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It doesn’t matter if you are red or blue, right or left, white or black. Tea Parties taking place all across the nation are all about taking a stance on a subject that one believes in. There is no more amazing phenomena than to see these people coming together to be heard.

Several of our staff members have parents that are in the “Baby-Boomer” generation. These folks care about their kids’ and grand-kids’ future. This is all about sustainability as communities – what is best for us? What is best for our communities? For our environments? How can we be profitable?

We will continue to feature tea parties from around the nation, and would love to hear about what you are doing in your community, which we will be happy to post online, as well as in our print-publications.


"Bill List" for The Good American Post

We need you America!

Already in our national and local versions of The Good American Post, you will find contact information for your representatives at the local, state, and national level.

We want to take this one step further by have information on LEGISLATION that is at the state and national levels that may affect our Constitutional Rights.  Let’s all look at the issues and make sure that our representatives are aware of how we feel about them.

We have a very minimal list to start, can you help send us more that you have come across?

Please send to: goodamericanpost (at) gmail.com

HR-3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

HR-2749,  Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009
– This one has already passed in the House!!!!

HR-875, Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

HR-45, Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009

Sustainability Means FREEDOM!

Sustainability, Wealth, and Freedom all depend upon the written word and the spoken voice.  It was not too long ago that local systems were what made our economies and our communities incredibly strong.

Social and environmental costs have not been accounted for in the “99-Cent” mentality that has created a vicious cycle of economic downturns.

WE, the AMERICAN CONSUMER and CONSTITUENT are what make and/or break the economy.  It is up to us.  It is up to us to support local systems where our food and water come from.  It is up to us to support the local systems of community and governance.  IT IS UP TO US.


“I must do something” always solves more problems than “Something must be done.”  ~Author Unknown

Local Food Systems are Most Sustainable!

Beans & Green Chiles

Beans & Green Chiles

Our friends at That’s Natural! have successfully finished their last week of the Market, on Thursday, September 17th in Pueblo, Colorado.  There are Farmers’ Markets going on all over the Country, and we here at The Good American Post want to say THANK YOU to our local producers for creating this food and bringing it to market.  We know how sustainable this system is, and give kudos to those around our Nation that are making this positive difference in our very centralized food-supply.  Cheers!

Art + Produce Marquee at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center

Art + Produce Marquee at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center

Current Reading Materials of The Good American Post Staff

We have a good list of reading materials for those interested in many of our current affairs here in The United States of America.  Enjoy!

Suggested Reading Material from The Good American Post Staff

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and L. Hunter Lovins

End the Fed by Ron Paul

Culture of Corrpution by Michelle Malkin

The Libertarian Reader by David Boaz

“Wherever they burn books they will also,
in the end, burn human beings.”
–  Heinrich Heine

Tea Anyone?

The main stream media (MSM as you will sometimes see it referred to), can and will take stories like the 9-12 march and use them to their economic and political gain.  CNN, Fox News, ABC News, CBS News, etc., are owned and operated by powerful individuals who have ratings and revenues on their mind.  That is okay – we all have opinion and are all biased towards certain agendas, it is human nature.  I am not pleading for Utopia, I am asking that we all look at these Tea Parties and think about what we are all standing for.

We may not agree on specific legislation for health care reform.  We may not agree on funding choices of Uncle Sam.  We may not agree on politicians and whether or not they are truly representing their constituents and holding true to what they say they are going to do.

I think what we can agree on, is that there are some fundamental problems with our government as it stands now, that those problems have been caused by corruption, and that our domestic fiscal policy has run amuck.  I believe that we can agree that taxing our labor is illegal and jeopardizes our financial viability as individuals.  I believe that we can agree that re-distributing the wealth that we create as individuals must have limitations to be fair to those who are making an honest living.  I believe that we can agree that government has gotten too big.  We need government, but we do not need the bureaucratic leviathan that it has turned into.  Power to the people – that is liberty.  We can agree on that.

See the full article in the Fall 2009 Edition of The Good American Post – Coming in October!!!

