Winning the Economic War & Fighting Terrorism

Apparent both nationally and locally, 2012 is going to be an important year for Americans to make decisions regarding what the federal government should and should not be doing. So much money and time has been spent on special interests and social issues – neither of which should have ever been a part of the federal government’s mantra and charge for defending the individual liberties of the American people – and it is time we take a hard look and decide where to put our time, interest, and money.


Terrorism is real – it has been a part of free people’s lives since history has been recorded. There are interests that desire to control and kill factions of people based on money, religion, and other agendas. For free people, it is essential to pay attention to the basis for effectively maintaining freedom – and that is economic well-being and the ability to create and grow wealth. Only when people can exercise economic freedom, with the realization of property rights and the acknowledgement of natural rights, are we able to defend ourselves against terrorism.


Economic terrorism, a real-world means of destroying countries by using currency and the debt-system of our monetary policy, is American’s greatest terrorist threat. With the literal push of a button – our economic system as we know it could be wiped out – there are no regulations, no transparency, and no accountability to protect and defend Americans against this push of this financial melt-down button. Kevin Freeman has wrote an excellent book on the subject called Secret Weapon, and eloquently explains how America’s financial system could be collapsed with the vested interests of nations who would like to replace the dollar, and who would also be happy to end capitalism as we know it to instead adopt a different monetary policy under a different type of law. One which would erode not only our individual liberties, but also be dangerous to the peace and freedom embraced by humans around the world.


National defense is about much more than defending the borders of our country – it is also about defending the infrastructure and system by which we are able to operate freely and creatively. Whatever your belief system is, and whatever your values are – the most important thing to fight for right now is the ability to fight for and enjoy those things. If our economy is collapsed, we will no longer have the ability or freedom to do anything. And our economy and financial system could be collapsed. But unlike the scares in 2008, it will be much worse, and we may not be able to dig out.


This is about using our time and energy to focus on the taproots of problems, and as I see it – the greatest threat to the American people is economic warfare made possible by our debt, our weak currency, our monetary policy, and our lax regulation and insight of financial markets both here and abroad. This must change and change now for us to be able to continue having a voice for any of our values and special interests. This is trans-partisan – and this is something that should be discussed and deliberated by our representatives at every level of government.


Embracing Our Veterans & Understanding Our Threats

I have seen the face of war, because I was married to a young man in the military before, during, and after the attacks of 9/11.  I watched and was a part of this war on terror that we are still in today, and I have felt the cold stare of a human who has been affected by posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  My story has a relatively happy ending – so many do not – and it is imperative that we understand where we are as a country so that we can establish where we are headed.

It does not matter if you believe our wars are right or wrong – the fact of the matter is that there are terrorists, foreign and domestic, that seek to erode our liberties and our economic power.  They are doing a good job.  Our troops, and the veterans who have pledged life and limb to protect this country – deserve our time and attention to the emotional wounds that are so often a part of who they are when they come back from seeing combat in other countries.  Humans killing humans is un-natural, violent, and causes extreme emotional havoc – and it is our job – as members of the community and country that pays for these wars – to take care of these soldiers and try to help heal these wounds.

I lived in El Paso County for almost five years during my time in school and while I was the wife of a gunner on a tank stationed out of Fort Carson.  There are multiple military basis in El Paso County, and the military is the bread and butter for many people living in Colorado.  In 2009, there was a chain of murders that happened in Colorado Springs – and there was a story in the Gazette in part titled “The hell of war comes home”.

These soldiers who are trained to kill, oftentimes come back to our country with both physical and emotional wounds that can often take a toll on their families, their community, and their own lives.  It is a process that is a part of having a military and engaging in war.  Ideally, upon coming back these soldiers would have all of the services and time that they needed to heal – but this is not the case.  There are people and organizations, however, stepping up to make this possible for these soldiers and veterans.  And that is a very positive and proactive way to embrace the men and women who have given so much for our country.

I have been lucky enough to tour LifeQuest in Colorado Springs, and meet the founder of the organization, CW Conner.  They have a great facility that invites in soldiers returning from war with physical or emotional wounds (PTSD and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)) – and challenges them to take actions to heal.  It is a holistic approach – working on the mind, the body, and even the need for adrenalin and music – taking all of the parts of the chemical make-up of those who engage in combat.  It works – it is working – and lives are being changed and saved.

One of our greatest threats as a country is to not recognize that we must strengthen and empower our communities by loving our neighbors and interacting with the people that make our political economy possible.  Businesses, government, non-profits, the military, all industries and all individuals are a part of what makes our freedom and lives possible.  Forgetting who we are – that we are all a part of the human element that is here on this planet for one reason or another – is one of our greatest threats.  Our country’s moral compass is arguably broken – and one of the biggest fights we have is ignoring the human element in each of us.  Recognize that we are our power, and take some time to help someone who needs it – together we win.

Natural Rights Vs. Legal Rights

What is the difference between natural rights and legal rights? Natural rights require no “law” to interpret – these are unalienable rights – like the right to life, to consume foods and products that one desires, and the right to protect one’s body and one’s property. Legal rights are those so deemed by various “legal” or “political” entities with a vested interest in what is best for the people living within that system – or so we would hope.


What happens when legal rights start to infringe upon natural rights? As you can see throughout history – the people living under legal rights that encroach upon their unalienable natural rights as humans – eventually stand up for themselves and revolt (peacefully and otherwise) against the legal system that is constraining their free actions as humans. Whether it is has been slavery, economic oppression, or disgusting acts killing millions of people because of their identity – the people who live under legal and political systems that take away humans’ basic natural rights – must try to stand up for themselves.


An interesting phenomena taking stage for the American people is this focus on food and substance issues at the federal level of government – e.g. food regulation and marijuana use – both of which are natural rights for the human being – the right to decide what to put into one’s body. It is our natural right to decide for ourselves what to consume and how to consume such. It is our natural right to make these choices for ourselves without the heavy hand of legal or political entities dictating how and when we consume such. The recent “regulation” of salt, sugar, raw milk, etc., as well as the relentless war against a plant that has not one proven death from overdose – is such a waste of time and focus for the American people who should be concentrating on the economic disaster at hand.


I would like to argue that the ability to create exchanges between one another – either as labor or as products – is a part of our natural rights. This ability to create exchanges amongst our communities is the basis for all civilization and therefore a natural right. Our current debt-monetary-system enslaves anyone who participates, as the fiat money supply (our Federal Reserve Notes) – is nothing but promises upon promises to pay banks back. Our “money” is nothing of substance or value – it is only debt. Therefore, the nature of winners and losers is created by elite, private, self-proclaimed authorities who control the value of the interest and the rate of the inflation. If we really want to be free – we must opt out of this system.


There are ways to do this, and I have been able to find several across the nation. The whole concept of exchange allows for individuals and communities to build and grow – the basis of all of this is the value of our labor.

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