Public Servants – To Serve & Protect

Sometimes I feel like a criminal. Sometimes I get parking tickets for somewhat exorbitant amounts of money (at least they add up), and sometimes I get pulled over to make sure I have my papers – license and registration. Being on the road so much, it is also very easy to see that many others are subjected to these checks – to these methods of revenue-generation.

Our police force, sheriffs, and state patrol are a group of men and women who are charged with (swearing an oath upon) some means of serving and protecting the people who they live amongst. Unfortunately, it oftentimes seems like their purpose is to write as many tickets as they can for as many statutory (not constitutional) laws that are created at a local, state, and federal level. It is more about revenue-generation that serving and protecting.

More than once I have seen a law enforcement officer speed by someone on the side of the road who is obviously having a problem to go and write a ticket to someone else. Maybe the ticket is for speeding, for not wearing a seat belt, for expired tags, for a burnt-out headlight, for no insurance – but whatever the reason, it is not to “serve and protect” – it is to generate revenue. Yeah, maybe if the person is going 20 MPH over the speed limit – they may be endangering others, but how often does that happen? Most of the time, people get pulled over and written tickets for crimes that are by no means crimes. We are not criminals, and it is a shame that we are starting to feel that way.

I had a very pleasant experience one time with an officer who really was trying to “serve and protect”. My infraction was minor, he was kind and courteous, and just warned me that others in his field may not be so kind. For the first time I did not feel intimidated by the law (as well as I shouldn’t because I am not a criminal), but I actually wanted to participate in the process. To serve and protect – why is that not painted on our law enforcement vehicles anymore? And I mean OUR vehicles – it is our taxpayer money that pays for those police cars, and pays for the salaries of the law enforcement officers. They are OUR public servants – and should be serving us by protecting us from real criminals – from people who threaten the life and limb of the American public.

The Impending Terrorist Threat – We Must All Be Prepared & Able to Protect Ourselves

Since there are many (unconstitutional) government agencies and departments who are now monitoring every State citizen’s actions and communications (without a warrant – an explicit intrusion of our 4th Amendment rights and privacy rights) in the name of protecting us all from the impending terrorist threat, I have decided that it is absolutely necessary to make sure individual citizens can protect themselves from terrorists, because there are simply not enough federal, State, and local law enforcement officials to protect every, individual citizen.


There are simply not enough police officers, and other law enforcement people, to protect every citizen individually from terrorists – foreign and domestic. Because there are not enough, and because our country does not have enough money to hire a law enforcement official to protect every individual equally, the only solution is to allow individuals to protect themselves.


In the name of Homeland Security, and in an effort to protect our States’ citizens from terrorists, we must protect our rights to bear arms and protect our own life, the lives of our families, and the lives of our fellow countrymen. It is the right thing to do because of the impending threats that are touted daily by our federal governmental institutions and the large news networks that are an effective media arm for those institutions. When no one else can protect you (and calling 911 rarely prevents crimes), you must protect yourself.



Fixing Our Problems, Not Complaining About Them

I cannot tell you how many posts, emails, texts, calls, and other communications I receive about all hell breaking loose in our country. What is beyond my comprehension is that we are still discussing the mere existence of these problems that can be somewhat easily fixed at the state and local level of government.

There is a place for liberty and there is a place for law and justice. It is like Yin and Yang – they exist together and work together. There are good people, and there are bad people, and we have to co-exist as best we can to ensure freedom, responsibility, peace, and prosperity. Trust me, this is not easy, but I promise you that complaining about the problems does nothing to win the war – only arming yourself with the resources and tools, then engaging in the battle itself, will win the fight. That is what this is all about.

