – to react to situations that are dangerous. We can’t change that. What we can change, if we want to create a better and more peaceful life for ourselves, our family, and our community – is how much we allow fear to control our actions. And that is something that can only be done on the individual level.

All of our great teachers and leaders have let go of fear to do something great. You may not like all of these people, and there are certainly character flaws in them (and us) that could be argued with no conclusion. We all have different likes and beliefs and don’t agree on everything. But it is true that these people were not afraid of death, and not afraid of speaking out against the people who keep us on our knees.

This year, for many people, the election is not about Right versus Left, Conservative versus Liberal, Republican versus Democrat. For many people, this election is about attempting to find people who are not corrupt, people who want to be public servants, people who do not want to make a career our of “politics”, people who will represent all of their constituency, and not just the people who belong to a particular party. These two sides pull us back and forth – stating the fears we should have if “the other party person” gets elected.

The truth is – these politicians from both “sides” are mostly all the same – they mostly all find ways to keep us on our knees. They mostly all work on legislation that erodes the rights of the individual, and they mostly all stay silent about the forces that have destroyed our economy – the erosion of the value of the dollar, the Federal Reserve System (inflation), and the corruption of the banking and financial industries that are in cahoots with representatives from the government.

If there is one thing that will save us and preserve the liberties that are unique to our country (although they are quickly being whittled away) – it will be the separation from acting in fear and instead acting out of love. Our enemies cannot control our outcome when we detach from their fear-based agendas. You and I are powerful people, and if we understand this and believe it – we can work together to make sure we ensure health, prosperity, and safety for our kids and grandkids. So what is your greatest fear? Can you let go – and work with me to find solutions?


The Abolition of Property Rights in America

Property rights are the basis for our Constitution – the trust between the people in this country, and the government who we have entrusted with certain privileges. Only individuals have rights. States governments and the federal government have privileges, which have been entrusted to them by us. You and me. We are the final say – we are the grand jury when it comes to protecting our lives and our property.

Whether you want to consider your body, your mind, your home, your land, and/or other intrinsic goods that you own, your property – this concept holds true for all of them – this is something unique to our Constitution and our way of life – where individuals have jurisdiction over their bodies and their property. We sometimes take this for granted.

There is a land-grab going on in our country and the basis for such is the dangerous and usurping heavy hand of the federal government, as well as international agencies and agendas like the United Nation’s Agenda 21.   Just as this affects the land and property that we own, where we make our livelihoods, and grow in our communities – the same threat is at bay for our own bodies – the ability we have to decide for ourselves what we put into our bodies, and our ability to eat nutritious, unadulterated foods and medicines that are an inherent part of the human species’ development (for example, with federal agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and with international agendas like Codex Alimentarius).

A good friend of mine has been attempting to build an addition to his mountain home, and came across several impediments – which halted his progress for almost a year. Some of these include local building codes, many of which can be traced back to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (and the Department of Homeland Security). Have you seen how much land in our country is in a “flood plane”– where it is impossible to get “insurance”? (Of course if you cannot get insurance, you are completely halted from using your property… why is this?)


What happens to the land if it is deemed un-usable to the general population? Well, it goes back to the government of course. Have you seen how much land is now “owned” by the federal government? (Not to mention how many homes are “owned” by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae thanks to the self-inflicted housing bubble in 2008 that caused an unprecedented number of foreclosures.)


Since the federal government is a trust between those elected and those represented by the people they elect, then doesn’t this mean that this land and property is truly ours – the people’s? And if this is the case, don’t the citizens of their respected States have the right to use their land as they see fit?


Perhaps it would make more sense if State and local governments decided upon rules and regulations for the intricacies of each area versus the out-of-touch federal government that cannot make effective blanket-policies that positively affect every community in this country.

In Colorado’s third congressional district, we have very diverse ecosystems and geography that are an inherent part of the daily lives and economic development of the citizens of our State. Tremendous amounts of energy resources, water resources, agricultural lands, mineral resources, and the tourism-related industries from the geography of the land (skiing, fishing, rafting, hiking, etc.) are increasingly protected and extinguished by the federal government. Through agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – copious amounts of red tape and “green tape” halt the responsible use of these resources that would positively benefit Colorado citizens.


There is a place for common-sense regulations, and when it comes to the resources, eco-systems, and land of a State – State and county officials should be the representatives protecting and enriching their citizens. Resources, eco-systems, and agricultural lands are unique and diverse, and the most effective means of protecting them is at the State and local level – where representatives and officials can be most transparent, accountable, and receptive to the needs of their citizens.


It could be (unfortunately) argued that we never had property rights. But since I am a fire-eater, I will go ahead and go on the record say that we do, and it is up to us to let the powers that be know where that line in the sand is drawn. We do have property rights and we have a right to use our land and resources as we as individuals see fit. Individual rights trump the rights of the State and the federal government, and I know of many individuals now who are fighting these federal agencies when it comes to using their own land and making their own decisions. This must stop. The federal government is a fictitious entity held together by the individuals of this country who have granted several privileges to them – and with the same power that we have used to grant them these privileges, we can entrust to State and local representatives the role of regulating the lands and resources we depend upon for our survival and for our economic well-being.




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