A Proof For Liberty, Individual Responsibility – Ditch Your Party

After some candid discussions and exchanges, I thought it pertinent to write a quick proof of the hypocrisy at hand in an effort to educate those willing to listen to reason (versus rhetoric) about the fight for liberty.

It has been said by multiple people and multiple organizations that the key to ending the corruption in Washington, D.C. is to “get them all out”, “uproot the system”, and “vote in new representatives”.

It has also been illustrated that the two major parties, are working together to maintain the levels of corruption and secrecy necessary to be able to continue to create economic slaves of the American people.

Political parties are groups of people colluding for a special interest – the thought is that by joining these parties, that a group is more powerful to be able to create the desired result.  This is in essence, the concept of a democracy.

A constitutional republic has one goal – to protect the rights of the individual.  Which means no special interest or the desired result of any group, could be used as a force.  This would include the special interest and desired results of a lobbying effort, a faction of extremists, a multi-national corporation, a banking cartel, or a political party.

Political parties as machines for ending corruption are impossible because political parties, or any collusion of interests are in fact the machines that cause corruption in our system in the first place.

Therefore, for anyone saying that to “beat the system” we have to work “within the system” of a political party are voiding the very logic of their initial premise.

That’s not to say we should not have political parties, and have groups of people who get together to voice their cause, that is a healthy American thing to do. What I am saying is that you cannot use a political party as a machine to protect liberty, because liberty means standing as individuals.  Individual responsibility means being able to work and operate as an individual – including when it comes to electing representatives and voting for someone.  We should not need a political party to tell us what to do, because these political parties have a tendency to collude interests (democracy) and only serve the interests of those at the top of the party.

Want to “beat the system”?  Get out of it.  It is not working for YOU, the individual.

Health Is Everything

“It is impossible to fight a battle or a war if you are sick.  That is why we must keep our bodies and brains healthy – and be proactive about what we are feeding ourselves, our families, and our communities.” – Tisha Casida

On the long road to restoring liberty, I find it imperative that we focus some time and attention on our health.  And what we need to focus on is simple – our immune systems.

Let me qualify this by saying I am not a licensed anything and certainly not a doctor.  I am a young woman with no insurance who has decided I would rather put my money into preventing disease versus paying to alleviate the symptom (not the problem).

In a movie called Dr. Burzynski (a must watch for anyone who questions the FDA’s authority and actual purpose), a doctor says something to the effect of, ‘ask the head of the American Medical Association what prevents disease and they will tell you ‘the immune system’ – if this is the case, why don’t doctors write prescriptions for boosting one’s immune system?’.  I hope this point hits home.

So, in an effort to streamline our health, I have developed a core list of products (subject to change, review, and be added to with input from others), that I would like to share.

1. Protein: It is imperative that we eat quality proteins because these are the building blocks of our bodies.  By high-quality, I mean it is best that you know the source of your protein (where did the animal come from?, where was it slaughtered?, and what did it eat? are good questions to start with).  What we are trying to avoid are un-natural added growth hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals that become a part of processed meat (nitrates, nitrites, artificial colorings, saline solution, etc.).  Raw milk is also a great source of protein (it has all 8 essential amino acids, depending on the farmer/area).  We must start to know our farmers and producers (especially when it comes to consuming raw milk) – find out where your meat or milk comes from and make a stand on eating high-quality products where you know the food-chain.    You will find that high-quality protein products taste better and allow you to support the local economy.  Beyond that, you create a positive action for your health and the environment.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar: Although vinegar is acidic, it has been shown that it actually causes people’s pH levels to become more alkaline.  The more alkaline your body is, the less chance there is for disease to subsist or proliferate.  That includes discouraging bacterial, fungal, and yeast growth – each which has corresponding negative effects on the human body.  You can take just a small bit every day, either by itself or in water/juice.

3. Green Drink: There are many mixes and concoctions that you can purchase – but the purpose of these is to get more “greens” in your diet.  Most Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.  We know this.  And, you can take a “green powder pill”, but I am not confidant your body absorbs it the same.  Getting a green drink mixture and mixing it in organic fruit juice (organic, no-sugar-added cranberry juice is the best choice) at least helps supplement the body with “greens” so that you get much-needed vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, micro-nutrients, and antioxidants.  All good for your immune system and body at-large.

4. Omega 3,6, and 9 Fatty Acids:  DO NOT BE AFRAID OF FAT.  High-quality fats are incredibly good for your body, including your brain and skin.  The attack on fats and cholesterol have been very dangerous to the health of Americans, and we must counter this by consuming fats that are good for us.  This includes olive oil (as well as many other oils, just avoid canola and “vegetable” oil that most likely have traces of GMOs), organic butter, organic dairy products (like raw milk) and my favorite: cod liver oil.  You can find a cod liver oil supplement at your local health food store, and this can be taken in either in a pill or with a spoon (again, I prefer not taking pills whenever possible because of the levels of absorption in your body).