“He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot, will be victorious.” – Sun Tzu

We can fight the enemy, right here in our own community, in our own state – this is where we are strongest and where we have the most power. We are the roots of the American society, let us strengthen them to be able to deal with the storm of Washington, D.C.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution…are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” – Amendment X to the Constitution of the united States of America

First of all, the Federal Reserve System is a banking cartel created by global elites that have sold out the American people (and the world), that have bankrupted the American people, and that have created economic slaves of all of us. This banking system must stop. Ideally, fixing the Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C,. is going to take some time. What we can do right now is have every State in the Union adopt legislation for and create State-run banks that are an effective hedge against the Federal Reserve System. A fine example of one of these state banks already exists in North Dakota. And if we are smart, we will use our most precious resource – time – to work on a similar solution in our own States.


Secondly, Congress has enacted and the President has signed into law several pieces of legislation that are downright unconstitutional. As a matter of fact, the most recent piece of legislation signed, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (specifically Section 1021) is treasonous. Having the military take away and detain Americans is unconstitutional and everything that our American men and women fought against in the first American Revolution. No King should be able to take away the God-given rights of another with the waft of a pen – and that is exactly what has happened. It is now “legal” (not constitutional) for an agent of the military to take me away and detain me indefinitely without a trial. If I am committing a “belligerent act” by calling our President a King, then I have just made myself an enemy of the united States of America (what happened to freedom of speech?). Other unconstitutional acts include: the Patriot Act, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the Federal Reserve Act, and of course the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA), which are still being debated. Ideally we would have a Congress that would repeal the unconstitutional parts of these pieces of legislation. What we can do right now is nullify these pieces of legislation at the State or County level. Especially in the case of legislation that presents a direct threat to the civil liberties as outlined in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution – County Sheriffs at the county level are supposed to be stepping up and protecting the American people based on the Constitution of the united States of America. And of course it is a solution that we can take action on right now in our own localities.

Lastly, our military is here to protect the American people. Our law enforcement is here to protect the American people. The Oath that is sworn by law enforcement, our military, and Congress – is an oath to the Constitution of the united States of America. We must hold our military, law enforcement, and Congress accountable to this oath– we elect our fellow Americans to the role of representative and role of sheriff. And we elect our commander in chief of the military. Our last safeguard for our freedom is people like you and me. And that line in the sand, when crossed, must have consequences for those who attempt to take the life and liberty of our fellow Americans.

Liberty and law – working hand in hand – are all we have left if we are to “save” any part of our American roots. The law is the Constitution – and there is a place for justice. Liberty is our ability to “alter and abolish” our government when it is not working out to protect the people’s freedoms.

Washington, D.C. may implode – I am asking that you help elect me so that I can go there to help fix it. If that doesn’t work though, I am here no matter what to tell the federal government – NO. No more unconstitutional laws, no more unsound currency, no more unconstitutional wars. I am here to fight for you – the federal government is out of control, and it is our job to use our States and counties to step up.

Not complain – step up. Our enemy depends on fear and inaction – let’s change that.


“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.” – Sun Tzu






Resolution to Adopt State Bank into Platform of All Parties

By Marilyn Barnewall and David Justice

The following resolution is bring proposed for adoption at the Republican Caucus in Gunnison County Colorado.

We hope that both Democratic and Republican caucuses and Assemblies both state and national will adopt this resolution concerning a State Bank for each State:

WHEREAS, the Federal Reserve is a private, joint-stock, for-profit corporation owned by private investors, and though federally chartered, is “federal” in name only; and,

WHEREAS, the United States of America is $15 trillion in debt and counting, with no apparent end in sight and national debt is forcing negative repercussions within the State of Colorado; and,

WHEREAS, the federal government is currently spending $1.50 for every $1.00 of revenue collected which, in essence, renders debt repayment impossible because every dollar that is printed to pay the debt immediately creates 50 cents of more debt; and,

WHEREAS, the Federal Reserve both regulates monetary policy for and profits from the debt of the United States which creates a severe conflict of interest in eliminating the debt because by doing so corporate profits to the Federal Reserve are eliminated; and,

WHEREAS, the current economic model of “debt capitalism” implemented by the Federal Reserve has caused the only downgrade of the credit rating of the United States in history; and,

