More Security Headed Your Way

Pending legislation in the form of Senate Bill S 773 Cyberspace Security Act of 2009 is another example of sacrificing our liberty for security.   Broad guidelines coupled with more government (and hence spending) added to a short list of who gets to decide the definition of “emergency” and “critical” in regards to shutting down telecommunication networks leads me to vocal opposition.

If your livelihood depends on the internet or if you just enjoy keeping in touch with family and friends and perhaps spouting your opinions publicly, then I urge you to Learn More about this proposed legislation.

The Dangers of Silent Consent

“First they came for the Communists but I was not a Communist so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists but I was not one of them, so I did not speak out. Then they came for the Jews but I was not Jewish so I did not speak out. And when they came for me, there was no one left to speak out for me” Martin Niemoller

Yes, I know – there are those of you who despise my use of Hitler and the Nazi regime as metaphors for current events.   In my defense, I truly believe in “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, courtesy George Santayana.  And that motto guides much of my daily activities and decisions on what course of action to pursue.

So I point your attention in the direction of the woes experienced by Grazin’ Acres dairy farm in Wisconsin.  Who cares that your impassioned letter or email may not be read by those interfering with food production/consumption and private contract issues?   The sheer volume of written protest is our attempt to let those who engage in these behaviors know they do not have our Silent Consent.

Links to view Contact information and my emailed protest.

Immigration Reform

By Tamrah Jo Ortiz

Via my email inbox, I was alerted to the existence of proposed legislation regarding the Illegal Immigrant issue.

I faithfully read the entire email which assured me I’m about to be stripped of every freedom I have, via a Biometric National ID card.

Just as faithfully, I visited OpenCongress to get the real story.   I have a history of being led astray and set right by Snopes, so I do more research now.

I was unable to find much at OpenCongress….granted, my searching skills are not at the Advanced level.

So, Google it is and lo and behold, here’s an article by Charles E. Schumer and Linsey O. Graham – creators of the whole plan. I’m figuring this is the real deal, straight from the horse’s mouth (or arse, if you will..)

I got as far as the fourth paragraph before I quit reading and started blogging… Here’s the sentence where I stopped:

Our plan has four pillars: requiring biometric Social Security cards to ensure that illegal workers cannot get jobs;…”

OMG!   The email I got was True!

Hold on.  I’m speechless.   Taking a minute for me to recover…

Okay, I’m back.


I’m aware of the hotly debated points regarding Illegal Immigration – in my mind, these protests are filed right along side, “Why are we allowing exportation of customer service jobs to India?”

But I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I’ll support having my individual freedoms tramped all over in an effort to ‘save me’ from the evils of under or un-employment.

In short, I value my freedom above my security.

Sound Familiar?

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” –  Ben Franklin.


My second favorite followed link regarding this topic is this cartoon (captioned by):

“Only a terrorist doesn’t carry one!   For Work, Play and Food – Americard!” Message from the Ministry of Homeland Security.


For those opposed to having their fingerprints, retina scans, DNA or other bodily information housed in some big old database somewhere, in order to ensure they don’t have to compete with those who will work hard for minimum wage, you can go here to sign a petition.

Granted, the Campaign For Liberty now has my name and zip code in addition to my email, but hey, what the heck?  I have a GPS enabled smartphone and recently registered to vote – Jack Bauer from CTU already knows how to find me…

Remembering History

By Tamrah Jo Ortiz

I attended the Colorado Sky Sox ball game last night.   First time my husband has accompanied me to a baseball game since we first started dating.   Mainly because I accidentally cheered for the wrong team. (Hey, with so much going on, I forgot who was up to bat.  I did cover myself by saying, “Booo!  He was safe!” but my husband-to-be was not fooled…)

Before last night’s game,  Hubby asks if I know who Goose Gossage is. (seems his smartphone told him it was Goose Gossage night…)

(Note – Part of my Soul’s Heroic Mission this go-around is to appear a complete dumb arse in regards to sports, so by turns, I teach the males in my circle tolerance and give them a laugh when needed.   I’ve learned to play my role realllyyyy well!)

“Of course,” I reply.  “He was the co-pilot for Tom Cruise in Top Gun.”

It got the desired reaction – laughter and eye-rolling.

