Updated Bill List – Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010

Already in our national and local versions of The Good American Post, you will find contact information for your representatives at the local, state, and national level.

We want to take this one step further by have information on LEGISLATION that is at the state and national levels that may affect our Constitutional Rights.  Let’s all look at the issues and make sure that our representatives are aware of how we feel about them.  KNOW WHAT YOU ARE VOTING FOR and keep your representatives honest!

Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010 – Could either remove natural vitamins from the marketplace, or make them regulated to the point where they would HAVE TO BE SOLD BY A PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY.

HR-2454, American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

HR-3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009

HR-2749,  Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009
– This one has already passed in the House!!!!

HR-875, Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

HR-3458, Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009

HR- 45, Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009

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How to Organize a Tea-Party

It has been many moons since sitting down at a tea-party with my little friends (at the time), although it is that type of comity and friendship that brings people together in times like these.

Governor Schwarzenegger’s remarks about the Tea-Parties disappearing are not hard to believe.  The reason is because people think that this is a one-time frustration with the system, and as most humans (and Americans) operate, that frustration soon goes away (or we become complacent).

However, it would be great to prove the people wrong who think that the Tea-Party movement will just “go away.”  The reason is that the movement is not about politics – it is about our RESPONSIBILITY as Americans, as constituents, and as consumers.  It is about EVERYTHING, and because WE THE PEOPLE are the foundation of this great Country, we cannot just “stop” when things look good.  We must continue to be vigilant, and never go back to the complacency that got us here in the first place.

How do you organize a Tea Party?  Well, we keep the grass-roots activism alive, you support grass-roots organizations, and you support local media outlets that are dedicated to the cause.  And, you don’t stop.  Ever.

By Tisha Casida

"Create" Jobs?

Q: How do you create jobs?

A: You create demand that will cause a need for industries to hire people!

Q: How do you create demand?

A: You eliminate or lower taxes and red tape.

Q: How do you eliminate or lower taxes and red tape?

A: You eliminate lengthy legislation that causes more bureaucracy and interferes with the marketplace.

So, the answer is, you cannot successfully “create” jobs through legislation.  It won’t work, it is unsustainable, and a futile long-term strategy.

What to do?  Put yourself to work! Start a small business!  Start your own Good American Post territory and fight the red tape with NEW MEDIA.

Effecient Algae, How Green Works in the Marketplace


An alternative process for treating sewage lagoons,  developed by Bio2 Solutions,  can treat the town’s waste-water using single-cell algae (versus mechanical aeration components).  This process not only reduces costs, but is actually better for the environment. Another component that is created in this process could potentially be used to create a bio-fuel, and another potential revenue-stream for the town.

See the whole story here:  http://www.fowlertribune.com/features/x1025056390/Fowler-sewer-lagoons-subject-of-study

I have been lucky enough to visit with Judd and Linda Sundine of Bio2Solutions, as well as with Wayne Snider, the Town Administrator of Fowler on a trip to Wray, Colorado.  Our adventure to look at Wray’s sewage system was incredibly educational about how we can use natural algae to treat waste-water.  The opportunity for these smaller communities to lower costs while improving their processes, enhancing their environment, and potentially even adding to their revenues, is testament to how sustainable market activities (when demanded by the marketplace) really work!

By: Tisha Casida

Safety versus Liberty

Hopefully you have heard the debate and banter about government officials at a local, state, and federal level being able to track anyone with a cell phone.

First of all, it is preposterous that in the name of crime, that law enforcement can access to real-time information about where people are located.  YES – I am sure it can benefit investigations, however at the same time, it could easily be used to track and pinpoint protesters and otherwise slightly unruly but LAW-ABIDING citizens.  There is a difference between someone defending our constitutional rights (and privacy) and someone leading a drug-trafficking ring, but with the current laws and administration this fine line could easily be white-washed.

I am 100% for this Country and for having protection from law-enforcement and national defense mechanisms.  I am NOT in favor of swapping my liberty for my security – at the micro-level this would mean that I do not want big-brother to have access to my cell phone records.  Be wary, this kind of behavior is being watched by magistrates and some other very good public officials, but it is going to take an outcry from the American people and the American consumer to make a difference.

Story is HERE.