WHEREAS, as a result of the economic crisis, certain of America’s largest banks with branch locations in Colorado have been deemed “too big to fail”; and,

WHEREAS, to cover their losses certain of America’s largest banks have become dependent upon perpetual bailouts funded by taxes collected from the America people and owed by the posterity of Colorado residents; and,

WHEREAS, banks chartered by the federal system totally dominate finance in Colorado and should the federal banking system fail so, too, will banks in the state of Colorado fail, causing economic chaos which can be avoided if the state of Colorado creates a State Bank; and,

WHEREAS, the cost of funding the bailout of the “too big to fail” banks, coupled with the cost of funding the Uni ted States’ debt obligation, coupled with the cost of funding the operation of both state and federal governments, coupled with a non-payable debt obligation, translate into an unreasonable tax burden on the People of the State of Colorado and their posterity; and,

WHEREAS, the Federal Reserve’s economic model is causing the transfer of the wealth and property of Colorado Citizens and ongoing reduced tax payments to the State thus damaging legislative efforts to effectively and efficiently manage the demands required to provide good governance; and,

WHEREAS, given the complexity of the economic crisis, it appears that the representatives elected by the People of Colorado, may not be serving the interests of the people, but rather the debt obligation to the Federal Reserve; and,

WHEREAS, it appears the labor, property, and wealth of Coloradans is being reduced to provide security for and the servicing of the federal deficit; and,

WHEREAS, America’s founding principles provide for the strict distribution and separation of powers to prevent the tyranny of the consolidation and centralization of power which is proving destructive to the State of Colorado; and,

WHEREAS, the existence and perpetuation of the current, centralized, private-corporate, bank-government relationship is the very definition of fascism in breach of the constitutional guarantee provided in Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States of a republican form of government; and,

WHEREAS, since 1919 the People of North Dakota have owned and benefited from the successful operation of the Bank of North Dakota, the specific purpose of which has been to provide an in-state repository for the holding, management and distribution of the fees and taxes collected from the operation of the government of North Dakota; and,

WHEREAS, the Bank of North Dakota is limited in its scope and purpose to: administer bank charters and audits, make funds available for state, city and county government operations, to benefit the People and communities of North Dakota, and to provide correspondent banking services for chartered members; and,

WHEREAS, the Bank of North Dakota is prohibited from competing in the private sector with privately-owned banks also operating in North Dakota under state or federal charter; and has specifically created a structure within its State Bank Board which guarantees its Bank will function on behalf of the people and not as a political tool; and,

WHEREAS, the People of North Dakota have significantly benefited from the Bank of North Dakota which has paid the state treasurer more than $325 million from bank profits over the past ten years; and,

WHEREAS, the Bank of North Dakota is attributed with being the cause for the North Dakota economy topping the list of state economies year after year, and with being the only State that has had a continuous budget surplus since before the financial crisis of 2008; and while the rest of America has been enduring a recession, the state of North Dakota has enjoyed the largest budget surplus in its history; and,

WHEREAS, the Bank of North Dakota is attributed with being the cause why in 2011 the People of North Dakota saw almost $500 million returned to them in income and property tax cuts and will enjoy a 30% decrease in tax liability when combining 2009-2011 tax cuts; and,

WHEREAS, the Bank of North Dakota is attributed with being the cause why North Dakota has the lowest foreclosure rate, the lowest credit card default rate, and the lowest unemployment rate of any State (3.3%) in the nation; and,

WHEREAS, banks in the state of Colorado are failing at a rate five times greater than banks in other parts of the United States; and,

WHEREAS, Small businesses in the state of Colorado have experienced great difficulties in obtaining necessary capital as a result of the recession that began in 2008 and which result from the monetary policies of the national banking system under the control of the Federal Reserv e System; and,

WHEREAS, The bank of North Dakota consolidates the handling of all state funds, while in Colorado various economic development and home ownership programs have limited authority, which may be more efficient if consolidated within one agency; and,