Then I informed him that Goose was a great ball player and a few years back – he had done something pretty spectacular… broken a record or something, because I remembered hearing about some fantastic accomplishment….

Hubby disagrees.

At the game, I’m proven right.   Goose Gossage was the 199th player to be inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

This whole story is told to my mother, who joined us for a night of All-American entertainment.  She reminds me of  my past sports faux pas.  (aka Fox Passes, in our family….)

And also points out how many times I’ve lost Trivial Pursuit games simply by not having the orange pie…(you guessed it, Sports and Leisure – on the bright side, I used to bartend, so if my questions fall more in the “Leisure” category, I win…)


During a general “Let’s make fun of Tamrah’s ignorance regarding sports” melee I finally had to speak up in defense.

“Hey!  Do you all know what absolutely critical-to-our-freedom-event occurred on the night of August 29, 1776?”

I’m met with silence.   Smug in my genius, I relay why they should really know about this.


In the evening hours General George Washington set about evacuating his Continental Army across the river to Manhattan.   Following the Battle of Long Island losses and the current reality that places him nearly surrounded by enemy forces, he calmly calls for all available water vessels, orders wagon wheels muffled and soldiers to march silently.   He charges Quartermaster General Thomas Mifflin with rear-guard duties.   In other words, Mifflin and his boys are to keep all the campfires going.

Across the way, British General Howe understands he has Georgie boy surrounded.  He does not press his advantage.   Why further demean a hapless and hopeless opponent?   Instead, he gives his foe the night to accept defeat and pen his eloquent surrender speech.    His scouts report all is quiet, campfires are going and the enemy is not up to any funny business.

The retreat, hindered by mis-carried orders instructing Mifflin to abandon his post too early and aided by a late morning fog, is successful.  By mid-morning on August 30th, General Howe stands surveying empty American fortifications, puzzled as to just how his surrounded quarry managed to escape.

The bulk of the Continental Army (around 9,000) had been safely snatched from the jaws of total ruin and/or capture.

In large part to the distraction of peaceful campfires.


I’m not discounting the accomplishments of sports figures.    But in my mind, knowing the above story is more important than knowing who-broke-what-record.

Simply because, it gives me time to reflect on and ponder the extraordinary effort put forth by our forefathers in the quest for Freedom.   By delving deep into the history of our Revolution, I see how many times our cause was on the brink of being lost.

I am deeply touched by stories of those who marched in snow without shoes, fought battles with nothing more in their stomach than boiled shoe leather and how, even in those days, office politics abounded.

Knowing George managed to keep his post AND win the war, in spite of gossiping, negative, incompetent back stabbers trying to get him fired nearly the entire time, reassures me great things can be accomplished, even if the cause you’re joining is peppered with the lazy, power-hungry and traitorous.

I’m also intrigued by the campfire ruse.

I see a lot of campfires around these days – lit and tended to distract us from the real issues.

I really don’t want to be on the side that got distracted….

So, I’ll continue in my evil ways of teaching true sports fans tolerance.   I’ll continue to forget what a balk is, why pinch hitters are necessary and why yelling, “Quit diving for the ball” at an opposing fielder who has done the extraordinary time after time tonight is met with silence and glares.   Sports fans like seeing great plays, even if they are by the opposing team.

On the flip side, did you know Lynne Cox trained both her body and mind to swim the Bering Strait?  Amazing what the human body and spirit can do…

The Death of the Tea Party & The Republican Establishment?

A Warning to the Ego-Agenda Hypocrites

August 3, 2010 – Colorado Springs, CO – Tonight I had the chance to visit a Coalition for a Conservative Majority (CCM) meeting in Colorado Springs.  I went with a non-partisan organization that represents liberty – traveling across the country to educate people with materials that include the Constitution of the United States.  Prior to the meeting we sat down for a conversation with the leader of this group, Bradford Collins.  While he continually plugged a local newspaper called “The Constitutionalist Today”, I figured it was my duty, as a citizen, to ask if this paper had any political affiliation (in theory, the media should be non-partisan, in my opinion).  When I asked Mr. Collins this, he promptly replied that “No” they are not non-partisan – they are “partisan” – I guess meaning that they are conservative.  Since all of the public figures (candidates) on the front page were Republican, I was guessing that conservative in this instance probably meant “Republican”.

