Food Rules by Michael Pollan: Rule #30 – Eat well-grown food from healthy soil

Soil is the building block of any type of plant growing in it.  Yes, there is even research to support such a claim – soils rich in organic matter grow food that is more nutritious.

That means, not only is it important to eat healthy foods (i.e. plants), but it is equally important that those plants have been grown in healthy soils.  The best way to do this is to know your farmer/producer and learn about their methods with their land.  You can also grow your own food.

“Organic” is good and “local” is good – but in both cases you should become familiar with the producers and their use of the land/soil.

And if you are looking for products and services that may help you, keep your eyes on our FOOD section.

Pollan, M. (2009). Food Rules – An Eater’s Manual. New York, NY: Penguin Books.

The Navy (and all Military) "Going Green"

I have had the opportunity to see some of this first-hand at one of the military bases here in Colorado.  What you may not know is that the military is probably the one of the most sustainable organizations in the United States.

There is an example of this today, coming from the Naval Air Station at Patuxent River, Maryland.  We are hearing about an F-16 using a 50/50 mix of aviation fuel and camelina, or wild flax(a bio-fuel made from a “hardy” plan that is able to grow in poor soil).

Of course there is a lot of work to be done still – companies involved in the project that are mentioned in the article include: General Electric, Honeywell, and Sustainable Oils.

The potential economic growth from free-market activities embracing renewable resources?  Wonderful.

Supersonic fighters using renewable energy?  Priceless.

Read the whole story here.

-Tisha Casida

Call to Artists – National Art Competition

"Liberty and the 'Tooth of Time' along Santa Fe Trail" by Jeff Tabor

The Art Press Club, On-going Art Competition

Several times every year the Art Press Club and other sponsors award opportunities to promote artists work in print, web and gallery exhibitions.  The mission is to help artists market their work and become a recognized and collected artist.  Marketing art can be a complex and expensive effort and by offering marketing assistance to artists who enter we increase your exposure to art professionals who sell, buy and collect art.

Mediums accepted are:  Acrylic, Ceramics, Digital Media, Glass, Mosaic, Illustration, Jewelry, Mixed media, Metalsmithing, Sculpture, Oil, Pastel, Photography, Watercolor, Woodworking

A annual (non-refundable) jury fee of $20. allows you to submit two digital images of your work for consideration and subscription to our bi-annual newsletter.

Images submitted must be PDF or Jpeg files less than 10MB.

Via email or US Mail on a CD only.

email images will only be considered after payment is received.

Send your images to: Make sure you include your name and contact information!

NO phone calls are accepted, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Payment by check or money order of $20. to:

The Good American Post

Attention: Call to Artists

P.O. Box 2

Trinidad, CO  81082-0002

Make payment to: 91Imagine, Inc.

Other rules and guidelines available at

Small Business Owners – People We Can Count On

There is nothing like the care and expertise of someone who owns their own small business.  In the case of Mark Dalton, at High View Books, his dedication to his customers could provide a real example for those “big” companies on Wall Street that seem to have forgotten that the customer counts.

Nothing is wrong with “big”, but when a company is “too big to fail” then it may have implications for their customers.

When you know the people you do business with, not only is it more enjoyable (generally) – you know you are supporting someone in the local economy.

Read the whole story by Bob Greene here.

-Tisha Casida


This is the most inspirational candidate I think that I have seen yet.  I urge you to take a look at this video and his website, this is the kind of leadership that we need to restore our republic and liberty.

– Tisha Casida

Florida Farmers' Market Listings

We found a great resource from the Florida Department of Agriculture for Farmers’ Markets in various regions and communities.

At The Good American Post, we know the value to knowing where your food comes from, as well as the importance of circulating money among local producers whenever possible.

This year, make it an effort to support local farmers, frequent farmers’ markets, join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), and be an active part in your local food systems!

Visit this Florida Community Farmers’ Markets Page.



This is a website that you should look at if you like liberty and free markets:

Interesting that the US Chamber of Commerce is behind it – that is likely a statement in itself.  We have hundreds of small businesses that are a part of our company’s operations.

Protect small businesses and be wary of additional regulations and reforms that make doing business impossible.

– Dixie Signum

Cyber Security Act of 2009

This is URGENT.

Although this bill’s name sounds like it is protecting you – BEWARE – it is not.  It is a dangerous intervention on your liberty and constitutional rights.

The federal government would gain unprecedented power over the Internet.  This means that they would have access to everything that is transferred about, as well as being able to shut it down in the name of an “emergency”.

Please stand up for our freedoms, and do everything you can to make sure that this bill does not move any further.  The Internet has been a blessing to our freedom of speech and ability to conduct commerce (two things essential for a FREE MARKET and LIBERTY), let’s keep it that way.

Read More HERE.

Government Intervention for Baggage Fees?

Don’t our men and women in Congress have better things to do than to intervene where the free market is completely capable of creating a “fix”?

Spirit Airlines has decided to charge passengers for carry-on bags.  Why in the world would Senator Chuck Schumer find it necessary to take the time (and therefore money) to fight this?

Well, there are many things wrong with this picture – first of all there is a tax loophole that would encourage such behavior on behalf of Spirit Airlines.  The problem?  There are way too many taxes in the first place.

Second, if people don’t like it – they can CHOOSE NOT TO BUY IT!   They can stop using Spirit Airlines, and hence, send a message to other companies that they may want to reconsider charging such a fee.

That is called a free market.  And every day we get further and further away from being able to be cognizant, responsible citizens, making choices for ourselves.  Instead of crying out for the government to protect us, we all need to make our choices loud and clear that we can take care of ourselves and make our own purchasing decisions.

Stand up for yourself and send these representatives packing (just make sure they don’t have a carry-on).

Read more from the own Senator’s site HERE.

By: Tisha Casida

Government Intervention of Salt

These are the kind of things that make me apoplectic.

The over-abundance of salt in foods is a “public health crisis” according to Rep. Rosa DeLauro from Connecticut.

Yes, people eat too much salt.  The reason is because they are eating WAY TOO MANY PROCESSED FOODS.  Which is their choice.  It is people’s choice to read the label of the food they are eating, it is people’s choice to ignore it.  It is people’s choice to make decisions that affect their health.  Period.  Government intervention and regulation of how much salt goes into foods is just another dangerous addition of red tape into various sectors of businesses.  If they regulate big business – they will regulate the small ones too – and that affects small business owners like myself.

Any time there are additional regulations (and God knows that we DO NEED SOME regulations), regulations that go BEYOND protecting people’s liberty and the free market, one must really look at the consequences of such.

People make choices about what they eat – that is called freedom. If we need the government to tell food manufacturers what to cook for us, we are in big trouble.

Whole story is HERE:

By: Tisha Casida


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