WHEREAS, Colorado State Representative Ray Scott recently visited with the President of the Bank of North Dakota and has confirmed that it functions as provided in this resolution; and,

WHEREAS, Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton recently attended a National Conference for State Treasurers held in Bismarck, North Dakota and following a thorough presentation about the Bank of North Dakota has expressed his support for a Bank of Colorado following the North Dakota model; and,

Be It Resolved by the __________ County _____________  Party and its members concurring herein:

That the ____________  Party of ___________, Colorado hereby adopts and endorses the following as part of its platform:

That on the November 2012 ballot a proposal be given to Colorado voters to amend the Colorado Constitution by adding a provision authorizing legislation forming and establishing the Bank of Colorado modeled precisely after the Bank of North Dakota, to:

a. Hold in trust for the People of Colorado, any and all profits, fees and taxes collected from the operation of state, county and city governments,

b. Administer those funds collected in the best interest of and in a manner most suitable and beneficial to the People of Colorado;c. Grant state banking charters to private banks who apply for membership;

d. Act as a lending partner (correspondent bank) for chartered member banks;

e. Make low-cost loan funds available to cities, counties and other communities within

Colorado to stimulate positive business growth, new jobs, and projects required to support both growth and community stability and quality of life.

This _____ day of ________________ , 2012

Gearing Up for World War III

“If you want the truth to stand clear before you, never be for or against. The struggle between “for” and “against” is the mind’s worst disease.” – Sent-ts’an


Trade sanctions, in a global economy (like we operate in), could be considered an act of war. The embargo on the import of Iranian oil by the European Union has significant implications for all of us. Iran – the supplier of oil for India, China, and Russia – is being forced to take an action. Either they will stand up for themselves, they will get assistance from China (who are already negotiating with them), or the desires of the West will effectively replace the regime in an act that we have seen time and time again. All of this is a sure bet that the United States is getting its nose into some pretty bad business. Is this about democracy? Is this about terrorism? Is this about elite control of resources and wealth?

India’s Population: 1,170,938,000

China’s Population: 1,338,299,500

Russia’s Population: 141,750,000

European Union’s Population: 490,426,060

Total: 3,141,413,560

United States’ Population: 307,000,000


The United States is just 9.8% of this entire population of people who will be drastically affected by an oil embargo in the Strait of Hormuz. Which makes one think about our foreign policy. And why we keep intervening when our country is broke (15 trillion dollars – we cannot even “produce” our way out of this at this point). And why we keep purchasing foreign oil when we have our own oil and energy resources to develop. And why we keep arming regimes, helping other regimes, then over-throwing those regimes that we arm and help, in the name of democracy while killing thousands and thousands of innocent people and calling the lives of our troops expendable, and the deaths from these continual interventions “collateral damage”. I am sick of it.

If this is about oil – we need to take a look at what we are doing right here in our own country. Renewable resources, coal, oil, and gas – are all readily available for us to take advantage of – why aren’t we? We need jobs, right? Why are we shooting ourselves in the foot and meddling in other countries affairs?

If this is about control of resources – why is the United States the supreme dictator of sovereign nations’ resources? What made us better than everyone else? Can’t these countries make decisions and make mistakes without our guidance and leadership? They may actually want that.

The argument back will always be a fear-based, war-mongering approach of “They are out to get us, kill us, etc., so we must stop them before they do!”. Well, what if we don’t have any money to do that? What would the smart approach be? How about developing our own country’s resources so we are not as dependent upon foreign oil? How about working on a sound currency and monetary policy that does not allow the power elites to print money, create inflation (the most insidious of taxes), and erode the American people’s wealth through a central bank called the Federal Reserve? How about bringing our troops home to build our own national defense (not offense) and protect our own people, and protect our own borders?