My fellow organizer and myself had arranged with Mr. Collins to speak briefly about our endeavors – her travels across the country, and my publication and media-model called The Good American Post.  He said we could both have a couple of minutes at the beginning to speak to this group of around 60 people.  Introductions were made, and when it came time for me to have a moment to stand up and speak to these people about our company, dedication to liberty, and love of free markets – I was ignored.  I had raised my hand at the beginning of the meeting – indicating that I was from “press” other than The Constitutionalist Today – so I am sure he knew that I was still in the room and still wanted a chance to address the crowd, since I was the one who coordinated for this organization to be there.  But I was forgotten.  I stood there – silenced.

Prior to this, while sitting at this table with Mr. Collins, I went to the restroom and was told that while I was gone that he took my purse and notebook away from my seat, sat it on a distant stand for food-trays, and gave my seat away to someone else.  Being a fairly humble and forgiving human being, I wrote it off for a simple mistake from an oblivious individual.  A mistake that I, too, although a young female, am also a human and a citizen that deserves a seat at a meeting (and that my personal property (e.g. purse) should not be infringed upon.

I had my Good American Posts in hand, ready to quickly address the crowd, excited to tell them about what I had started July 4th of 2009 as an effort to create a medium to educate our readership about capitalism and community – an effort that has been successful because we reach audiences of every demographic and every political affiliation.  We appeal to “the people” because we are non-partisan and focus on solutions instead of the problems. People across the country love us – and we are a vehicle to help educate our communities about how to make a positive difference.  I guess that I must have been a threat to these people who stood before me – the “leaders” of this organization and this movement – that included Mr. Collins, Michelle Morin (Mom4Freedom), and the publisher of The Constitutionalist Today, Lana Fore-Warkocz.  They were before me, they saw me, they knew I was there – I was ignored.

I am 28 years old.  I represent the next generation of leaders.  These people should be thrilled to see a young entrepreneur who is embracing and fighting for liberty.  Instead, I was shunned.  Because I have this publication, because I am unaffiliated with any political party, I guess I am some type of threat to their (apparently) Republican establishment.  A threat to this group.  A threat to this partisan paper that was the only press promoted at this event.

Tears weld up in my eyes.  These are our leaders?  Are these people standing at the front of the room the people that will save our country?  Why won’t they let me speak about media that has proven its success – The Good American Post – that brings people together from all political spectrums because we appeal to Americans – not Republicans, or Democrats, or Libertarians – but to We The People?  Why won’t they let a young female have a moment to speak?

I’ve heard that the publisher of The Constitutionalist Today calls her paper the “paper of the Tea Party”.  The authors and board members of this publication, who stood before me at the CCM meeting this evening do a very good job of telling people how much they love liberty.  However, their purposeful ignorance of my presence and desire to speak, in addition to taking away my “place at the table” (literally), proves to me one thing.  If these are the “leaders” of the Tea Party movement – we are doomed.  All they care about is their own pocketbooks, their own media, and their own agenda.  Another part of the machine.  They scream liberty, but it is an act – they are lying to us and they have lied to me.

These people who call themselves leaders and patriots that use the tree of liberty to try and squash the voice of a young patriot because she is supposedly a threat to their revenue streams are appalling and a detrimental component to the liberty movement.  It started a long time ago – the people who smile politely, clap quietly, and scoot away the independent voices that hold in their hand what could save a country.  Now I know what Sarah Palin meant when she said “Many of us are not going to sit down and shut up, we’re going to say ‘No we do not like it…”.

What we fight for is liberty.  What we fight against is an establishment – the establishment is our tyranny – the establishment is the false-God, saying that they know best while silencing the voice of independence and freedom.

As we left the meeting, a police officer who had just finished pulling over a car and writing them some type of ticket (“feeding” as we like to call it), sped past a man on the side of the road with a vehicle that was obviously broken down.  It concluded the day.  Where are the people extending their hand to good Americans?  Where are the people that hold out their hand in the name of love and liberty?  Where are the people that are for We The People?

– Tisha T. Casida

Casida is the founder of The Good American Post and currently resides in Southern Colorado.  Her company is dedicated to free markets, new media, and liberty. You can find out more at


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