A Positive Proactive Solution to the Drug "War"

– Tisha Casida

The constitution allows people to take responsibility for themselves and their lives.  Government intervention in anything usually means a lot of pain and heartache, although it is completely necessary to have rules and regulations that keep (or attempt to keep) people honest.  Our problems are social problems, and the government will never be able to fix people’s souls (in my opinion only).

So, quick summary.  If people want to drink alcohol, they can.  If people want to smoke, then can.  If people want to be lazy, they can.  If people want to be stupid, as long as they aren’t physically harming anyone else, they can.  If people want to kill themselves, then can.  Why in the world can’t people smoke marijuana legally and just be taxed for it?  What a great revenue-generator for Uncle Sam (use that money for education – use the saved money from the judicial system for education!)!

This drug is causing horrid deaths in Mexico, slowly trickling over into the United States.  The “war on drugs” hasn’t ever worked – it really hasn’t, and the situation is actually getting worse.  We are throwing all of this money and time into something that is failing, all while if we would look at common-sense solutions (i.e. legalizing the stuff), we could immediately see beneficial impacts.


Get Out of Our House

By Richard A. Correa Sr. SGT  RIARNG Retired

If you are a sitting member of the United States House of Representatives then you need to GOOOH (Get Out of Our House). This is the message to United States representatives from GOOOH members from all over this great country. And the members of GOOOH, working with those who are concerned about the direction this nation is headed, are going to do all we can to cause these 435 professional politicians to be looking for new jobs come January 2011.

GOOOH is one of the many grassroots organizations that have sprung up since 2008. It is non-partisan and owes no allegiance to any political party. Its members come from all walks of life, all political persuasions, and they all have one thing in common – they are tired of seeing the professional political class that has a strangle-hold on the US Congress, looting the treasury to enrich themselves and their cronies while hardworking Americans foot the bill. They are tired of the corruption of our representatives and senators, and fed up with the special favors to those that keep them in power. And they will no longer allow these voracious scavengers to ignore the will of the people while they pander to the special interests that leach off the federal treasury.

So how does GOOOH plan to change all of this? By organizing groups of citizens in each congressional district to challenge the professional politicians and replacing them with citizen legislators. A daunting challenge to be sure, but as the recent gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia, the recent senatorial election in Massachusetts, as well as the close election in New York’s 23rd congressional district show that it can be done.

By using the internet, social networking groups like Facebook and messaging applications like Twitter, GOOOH has been able to organize a network of dedicated volunteers in every state, county and congressional district. These volunteers are reaching out to their fellow citizens (at work, at play, or at home) to garner support and recruit new members. And the response from our fellow citizens has been very positive.

I have been honored with the responsibility of being the state coordinator for GOOOH in the state of Colorado. I have been in contact with hundreds of Coloradans to create the state level leadership group and the many district groups. While the organization of this is still in the initial stages, so many of the folks I’ve written to and spoken with have volunteered to help.  In the work that I do,  I find myself humbled by peoples’ responses and efforts to change how things are done in our country.

As GOOOH continues to move toward the goal of replacing the professional political class with citizen legislators we ask all Americans to consider what we propose. The United States of America is a great nation because of its people, not the politicians or the government policies they espouse. Our best days are still ahead of us and this nation will return to the prosperity we have experienced when we replace the entrenched incumbents in Washington with citizens like yourselves, who will use common sense in carrying out the duties of US Representatives.

Correa served in the regular army from 20 dec 1970 to 1 July 1980, in the army reserve from jan 1982 to June 1986, and in the Rhode Island Army National Guard from June 1986 until April 1993.

He is a master military parachutist, awarded the expert field medical badge, a graduate of the 82nd ABN DIV Recondo school (the jungle operations course of the school of the americas), an honor graduate of the Ft. Bragg Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defense course, the basic parachutist course, the army jump master course, as well as qualified as a parachutist in the British and Canadian armies.  He was also trained as a medical corpsman, a surgical technologist, a supply specialist and an infantryman. Correa has served in the positions of senior medical aid-man (including on a LRRP team), infantry scout section leader, a long-range surveillance team leader and as the training and operations NCO of a long-range surveillance detachment.

For more about
Get Out Of Our House, please
go to: goooh.com

Principles of "Conservatism"

Being “conservative” can mean a lot of things – it is all up for the interpretation to the people who are discussing what it means – it is all in they eyes of the beholder.

Today’s “conservatives” are sometimes considered to be Republican, and often there are people in the Democratic party that are also deemed to be “conservative democrats”.

Concerning the topic of sustainability, sometimes also called the “green” movement, often those on the “Right” side of the isle will deem such a concept as a waste of time, or something not worth supporting (and supporting DOES NOT necessarily mean creating legislation for).  What is strange, is that the BASE of the word in conservative is CONSERVE.  The reason for this, is that not too long ago, those who were conservative, often-time republican, were those who recycled, limited expenses (including energy), and wanted to preserve their land and environment.