By Tisha Casida

The Beauty and Thrill of Exploring Color

That’s how Artist and Gallery Owner Jeff Tabor describes his love and appreciation of color.  His Gallery on Historic Canyon Road in Santa Fe, New Mexico reflects his interests in color with the large assortment of artists represented including his own works.

Go to: www.goodamericanpost.com and click on the “Page 12” Link to read the whole story…..

By The Art Press Club

What is the Good American Post?

Entering into month number nine of our publication and newspaper-territory-model, it is amazing to see the enterprises and organizations that have stepped up in the name of liberty and the free market.

Reaching tens of thousands of people, all while supporting our local communities and building local economies is hard work – and worth every second!

With the successful launch of our publication and model, we wanted to continue to build the public’s awareness and knowledge of what we are doing.

So in case you didn’t know, here it is, short and simple.

The Good American Post is a newspaper-model that is set up so that anyone in the Country can start a local newspaper.  We have the knowledge and resources to get you started and allow you to make money while supporting your local community and building your local economy (by creating jobs/tourism/etc.).

We have the model and tools – you have the ambition and market!

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If You Are Tired of Name-Calling: Hate Mail of the Day

By Tisha Casida

After reading hate-mail by readers, it is inspiring to read an essay to remind me (and us) about what this is all about.  I found it on Michelle Malkin’s site, HERE, the essay is by Keli Carender, and you can find her blog HERE.  The Tea Party (and liberty movements as such) is about why we are FREE in the first place, and has NOTHING to do with what political party you are affiliated with or what types of services you believe in – it is about THE CONSTITUTION – period.  So stop hating people.

This was part of the email that I received, from the reader of another magazine that I publish, called That’s Natural!, who seems to think that you cannot love the free-market and want to find new energy sources at the same time (that’s too bad since that is the ONLY way it would work).  MY RESPONSES ARE IN BOLD TYPE…..

READER SAID: When I opened your e-newsletter today, I found the ‘Good American Post’, Clifton Casida’s ‘Patriotic’ piece featuring Glen Beck, the GOOOH movement, and your recommended reading list very strangely confusing and in contrast to your otherwise valuable messages. Of course you have the right to voice your opinion on so-called patriotic and governmental subjects, but I find it disturbingly distracting embedded in your publication. Maybe that’s your intent.

TISHA’S RESPONSE: I support ALL small businesses and organizations because I love this Country and I love the free-market, where it takes everyone making purchasing decisions to affect change.

Reader Said: My message to you is that in my opinion, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Fox News, Libertarians, tea party advocates etc. are some of the most ill-advised, self-serving, confused and un-sustainable political elements in our country at the moment and whatever you think of this ‘movement’,  it’s a quite different message to your usual sustainability audience. 

TISHA’S RESPONSE: : I very much respect your opinion; on that note of opinion,  I am pro-Constitution, pro-Free-market, and pro-America, so sometimes the people and organizations you have identified are a part of those concepts that I love.

Reader Said: So, you are lucky to have freedom of speech and can publish most anything, but your conflicting message of sustainability and something called ‘Liberty’ defeat one another and has caused me to exercise my right to consider unsubscribing—I’m sorry to say.

TISHA’S RESPONSE: That is the beauty of Freedom of Speech!  Some people really like the thought that Liberty and Sustainability are the same thing!  🙂

Ah, the rancor that keeps a gal going.  To Liberty!

When Green Works

By Tisha Casida

As being a relatively Independent and Conservative thinker, I sometimes get backlash for liking “green” things.

The reason that I do cherish my environment is because I am a product of being exposed to dangerous chemicals that are a standard part of conventional agricultural practices – and in my darkest hour set out to educate people that there are “better” ways to grow food without so many toxins that hurt others.

With that, I believe that the free-market must decide what does or does not happen with the environment, agriculture, recycling, and all things green.  When the market decides that is what they want, then a natural flow of money goes towards such eco-investments.  IT IS NOT MANDATED OR SUBSIDIZED BY GOVERNMENT.  That is the key – let people decide.

At this year’s “Toy Fair” in New York, there are several toys to debut that are eco-friendly (and generally safer for kids).  That works.  Let those consumers decide.  That is the free-market at work, and that is when GREEN WORKS.


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