Health Care by Sonja Roberts

Regarding the health reform debate currently underway, there really is no genuine pursuit of what is supposed to be affordable health care for all for two main reasons: (1) the current anti-competitive environment of hospitals and health insurance carriers and (2) the lack of legislative competency in Congress on how to partner with private enterprise to come to genuine solutions for the American people.   It is quite clear that state regulators have failed to protect their constituents from non-competitive business practices.  They have either not enforced laws intended to protect consumers or they have approved legislation that helps hospitals to get ever and ever larger by eliminating the opportunity for new competitors to enter the market and by gobbling up whatever competition they do have.  Why else would there be legislation currently attached to the health care bills that would reverse protection that the health care industry has enjoyed, but by not properly enforcing anti-trust legislation at the state level.

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Hometown Hero – Sgt. David Steffan

Sgt. David Steffan, a 1992 graduate of La Veta High School, joined the Colorado National Guard in 2002. After attending basic training and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers School at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, he was assigned to Detachment 1, 947th Combat Support Engineer Company, Trinidad. The unit completed missions in Germany, South Dakota, and Wyoming before being deployed to Iraq on Sept. 11, 2005.While in Iraq, Steffan served as Bravo Team Leader, 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon, 947th Engineer Company, 54th Combat Engineers, attached to First Marine Expeditionary Force, Al Anbar province. The unit’s mission entailed road construction and repair, support of Marine and Armored Cavalry outposts, site security and transportation. In addition to his duties as leader, Steffan operated a Meerkat mine detector, drove lead gun truck in convoys and operated various types of construction equipment. He earned the Army Commendation Metal operating an armored grader as part of Operation Steel Curtain, keeping Al Queda operatives from infiltrating from Syria. Recently, Steffan joined his unit in rebuilding the Fruita Reservoir #1, on the western slope, ensuring an adequate water supply for that small community. Thank you, Sgt. David Steffan, for serving us and our country. You are one of our Huerfano Hometown Heroes!

Know Your Farmer!!

It is SO important to know where your food comes from and support local producers who are an integral part of one’s community and economy.

At The Good American Post, we are dedicated to connecting the consumer to the farmer, so that we can realize SUSTAINABILITY in our food supply.

Knowing your farmer:

1. Makes your food SAFER

2. Makes your DOLLAR stay in that community

3. Eliminates un-warranted shipping and CARBON EMISSIONS

4. Increases the QUALITY of the food you are consuming

This week, we would like to feature a blog that is dedicated to local food and local economies: No-Bull Food News:

Why The Good American Post Doesn’t Need Props

By: Tisha T. Casida

“The most damning problem with government ‘help’ is what we saw with the bailout of the U.S. auto industry: Help props up those who are producing things that customers do not want,” said News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch (December 8, 2009 at   I could not agree more with this statement.  Help is not help when it comes at the expense of taxpayers and subsidizes companies or industries that are not performing.

It is simple.  The market bears what the market desires.  If newsprint is failing to deliver information to the consumer that the consumer is demanding, then newsprint will fail.  Yes, technology has impacted news and newsprint, but that is part of the market.  Deal with it.  Grow up.  And stop crying for help from the Nanny-State.

The Good American Post, is new to the market, and empowers consumers with information that supports local communities and builds local economies with positive and sustainable information.  It is being demanded.  It is what the market wants.  And it is exactly why we do not need the government to prop us up, and never will.


TARP = Ludicrous

Using taxpayers’ money to bail-out businesses with crappy business models and then
regulating and controlling the free-market activities that allow
businesses to operate, thrive and grow economies.  Which would beneficial
in a recession.  But, hey, what is capitalism?
Only the backbone of our Country and our success as a nation.

Artist, Tisha Casida

Teaching Social Justice

Using school textbooks to push political and social agendas is criminal.  The greatest social justice on earth is to teach people to take care of themselves, not damn others for some type of inequality.  We are all FREE.  We are not all EQUAL.


Artist, Tisha Casida


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