Government = Inefficient Operation

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A beautiful point.  How efficient is the post office?  How efficient are most government-run organizations?  How quickly can you expect service, and what happens when there is no competition?

Simple, no competition equals no reason to compete – to strive for efficiencies, profitability, or extraordinary service.  If there is no incentive, then there will be nothing done.

If you haven’t read Atlas Shrugged, you should really pick up a copy.  I, personally, have a heart, and have contributed to many need-worthy organizations.  I however, whole-heartedly believe that we are turning into a Nanny-State that protects the weakling, MORE than protecting those that work hard.  I have experienced this myself, and I don’t like it one bit.  Because I am middle-class and because I am not categorized as a “minority”, I have been abandoned for many opportunities, both financial and educational.

There are many issues on the plate right now, all of them with Big Brother gaining more control and power – HEALTH CARE, INTERNET FREEDOM, THE FOOD SUPPLY, THE CAR INDUSTRY, THE BANKING INDUSTRY, ETC.

Check your premises, and start organzing like-minded individuals, we have a Country to win back.

– Joni Cave

Vox Populi, In Times Like These

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In times like these we re-visit the concepts and influences that have made our country and our communities what they are today.  I personally believe that we live in the greatest country in the world.  And I believe that our forefathers, who created the very documents that are supposed to act as a guiding light on our freedoms and rights, had every intention of keeping our country a place where we are free.

Now, regardless of your political background and viewpoints, it is my estimation that most of us truly enjoy being “free.”  When we drive to the grocery store – or, preferably, our local farmers’ markets – it is this freedom of choice that allows us to participate in such an activity.  If we decide that we would like to grow our own produce on our own land, it is our freedom of choice and property rights that allow us to do that.  Freedom and being a consumer go hand in hand.  We make our choices; we tell our markets what to do – our free markets – where we actively participate with minimal intervention from entities that are not consumers (this would mean government).

When we decide if we want to visit a medical doctor at a hospital or a holistic practitioner in their own home, that is another way we get to exercise our freedoms.  We get to choose what we put in, on, and around our bodies.  We get to choose how we take care of ourselves.
When we decide if we want to purchase fossil fuels to drive our vehicles, or give up our vehicles to ride our bikes, walk, engage with the public transportation system, etc., we are exercising our freedoms.

When we submit articles to publications, we are exercising our voice and our freedom to express how we feel and what we think.  And the press, these publications and other content mechanisms have the right to publish this information.  Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are other ways that we express and get to hear the expressions of consumers in our country.

Sustainability, the ability to take care of oneself, the ability to survive without the intervention and assistance of others are freedom.  If I can grow my own food, create my own fuel or transportation, be able to protect myself, and be able to express myself to my community members, then I am free.  And no matter who you are and what political viewpoints you have, and no matter what religion you believe in, I think that you would agree that you want to be free, and you want to be able to live a sustainable lifestyle where you can be able to do all of these things as an individual.

I see many things going on in our country.  Some of them are scary, and some of them give me a lot of hope for the future.  The only thing I can do, as a man here in Southern Colorado, is express how I feel, hope that people will be able to see my words, and that somewhere, someone may say, “I feel that way too, what can I do to be free?”

Joseph Poder, or Joe, is a small-time farmer/rancher in Southern Colorado.  He enjoys living “off-the-grid” in the house that he and his wife built by themselves, with their two daughters, 3 dogs, 7+ cats, and numerous other small creatures.

The Day the Music Died

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After seeing the GMC commercial on television, it finally hit me.  I will never purchase another Chevy again.  I have had a GMC vehicle since I had my learner’s permit.  My family is a Chevy-family.  Even now, you will see over eight GMC vehicles parked at my family’s residence.

But GMC took the easy-road-out for their bad business decisions.  And they accepted money that was not theirs to “fix” their problems – a “fix” that is in fact having the most inefficient operation on earth (government) run their “for-profit” enterprise.  As a small-business-owner and entrepreneur, I find that quite distasteful, as they would never save my company from bankruptcy.  They would let me fall and fail, and believe it or not, I would accept that, as I am not going to cry about bad decisions on my part.