5. Clean Water: If you live in the city, it is hard to imagine what this really means.  Unfortunately, public water systems are often tainted with chemicals that the government claims are “good” for you and “protect your health”.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is essential that we drink pure water because it is the filtration system for our body.  You can find filters that help get rid of some of these particles, you can also purchase spring water and high-quality filtered water.  My favorite water supplement for water is a product called “Cellfood”, which you can add to your pure water – this is an oxygen/nutrient supplement.

6. Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements:  For further review and research, the following are additional means of adding nutrients to your diet that will boost your immune system, and build your body and brain:  All B-Vitamins, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vitamin A, Probiotics, Colostrum, and Elderberry.

It is impossible to fight a battle or a war if you are sick.  That is why we must keep our bodies and brains healthy – and be proactive about what we are feeding ourselves, our families, and our communities.  It is up to us to take responsibility for our health.  Being proactive and protecting our body from disease is the right thing to do for our own well-being as well as for the fight to restore sound economic principles and constitutionality to our country.

– Tisha Casida

The Meaning of Tolerance

By: V.A. Luttrell

Tolerance has become a common word in our society. No longer simply the purview of physicists, engineers, or nerds of other varieties, tolerance has now entered the realm of common speech. Parents and their kids, feuding lovers, civil rights activists, and the layman alike all claim use of this word. As with most terms, we use “tolerance” with varying meanings, thinking we are all on the same page. Usually, we’re wrong.

Social tolerance is a belief most often cited as part of “left” ideology and is usually said to be lacking on the “right.” Even though this dichotomy is tacitly accepted, tolerance is ubiquitously understood as a must-have, and those who are deemed intolerant face social condemnation and exclusion. Thus, when we all mean something different when we use this word, people can get hurt.

To many, tolerance equals acceptance. In order to be dubbed “tolerant,” we must submit to a particular set of ethics, wherein everything approved by pre-tolerant people is morally acceptable. To be tolerant of homosexuals one must accept that having sex with people of the same gender is morally permissible. Under this schema, if a person believes that homosexuality is wrong yet believes that people have the legal freedom to do what they please, he or she is still not tolerant and is scorned.

This is wrong. Tolerance is not acceptance. A Christian who purports to tolerate everyone who shares his or her beliefs would not be considered truly tolerant. So too, liberals who call themselves tolerant but react to the religious, conservative, or free-market minded with the same mistrust, suspicion, and aversion like bigots are not so.

Tolerance requires tension. Disagreement, fundamental differences of belief, and deep-seeded spite — these are the origins of tolerance. Tolerance is that which allows a social conservative and a man who feels as if he is a woman to sit down, have a coffee, and talk about their lives. They can simultaneously believe that each other is wrong, but by the end of their coffees they have gained each other’s perspectives and has become better for doing so.

Libertarians come to issues of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered (LGBT) people from a myriad of places, more diverse than either mainstream political ideology. Many libertarians identify as LGBT themselves. Some feel that being gay is a sin against God. Others have a limited understanding of any of these concepts. Many and most fall somewhere between. Tolerance is the thing that unites us. It is the simple claim that no matter how we think lives should be lived, neither the individual nor a government has the authority to say how another can peaceably live his or her life. It requires that we recognize our imperfections, our shortcomings, and our nature as human beings — that we do not have all the answers. It necessitates the humility to admit that we may be wrong. Perhaps this is why true tolerance is so hard to achieve.

Tolerance of race was the greatest challenge of the previous generation, and it is a challenge that it, for the most part, has overcome. To even say “I am tolerant of black people” will strike most today as odd. Why would you not accept them, for they are rights-wielding human beings like all others? In regards to race, we have moved from tolerance to acceptance., This is the same move that the current generation must make for the LGBT community. But in order to achieve acceptance, we must first understand what tolerance means and accomplish that. It is unrealistic to demand someone who ardently believes that homosexuality is wrong to go straight from passing out pamphlets to accepting that homosexuality is morally permissible. So to, we cannot accept a society to make that leap.

This does not means that initiatives like marriage equality are flawed. In fact, seeking marriage equality is an important step to achieve LGBT tolerance in this country.  When a government discriminates, it legitimates the act and hinders the progress towards tolerance.

It is for precisely this reason that libertarians hold the key to making sure that the country moves towards tolerance. It is our commitment to minimal government interference that will help spur things forward. Historically, governments hinder this movement. It is people learning from each other in free systems that move societies towards tolerance and acceptance. This is what we promote. We are that change.

