New Year’s Resolution – Never talk about “The Government” Again

A constituent in my district candidly reminded me that we can’t consistently blame “the government” for our problems, because we, the people of this country, are the government. And this is absolutely true. By talking about government, as a separate and living entity – we give this entity power which it does not have. Our government is of the people – and that means it is up to us to fix these problems. Blaming the very government that we as people comprise will do absolutely nothing to solve the problems.


From now on, when I talk about the problems stemming from a federal level in Washington, D.C., you will hear me talking about the Republicans and the Democrats. Because it is the Republicans and the Democrats who have created these vicious cycles that we are in. It is the Republicans and the Democrats who have stymied our country’s economic development with their copious writing of legislation that creates bureaucracy and red tape that stifles business owners. It is the Republicans and the Democrats that have shunned their responsibility to keep the Federal Reserve transparent and that by their blatant disregard of sound monetary policy have created numerous economic bubbles that will continue to devalue Americans (and the world’s) opportunity to create wealth.


If it is up to our government, which is us, to solve these problems, rest assured that we helped to create them. Let us take our own power and responsibility and do something – stop talking about it. Stop blaming people based on labels and start working together on principle. Stop living in fear and start living in faith. Stop acting in anger and start acting in love. Step outside of these paradigms that got us here in the first place. Listen to your heart. Make 2012 a year of truth.

The truth is that “the government” doesn’t exist. We, the people of this nation exist and comprise different communities, companies, organizations, and agreements. Corrupt people have created problems for our country, namely the Republican and Democratic parties, that hide behind a veil of combining people’s interests, but instead have sold the American people out to a system of governance that is dangerous. Our rights come from our Creator, and we do not need permission to make changes in our lives that will positively affect our families and community. The year 2012 is the time when this will happen.


I will talk about people, I will talk about parties, I will talk about organizations and companies, but in 2012, I resolve to not refer to “the government” as this is an entity that was never intended or referred to by the Constitution. Nowhere in the Constitution is “the government” referred to as an entity. We are a free Union of States, represented in our republic by the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the President. “The government” – does not exist. WE exist – you and I – and we can empower each other to fix our country’s problems.

To a beautiful, prosperous, and very free year of 2012.



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