I looked forward to purchasing another Chevy vehicle at some point in time, I was eying those new Cameros and the Chevy Volt would be awesome.  But, I will NEVER support an American company that stole money from middle-class Americans, both in the form of a bailout, as well as cheating long-time stockholders of their company (stockholders that WERE NOT PART OF THE UNION).  That is unfair to the investors, unfair to the consumer, and pathetic.  So, bye-bye Miss American Pie – No More Chevies for me.

– Tisha Casida

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Time to Clean House

We are sick and tired of the  lies and misrepresentations of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’S interests in the Senate and House of Representatives.  Fed up with it (pun intended), and seeing the increased awareness of our populace, The Good American Post wants to make sure that we deal with these issues in an efficient manner.

We all need to come together quickly to take our Country back.  Considering the soon-to-be-regulated-by-government internet (HELP US FIGHT “NET NEUTRALITY”  HR 3458 – The Internet Freedom Preservation Act.), The Good American Post would like to make sure that local, community newspapers are serving folks, with our without access to Internet.

Are you interested in becoming a publisher of your own local territory?  Help bring REAL NEWS back!

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SPC John V Bailey

SPC John V. Bailey

SPC John V Bailey, United States Army, completed basic training July 2007 at Ft. Knox, KY and is currently stationed out of Ft. Hood, TX, deployed to Iraq.  He is a 1st Cavalry Scout, with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team.  John has earned several awards including Cavalry gold spurs.  John is a certified flight instructor and taught at Steel City Aviation before enlisting in the service.  John’s parents, Gary and Juanita, and sister, Kendra, live in La Veta.  Thank you, John Bailey for serving us and our country.  You are one of our Huerfano (Colorado) Hometown Heroes!

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The Power of the 10th Amendment

In watching the unfolding events of 2009, it has come to my attention the importance and relevance of the 10th Amendment within our Constitution.  There are several federal issues that can drastically affect the American constituent and consumer.  Two, that immediately come to mind are:


HR-3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009


HR 2755 – The Federal Reserve Abolition Act

I am 27 years old.  Five years ago I was planning on opening a restaurant.  Today, I am trying to figure out how to help win the Country back to the way its Founders intended.  If I were preparing for the government to

  1. Overtake Healthcare
  2. Continue monopolizing the dollar so that is has absolutely no value whatsoever

I would focus on State Sovereignty, and the powers that the States have to protect their citizens from the far-reaching and detrimental effects of attacks on our Constitutional rights.

This is the power of the 10th Amendment.  And we encourage our readership to learn about this, and what your State is doing to protect you.

Please visit: The Tenth Amendment Center for additional information.

Constitutional Rights & Health-Care

The Good American Post encourages its readership to be wary of our Constitutional Rights, and to make sure that our Federal and State governments are adhering to the Constitution of the United States of America.  This is an issue recently brought up by Fox News Channel.



The concept of Farm-To-Fork, knowing where one’s food comes from, is a growing trend in America.  There are many reasons for this.  Some people are concerned about the safety of our food supply, and want to know the person who is growing or raising the products that they are putting into their body.

Some people see the value in keeping their money in the local economy, and supporting local producers, in turn, has a net positive impact on rural communities.

Some people see the cost-advantages to purchasing locally.  And some people just realize that food grow locally tastes thousands of times better than that which has been shipped thousands of miles and artificially ripened (if not artificially grown from the start).

We see the value in connecting the farmer to the consumer, hence, “Farm-to-Fork”.  If you are a farmer who wants to get in our database of producers, or if you are a consumer who is interested in sourcing your food locally, please visit our website:, and click on the link to email us about Farm-to-Fork.

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The Good American Post would like to draw attention to HR 3458 – The Internet Freedom Preservation Act.

Although in title this sounds like something that would be beneficial, if one looks closer into the fine print (which is something we should always do and have started to be more effective at recently), this is something very dangerous to competition and the free-market.

Freedom of Speech Depends on Free-Markets, and having a governmental organization regulate the Internet is something that may be ineffective, unprofitable, and dangerous to our freedom of speech.

Please research this bill, and visit:

We the People


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