Why does this sound so extreme when it is what Jesus Christ would tell us to do?   Jesus Christ was someone who believed in the truth, in loving thy neighbors, in exercising peace and dialogue. Why are we not taking the high road and acting like better neighbors? Why aren’t we trying out the golden rule for a change? This interventionist stuff is not working – isn’t that obvious? The United States has been at war basically since its inception. And maybe that is not a good thing – there are other countries that do very well from a quality of life standpoint that are very peaceful. We can attack others who attack us, but we have the military capability and might to isolate the “bad guys” – we do not need to occupy other countries’ sovereign lands and kill innocent people indiscriminately. Not to mention create more pain and problems from the weapons of war.

If you think I am a “softie” by saying this, let me reaffirm that I think that every American should be armed – I think the federal government should arm them (actually Constitutionally mandated in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 16), and I think we need to protect our country. If someone attacks us from abroad, we can constitutionally use the Letters of Marque and Reprisal to isolate them and have them punished. And if we do need to go to war, it can be declared by Congress – which is constitutional – and not what we have done most recently with the “wars” that we are in.

I want my fellow Americans to be the healthiest, strongest, and most liberated people in the world, and I want us to create the economic soil that must be amended in order for our seeds of prosperity to grow. And we can start this by responsibly using our own resources, and stop participating in actions that will create the next world war. That is why we need to elect new representatives into Congress – people with a stake in the game, people who live and work in this country and want to see our nation have sound economic growth so that our children and grand-children can enjoy exercising free will, personal responsibility, having private property rights, and living with civil liberties that make us free. This is why I am running for the United States House of Representatives – to amend the soil for future generations, and to use this country’s resources for our own economic well-being and benefit.

Veteran for Ron Paul – Speech at Colorado Caucus

This speech is from one of our team members who went out and rallied for Dr. Paul the other night at the caucus in Colorado.  We thought you would enjoy reading his simple and eloquent case for freedom.


Thank you for coming out tonight.

I’m a Marine Corps veteran. I served in the Kowst region of Afghanistan from 2004-2005. I’m here to tell you why the troops and myself support Dr. Paul…. Why 81% of all military contributions go to Dr. Paul. That is 4 times more support from the US military personnel than all the other candidates combined….. In fact his top 3 campaign contributors are the US Army, US Air force, and the US Navy. This is a stark contrast to the top supporters of the other candidates which consist mainly of wall street and their banks.


1 month after the attacks of 9-11 I enlisted in the Marine Corps. I held my hand up and swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution… This is the same oath that brings me here tonight…. All military personnel have taken this oath including Dr. Paul as a flight surgeon in the US air force…. We have pledged our very lives in the defense and preservation of the Constitution and Liberty. The principle of liberty is what makes our country great, prosperous, and unique…. Dr. Paul not only understands and upholds the Constitution, He has fervently fought against big government in the defense of liberty every time its been threatened.. even when it has not been popular to do so….. He has shown an unwavering commitment to take the establishment head on in the defense of freedom. This is what earns him the respect of the fighting men and woman in the US Military. He is the champion of the constitution. He is truly a patriot and he is undoubtedly the Military’s choice for their commander in Chief.

However the biggest threat to our way of life is not to be found in the sands of far off lands but it is in the economic realities of our national debt… We now sit at a cross roads… America’s GDP is now equal to that of our National Debt. This is the tipping point…. In other words the Federal Government Owes more than We the People produce.. This is not only unsustainable but horribly irresponsible.

It was Dr. Paul’s economical foresight that got him into politics. In 1971 the government completely delinked the dollar from gold. Ron Paul warned that this would inevitably lead to out of control spending and an unaccountable government. Ron Paul was right… However this is not his only Prediction that has come to pass… He in great detail warned us of a housing bubble going back as far as 2001. Other Candidates collected 1.6 million dollars from Freddie mac, and told us how great everything was. Ron Paul also predicted the dot com bubble in 2000… We the people have been asking for someone who understands economics. We have that in Dr. Paul.