Content & Sections of The Good American Post

The Good American Post is about Freedom, and our content, as you will see to your right, is just about that.  We are coming to a community near you, to serve you with Local and National content focused on Freedom, on Sustainability, and on all of the good news that we have at our finger-tips to take each and every ounce of our energy and move in a positive direction of change – change that WE make – change that comes from us, as Americans.

Small businesses can and will PROSPER – they generate half of the gross domestic product in the private-sector.

We must actively THINK and LIVE according to our roles as citizens.

Sustainable FOOD systems are critical to our economic viability, and we stand for farmers, ranchers, and producers who provide us with the agricultural means necessary to live.

Our RESOURCES as a nation are critical to our new energy economy and to the health and wellness of our children and grandchildren.

We understand that the ARTS and CULTURE of our communities give students and people the creative outlets necessary to express themselves in an intellectually stimulating environment.

We must ACT – we must actively participate in our communities and engage both our system of governance as well as the economic ecosystem in which we live.

And we must focus much time and attention on our NEXT generation, those that will be our future industry leaders, scientists, farmers, artists and soldiers.


The Good American Post – What This Is About

Liberty is the most valuable premise for our country’s founding.  There are many tenets from which the Founders drew to create  our governing document, The Constitution, boldly and eloquently put forth 222 years ago on September 17, 1787.

Since then, each succeeding generation has dealt with many seemingly grave issues of their time, yet when viewed through the prism of history these issues pale in perspective.  This publication is not focused on topical issues and emotions which drive us apart, but rather this periodical will highlight and cheer the many amazing, positive, productive, and sustainable activities thriving in our country and our communities.

We believe that our country is not only built upon the effective foundation of checks and balances, but that we also still hold the power, as citizens and as consumers, to create the positive changes necessary to see the American Dream thrive.


Book Review – City Boy by Mike Tedesco

While most of us would consider it a success to quickly and thoroughly eliminate any memory of our most unpleasant job, Mike Tedesco has found solace in sharing his experience of rolling about in the swill of municipal politics.

Rather than this retelling being a self-inflicted torture trip, Tedesco guides the reader through a rollercoaster ride of a story (not excluding the dizziness and puking!), plus he gives us a healthy dose of urban planning theory.

Tedesco recounts the grizzly details of his high expectations and the tragic reality of his first job as Community Development Director in a small Colorado town.  Tedesco quickly introduces the reader to the “villain” – it won’t take much for the reader to put a face to this character.  And Tedesco, the “hero,” invades the town to save it from itself.  Unfortunately, we find it’s more of a job for a superhero armed with a golden lasso than for a city boy with a Masterbs in Urban Planning.  Tedesco acknowledges that he’s not one to turn away from a fight; in fact he’s a magnet for them.  But no amount of university education will prepare him for the need to balance the small battles with the Grande War.

City Boy just may be the least painful way of exposing yourself to the theories of urban planning.  Tedesco makes it very easy to digest the past and current theories of land use policies.  Tedesco also made me wonder if New Urbanism would be better titled “Retro Planning,”  or maybe Disney has already perfected this type of community development?

Tedesco cynically writes about those that go in for this type of zoned planning, “With one hand they vote for anti-government Republicans, and with the other they willfully agree to live in a neighborhood that is tantamount to a socialist enclave.”  It’s clear from City Boy that if Urban Planners could have a special seat in city government entitled “Guru of Sustainable Living Communities,” and officials were compelled by law to follow the Guru’s advice, then our communities would be much healthier places to live, grow, shop, and work.

Many readers will wonder in just what “backwoods” town our hero lived as he suffered through this story of woe.  While all the names and places in the story have been changed, it’s not hard to find out that Tedesco’s first job was in South Fork.  However, with much dismay many readers will identify their own community’s governance with that in City Boy: the tragedy that we can identify with.

City Boy has all the elements of a classic melodrama: hero, villain, greedy capitalists, city on the brink of disaster, and fair maiden.  It makes you want to stand up, boo, hiss and cheer throughout.  The question remains, does the villain meet her match?  Or does the hero get saved by Pueblo, Colorado?

By  Susan Fries:  Executive Director of the Pueblo Performing Arts Guild, an avid traveler, bookworm, gardener, and cook.


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