A Financial “System”

Yesterday I saw the face of my grandmother as she asked me if I saw the paper that morning.  Of course the front-page headline was about the tumbling stock market.   I stay away from news that is bad for my health, but have been paying attention to the events the past two days including the volatile stock market and S&P’s downgrading of the AAA rating of the United States of America.


My grandmother looked at me and said “so much for my mutual fund”.  And to see the look on her face was the most sinking and saddening feeling that I have had in awhile.  You see, her and my grandfather sacrificed for over forty years to build their small empire, to “make it”, to raise children and love grandchildren, and to have an extremely small cushion for a rainy day.


The financial system that we have has stolen from her this small amount of safety that her and my grandfather had created with work, blood, sweat, and tears.  The financial system, with criminals at the helm, have stolen from MOST of the American people their hard work and labor, their value of their money, their savings, their retirement, their home values.  People at the federal level in government, at the top of the pile at the Federal Reserve, and in the back rooms and lobbying efforts of ill-intended companies, have stolen from us what is rightfully ours as guaranteed in our Constitution and legislated by a much Greater Power in our Universe.  These people, who have lied, cheated the American people, stolen our property, and then who threaten our well-being using fear tactics, should be sitting in prison.


Instead, they are the “leaders” of this country and it is disgusting.


My grandmother’s worry and tears are warranted, however, we will fight.  I will fight and scream and work to change this rotten and criminal financial system that we have until it is fixed or until I die.  The sadness in my grandmother’s eyes is the look of being betrayed by those you spend your whole life trusting, and this same kleptocracy will not continue to exist in my lifetime.


I don’t care what political party affiliation you are, where you stand on social issues, how much money you have or think you have – we must work together to change our monetary policy, audit or end the Federal Reserve, and get the criminals out of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.


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