Not only does he have the economic insight so badly needed at this time in our nations history, he also has the answers… Ron Paul is the only candidate who has purposed any budget cuts let alone 1 trillion dollars in the 1rst year. He voted against Tarp and against every Bailout every time, Regardless of who has proposed it. While some candidates give lip service to fiscal sanity there actions certainly speak louder than words. Unlike others running Ron Paul has never voted for raising the debt ceiling, knowing that this is just political irresponsibility that translates into more spending. Just as Ron Paul has never voted to raise the debt ceiling he has also never voted for a tax increase. If those aren’t enough examples to his testament of fiscal responsibility please note he is the only member of congress who not only returns a portion of his congressional budget to the US treasury EVERY year, but he has also opted out of the lucrative congressional pension. And as President of these United States Dr Paul has vowed to take in no more than the average American income of 39,000 dollars. The Bottom Line is Ron Paul cant be bought and he has never sold us out. There is no other candidate in the running who has consistently fought for We the people our economy and Our Constitution.

Dr. Paul has truly earned my vote as well as my respect. I hope that he will have earned yours as well.

If you believe in the strict adherence to the Constitution as much as I do I would love to have you stick around and vote for me as a delegate. Thank you for your time.



Individuals, Counties, Sheriffs, and States Step Up Against Unconstitutional Acts of Government

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 forbids the use of the military in domestic law enforcement. That means that you cannot be detained, tortured or killed by the military of the United States – if you are suspected of wrong-doing, local law enforcement must go through the State’s constitutional procedures of finding, arresting, and punishing you.

Section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) basically nullifies this law, as it states that “belligerent acts” are a potential reason to be detained indefinitely and “covered persons” could generally mean any American citizen in the United States.  What exactly is a belligerent act? And if they wanted to protect American citizens – why didn’t they have a clause specifically stating that NO American citizen would ever be taken and detained indefinitely without due process and without the right to trial?

The fact is that if they (the Republicans, the Democrats, the Representatives (or better-said Politicians) had a chance to stand up for you – and they did not. For the most part, our three federal branches of government have not “stood up” for the American people’s individual liberties for a long time. And that’s okay, because our rights come from our Creator – and the first and most important level of government that we have given some responsibilities to are our States and the counties that make up those states.

County sheriffs are elected by the people. They are the highest law of the land. Back in the 11th Century, the King used to appoint a representative (called a “reeve”) to keep peace amongst the land (peace, or domestic tranquility was called “shire”). Hence the sheriff (shire-reeve). In the united States of America, county sheriffs are elected by the people they serve – they are not appointed by anyone, including a King or a bureaucrat. The sheriff reports directly to the people – they are accountable to the people they serve and they are charged with upholding the Constitution. The sheriff has the power to call on the militia (that is you and me). And when the federal government gets out of control, the sheriff is the last line of defense in protecting the American people.

We have great reason for celebration across the country because individuals, county officials, county sheriffs, and state officials are telling the federal government to leave their citizens alone and preserve due process.


Colorado – El Paso County (622,263 Citizens)

Peggy Littleton, County Commissioner, stood up to the unconstitutionality of the verbiage in the NDAA by introducing a resolution to nullify section 1021 and would basically “reinstate” habeas corpus, due process, and the right to trial for citizens of El Paso County. This resolution was passed and signed by the County Commissioners with support from the El Paso County Sheriff’s office. [SOURCE:]


Montana (974,989 Citizens)

William Crain, and Steward Rhodes (founder of Oathkeepers) are working on recalling the representatives who voted for the bill (Max Baucus (D) and Jonathon Tester (D) Denny Rehberg (R)). Rhodes says “These politicians from both parties betrayed our trust, and violated the oath they took to defend the Constitution. It’s not about the left or right; it’s about our Bill of Rights. Without the Bill of Rights, there is no America. It is the Crown Jewel of our Constitution, and the high-water mark of Western Civilization.”[SOURCE:]

The other states besides Montana that have the constitutional provisions to recall their sitting elected members of the congressional delegation (including such a reason as violation of their oath of office include: Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Wisconsin, New Jersey,