V.A. Luttrell is a political writer and blogger currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Her main project to date is her blog, Thoughts on Liberty, which she has been writing since 2008. It is there that she works to promote “active tolerance,” a concept conceived on Thoughts on Liberty and which fully integrates into the rules there.  Some of her other interests include gender and race politics, class divisions, and constitutional law. In addition to libertarian politics, Luttrell also writes fiction and is an amateur graphic designer and web page designer. She receives her Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Political Science from Agnes Scott College this May.

10th Amendment Musings

I again became aware of how little use the 10th Amendment is to states who have no power over their own commodities and currency.

Fresh off the presses, How Race to the Top is re-writing US Education, gives us just another example of the legal blackmail that occurs frequently in our great country.

When an elected official proudly states, for news publication, the following, I question our hopes of realizing solutions:

“These are my best hopes,” he said in May. “You see people doing things that a year ago they said they would never, ever agree to.”

(Get the Scoop Here)

Warning About Political Parties

“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”
– GEORGE WASHINGTON, Farewell Address, September 17, 1796



Why abandon the GOP and Democratic Parties?  Because they are the same in too many ways. They are the problem, because they are not representative of the people. The Tea Party figured they could fix the GOP by electing Constitutional Conservatives and it worked!  In fact, it worked so well that the internal GOP elites have declared war on this type of invasion into ‘their’ choices for us.


The internal party elites see us ‘the people’ (not just the Tea Party) as invaders of their kingdom – a big corporate government. They fear independent minds that think and verify. We need to wise-up and stop trusting the people feeding us what they want us to eat – the opportunity to be a Republican as a constitutional candidate no longer exists where I am from; the GOP elites have and will stop us if we work within their framework.


We have seen this type of planned resistance in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District where I am running.  The Colorado GOP destroyed the clear winner of the state convention (Bob McConnell) and fed us their primary choice (Scott Tipton) by heavily funding him and demonizing others.  They did this while adapting to the talking points of “the people’s choice” (McConnell) with no intention of living up to the voters’ needs.  And then they drilled in the fear of what would happen if the Democratic challenger got elected.  The GOP voters took a reluctant bite.  Now, two years later, things don’t taste too good and the independent and swing voters of the GOP and Democratic parties are ready to spit out the candidate that was fed to us in 2010 by the GOP.


Now what? Who can take on the established party candidates?

Some will say that I’m a “spoiler” who can’t get elected and will only “help the Democrat” get elected.  Honestly, looking at the polling and track record of our current congressman (Scott Tipton) and talking to many of the voters who voted Republican, it is obvious he won’t win even if I don’t run.  I spoil nothing.  I offer a true choice of a fiscally conservative constitutional candidate that isn’t tied to big money and controlled by lobbies and big government corporate cronies.

We can’t change the system overnight.  There are options, if you dare to take charge of your vote and vote with your conscience.  We must stop the fear planted in our heads by the party elites and make sensible choices that we can live with. It’s no longer a ‘you have to vote the party, lever puller world’ since both sides, both political parties, have clearly aligned to stay in control.


Demonstrated track records of both parties are now visible to us if we take a realistic look. The Internet has ratted out the biased media.  Some are even now worried that the parties will start to control the Internet in the same way that they control the main-stream-media.


I say re-elect none of them and lets start fresh before more damage is done – that is one of the reasons I am running as an independent/unaffiliated candidate. There are many of us across the country running for our rights and liberties with no party affiliation. This time, more than ever, people are listening and supporting us and dare I say, actually winning!  This is why you see the blow-back from both parties against Independents as we take the seats away from them more and more.  Look at how many people are becoming Independent voters – that is what we should have been doing all along.  Several of our founding fathers warned against political parties – and we can see why.


If you are in Colorado’s 3rd District, I invite you to take a walk on the wild side and vote for someone who cares and dares enough to fight the battle for you regardless of which party you currently associate with. We are all really independent-minded and we share so many common goals and ideals.  We must stop the corporate parties who dictate how we should behave and what is good for us. We are smarter than that.  I challenge you to sort it all out and vote based on common sense, dignity, historical fact and the visionary perspective our founding fathers blessed us with by creating the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Only then can your vote come from your heart.


Nationally, I encourage people to do the same and take a hard look at the parties and ALL of the candidates, including those that are unaffiliated/independent. More and more of us are winning and we need your help.


My campaign is traveling Colorado, listening and talking with all of the citizens who want to be heard. Please come and visit me when I’m in your town, or write/call anytime.  All viewpoints are welcome because I will be representing all of us, not just a political party.  This is about THE PEOPLE versus the established failed big corporate government party system that have completely ignored the people’s freedom of choice and liberty which I shall tenaciously fight for every day.  I listen.  I am accountable and accessible to the people’s voices.  I want your vote and support to change our path.  To the Republican and Democratic parties – if you can ever come back to representing the people of this great country, please let me know.  Until then, please accept my sincere invitation to join me in the fight for our freedom and liberty.


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