That is why it is crazy to group or lump people into categories or classifications – because most ALL OF US, at least all good Americans, want to see conservative principles – like those above.  Being conservative isn’t about being republican or being “green” – being conservative means to make choices that benefit one’s pocketbook, community, economy, and environment.

– Dixie Signum

Food Rules by Michael Pollan: Rule #39 – Eat all the junk food you want….

“Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself.” – Michael Pollan

Junk foods are hard work.  So, if you make yourself make your own junk food, chances are you won’t be doing it as much.  In addition to that, it will be fresher and have less preservatives.  It’s a win-win – delicious sweet, salty, fried goodness and less junk food in your diet.

Pollan, M. (2009). Food Rules – An Eater’s Manual. New York, NY: Penguin Books.

Government CANNOT Legislate A "Clean Energy Economy"

It simply won’t work.  The government cannot MAKE the market do ANYTHING!  As soon as they start to control parts of it, i.e. minimum wage laws, price controls, subsidies, etc., we see problems in the marketplace.  Government is there to protect the constitution – THE REST IS UP TO OUR ECONOMY, which means people like YOU and ME – it is up to US to solve our energy crisis, and I have full-faith that 300 million Americans are just as capable of making changes as the 400-some representatives at Capitol Hill.

In a free-market, consumers have access to information that allow them to make decisions.  If there was not so much government regulation to start with (i.e. subsidies to oil starting many years ago), then the market would have done different things.  Mandating people and companies to change through legislation will not work, it will just further hamper our already beaten economy.

– Joni Cave

Global Warming DID NOT Cause the Oil Spill

We here at The Good American Post LOVE our environment and are appalled at the Gulf Oil Spill disaster that is wrecking havoc on the eco-sytstem.  We are also very happy to embrace concepts of sustainability, as conserving and protecting our land is of utmost importance.  What is not acceptable is having legislation, like the new energy-bill that will cause potentially disastrous consequences on our economy and line the pockets of people who gamble with our land, our lives, and our future.

We will be doing an on-going series both online and in print about SUSTAINABLE changes for our energy supply to both protect our environment while protecting our free-market and liberties.  Stay tuned, and oppose any legislation that will do even more harm to our free markets – the one thing that can save us.  And be wary of those who use disasters as leverage.  There is a better way, one that will benefit our communities and economies and allow us to prosper.

– Good American Post Staff Reports


Judge Andrew Napolitano apparently leads the way to LIBERTY in the new series “Freedom Watch”.  We are very excited to have someone standing up for the constitution – the founding principles of this great country.  We anxiously await reviews from our staff, and welcome the public to send us what YOU think of the program!

You can check out FREEDOM WATCH here!

The Good American Post – Free Markets, New Media.

BANKING REFORM – Limited Purpose Banking

We will be continually promoting this concept that was brought to our attention from one of our readers – it is WE THE PEOPLE that will save this country.

Have you heard the term “limited purpose banking”?  It is a very simple, efficient, and honest means of getting our financial system back on the track of preserving YOUR money.  The concept?  All financial institutions change to operate strictly as “pass-through mutual-fund companies”(Bloomberg, 2010), where the investments can lost value, but the funds themselves can never fail.  Details about mutual-fund securities would be disclosed in real-time (giving the market valuable information to be able to make purchasing decisions).  This would also replace 115 federal and state financial regulatory bodies with ONE “Federal Financial Administration” to oversee limited-purpose-banking funds.

Create transparency, eliminate bureaucracy, and let the free-market work.  That is what I call smart and sustainable solutions to our banking industry.  Read more about it HERE.

– Tisha Casida

Say NO to Genetically-Engineered (GE) Alfalfa

Sometimes you don’t get a second chance.  Our ecosystem is resilient and we have put it through quite a test, especially with intense conventional agricultural practices (fertilizers, chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides).  For the most part, up until a decade ago, even this unsustainable methodology of growing plants was at least something that could be eventually mitigated and developed into alternative means of farming (i.e. low-intensity, no-till, natural and organic methods).

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) and genetically engineered (GE) substances – specifically seeds and crops – are a whole different issue.  The genetic modification of ANY seed, could never be tested enough to see and understand if it is safe.  But, no need to worry, we are now experimenting on ourselves, because much of the corn and soybean products that we may eventually consume already have genetically modified ingredients.

However, Monsanto now wants to use a GE alfalfa.  Alfalfa is used as forage for cows that produce milk.  Organic farmers who rely on organic alfalfa have reason for their concern of this GE alfalfa – once the product is in the environment, it can easily be spread around the entire ecosystem, thus destroying the potential for NON-GE anything. (We have yet to see the current impact of all of the GE-products already in our ecosystem.)

Want to read more?  Visit Food Safety News, and call your congressmen to make sure this does not get into our environment!  Ask them to sign on to the
“Dear Colleague Letter to USDA about Banning GE Alfalfa”

Senators should contact:
Adrienne Wojciechowski, Sen. Leahy’s office;

House Representatives should contact:
Emily Rohlffs in Rep. DeFazio’s office

– Joni Cave


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