Rhode Island (1,053,209 Citizens)

Rhode Island Senator, Daniel Gordon, also introduced a resolution that is making its way through the Rhode Island State House. SOURCE: Gordon stated, “Given the fact that the constitutions of Rhode Island and that of the United States are replete with guarantees of individual liberties, right to habeas corpus, and right to freedom of speech, the offending sections of [the NDAA] are repugnant to the sensibilities of anyone [who] has a basic understanding of the foundation of this country. When I took the oath of office, I swore that I would support the constitutions of Rhode Island and the United States. And before one constituent of mine is snatched up in the dead of night, without due process under our laws, they’ll have to pry those documents from my cold dead hands.”


Ohio – Bowling Green (29636 Citizens)


Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) and the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Committee for Repealing the NDAA are working on a local city council in Bowling Green, Ohio. Dan Johnson, a student at BGSU who is spearheading the effort is working on organizing at least 150 students and residents to attend up-coming city council meetings.

Virginia (7078515 Citizens)


Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall (R) introduced House Bill 1160 to prevent Virginia law enforcement officials from enforcing the unconstitutional language of the NDAA. Verbiage in this bill “piggybacks” the ruling by the United States Supreme Court that invalidated part of the Brady Law and illustrated that “under our system of federalism, a state can’t, against its will, be turned into a “go-fer” to enforce a federal law enforcement regulatory scheme”. [SOURCE:]


Washington (6,664,195 Citizens)

Five Washington state representatives introduced a bill in the Washington State House that “condemns the unlawful detention of United States citizens and lawful resident aliens under the National Defense Authorization Act, and forbids “any state employee, member of the Washington National Guard or any agent of a corporation doing business with the state” to cooperate in the federal detainment or investigation of a U.S. citizen or resident alien” [SOURCE:] The five representatives are: Jason Overstreet (R-Blaine), Matt Shea (R- Spokane Valley), Vincent Buys (R-Lynden), Cary Condotta (R- East Wenatchee) and David Taylor (R-Moxee).


County Sheriffs Across the Country

And on January 30th, 2012, around 100 sheriffs from around the country came to a presentation by an eclectic line-up of speakers to learn about their role and duties as sheriffs and the importance of them understanding their jurisdiction when it comes to upholding the oath to the Constitution and protecting the American people. These sheriffs represent thousands and thousands of American citizens who may be afforded constitutional protection under their elected representatives – the county sheriff.


If 5% of the population was able to participate and win in the American Revolution that first made this country free, then that means we just need about 15.4 million people (of the 307 million) to step up and enforce our individual liberties and the Constitution. If each of these examples listed above affects the number of people that are in their states and/or counties – and if these people who live in these states, cities, and counties participate in protecting our own American citizens from unconstitutional acts of government, then we have already topped the number we need at 16,422,807 citizens. Of course, these people actually need to be activated – but the intention and movement is there.   Today is a very good day for liberty.


I have often said that our country has one big social problem. And I defer to that when debating because it is spiritual in nature – why are we on the planet, who do we answer to, why do we have values, and what is the all for?

For myself, as a sovereign individual seeking liberty so that I can pursue happiness, I think the whole point is to love, to create, and to take the high road while learning important life lessons. I do not think that fear creates anything, I think that fear is the opposite of love, and I think that it is impossible to walk on the high road when you are afraid. And I think that fear is what so many people, organizations, and factions of government use to get their various agendas through.

Example 1 – Peak Oil, Global Warming, and Fossil Fuels

I envision our wonderful and beautiful planet as a living and breathing entity (because it is). As humans, we have had the opportunity to live on and populate the earth for some time. As of late, it can be argued that we are doing some awful things to the earth – and we are. But that shouldn’t make us afraid to use the earth’s resources responsibly, that is what these resources are there for. The earth regenerates – much like we as humans re-generate billions of cells on a daily basis. To say that resources are finite and that we should be fearful, is a bit misleading – it may take many years to reproduce these resources (minerals, petroleum) or to see these resources become clean again (water), but the earth provides, and the resiliency of nature is beyond our human comprehension. We should not be afraid of using our resources – what we should do is have local oversight over resources and allow for regulations to be made at a State and local level (much better than a federal or international level where it is difficult for agencies to be accountable and transparent). When public lands are leased for responsible use of resources, citizens in these counties and States should be the direct beneficiaries of the monetary gain (instead of governments). If citizens in the county benefit from responsible resource development, they will be much more apt to participate in the discussion concerning development and regulation.


Example 2 – Abortion

There is a very real and serious problem with abortion in our own country and around the world. It is nothing short of tragic, as the ability to conceive a child and to give life is a miracle and divine. Pro-life groups advocate making abortion illegal, and the problem is that laws do not change human behavior – only people making conscious choices affect human behavior. Causes of this epidemic include poverty, a welfare state with no repercussions for personal choices and individual responsibility, the erosion of the family unit (made possible by the first two causes), and a complete disconnect from our own human bodies. As a woman, I am incredibly in tune to my body, however, many are not. And this disconnect feeds the disease and the actions of people – who pollute their body and who find it easy to abort a living and breathing being from their very womb. No federal or state law will truly fix this problem. The only way to solve this is by creating positive environments for the developing young woman where she is healthy, pays attention to the divinity of her female form, and makes conscious decisions about what to put in or take out of her body. It is the cultivation of love within a human, that makes them change their moral behavior. No law, no angry vitriolic attacks, no heavy hand of government will ever cure the pain and fear that allows for the violent act of abortion to take place. Individuals acting in their communities, in their churches can foster the loving environments necessary to curb this behavior.


We are so disconnected from our planet and from each other. Right and left, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, all pick out issues to violently defend and profess – using fear and using hate. This disconnect from responsible and conscious decisions made with love; and the disconnect from having faith in each other and this planet, is our one big moral problem that affects every issue that we debate.


We have a chance to drop the caustic rhetoric and work together to love more, benefit our local communities more, and create a healthy economy and environment to improve our quality of life. And that is a win-win-win for all of us.

I Am The Militia

At one point in time I actually thought that the militia was an underground organized group of people who were ready and poised to protect and defend their families, their communities, and their country. Now I realize that there is (in addition to this) a public, unorganized group of people who may not really know their responsibilities to protect their life, liberty, and property, but may just be willing to do that if push comes to shove.

For all of us, there is a line in the sand that eventually gets crossed and we have to decide whether to submit, or to fight back. It can be for different reasons (foreclosure, I.R.S., drinking raw milk, smoking marijuana, carrying a gun, carrying a Constitution, planting a garden), but at some point, good and honest people decide to stand up for themselves and their families. Because we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, and that among those are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Militia – is you and I. The Army and the Navy – both mentioned in the Constitution, are separate entities from the Militia (funding and use of Armies and Navies limited to two years if I may add). The second amendment calls for a “well regulated Militia, being necessary for a free State”. In Article I, Section 8, the Congress actually has the power and duty to “provide for the organizing, arming, and disciplining [of] the Militia” (U.S. Constitution). That means that Congress is actually supposed to make sure that you and I are armed and trained to protect our liberties. But I will settle on the idea that they will just let us do our own arming and training, I won’t make them spend taxpayer money on my weapon of choice.

I am the militia. I don’t necessarily know anyone else in this militia, but I do know that everyone that I interact with is in fact some part of the Militia, who are supposed to defend these individual, civil liberties. And although some of these people call themselves Republicans and some call themselves Democrats, and some call themselves Christians, and some call themselves Atheists or Agnostics, that none of this really matters. If someone attempts to take the life of someone else – I, as part of the militia am going to do my best to stop it. If someone attempts to kidnap someone else – I am part of the militia am going to do my best to stop it. At some point, 911 doesn’t work to prevent or stop crime – but I can, and you can, and we can. We are the American people. We are the militia.


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