AK-47’s For Soldiers – If the United States is a Battleground, Then I Am a Soldier

President Obama stated that AK-47’s are for soldiers – “I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers, not in the hands of criminals”.  Most likely, this comment was made in an effort to turn the conversation to not the “ban of guns” – which is highly controversial, but to the “ban of high-powered guns”. And of course, this is how all rights are whittled away – and how you start to lose your freedom.

My heart hurts for innocent lives that are lost at the use of a gun. My heart hurts for innocent lives lost because of toxins in the environment and lack of access to nutritional foods. My heart also hurts for innocent lives lost because they cannot protect themselves – if you look at our foreign policy – for decades we have attempted to decide who to “arm” in other countries, and then see the devastating effects of that. The lives being taken in Syria are because those innocent people have no way to protect themselves – the United States decides who to arm, but it does not necessarily arm the innocent people who would need to protect themselves when “the bad guys” come to hurt or kill them.

People die every day. Although you cannot stop criminals from having access to weapons, you can protect citizens by allowing them to protect themselves. That is the 2nd Amendment. It is the only way to save lives – to allow people to protect themselves. Bans on guns increase crime and violence.

Thanks to the National Defense Authorization Act, the United States is now considered a battleground. Since this is the case, I have decided that I am a soldier. If my country is a battleground, and since it is impossible for any law enforcement or military to protect me at all times from all threats, I myself am a soldier – and therefore – should always have access to guns – of any model. I am not a criminal, but I know criminals can get weapons of all types, so I am a soldier, here to protect my own individual liberties.

Making Enemies of People Who Keep Us On Our Knees

What is your greatest fear? For me, after a lifetime of struggling with my own fears and worries, I am working on letting go of fear as much as I can. Because fear stops me from accomplishing things that I want to accomplish.

After so many fights, in my own mind – of being scared of death, scared of war, scared of terrorists, scared of God – I let go of my fears. I decided that I would spend my time loving my walk on earth, versus being terrified of all of the things that could go wrong while I am here.

Fear is the basis for most of our legislation, most of our laws, most of our communications from the media. Fear sells – it is arguably the most powerful human emotion – it is built in our DNA – to react to situations that are dangerous. We can’t change that. What we can change, if we want to create a better and more peaceful life for ourselves, our family, and our community – is how much we allow fear to control our actions. And that is something that can only be done on the individual level.

All of our great teachers and leaders have let go of fear to do something great. You may not like all of these people, and there are certainly character flaws in them (and us) that could be argued with no conclusion. We all have different likes and beliefs and don’t agree on everything. But it is true that these people were not afraid of death, and not afraid of speaking out against the people who keep us on our knees.

This year, for many people, the election is not about Right versus Left, Conservative versus Liberal, Republican versus Democrat. For many people, this election is about attempting to find people who are not corrupt, people who want to be public servants, people who do not want to make a career our of “politics”, people who will represent all of their constituency, and not just the people who belong to a particular party. These two sides pull us back and forth – stating the fears we should have if “the other party person” gets elected.

The truth is – these politicians from both “sides” are mostly all the same – they mostly all find ways to keep us on our knees. They mostly all work on legislation that erodes the rights of the individual, and they mostly all stay silent about the forces that have destroyed our economy – the erosion of the value of the dollar, the Federal Reserve System (inflation), and the corruption of the banking and financial industries that are in cahoots with representatives from the government.

If there is one thing that will save us and preserve the liberties that are unique to our country (although they are quickly being whittled away) – it will be the separation from acting in fear and instead acting out of love. Our enemies cannot control our outcome when we detach from their fear-based agendas. You and I are powerful people, and if we understand this and believe it – we can work together to make sure we ensure health, prosperity, and safety for our kids and grandkids. So what is your greatest fear? Can you let go – and work with me to find solutions?


The Bureaucracy Faced by Food Producers

An entrepreneur, who has been working on growing her dedicated following of people who want natural prepared meals and healthful alternatives to the central food supply, has encountered multiple hurdles when trying to both start and expand her operations.

1. She purchased a retail food license for a place ($250), but ended up having to move into a new location and was told she was going to have to purchase ANOTHER retail food license ($250) – this was after the City-County Health Department told her she would have to “get the facility up to code” even though it was a restaurant previously (the previous operators were operating for TWO YEARS not in code and were never fined or questioned).  And then, the license expires at the end of the year!  So she will have to purchase ANOTHER retail food license in January of 2013 ($250)!  That is a total of $750 for a retail food license for a small business that has not even technically started selling to the public through this retail food establishment yet!

2. She has a source of naturally-raised and USDA-processed chicken that her customers are eager to purchase.  The people who process these chickens are certified by all of the agencies necessary to show that the chickens have been handled and processed up to “code”. HOWEVER, she is not allowed to re-sell these chickens to her customers.  Why?  The City-County Health Department has told her that the people raising the chickens themselves would have to be certified by the USDA (the time and cost for this is extensive – likely in the thousands of dollars by the end of it).  We are talking about between 20 and 30 chickens.

3. She wanted to purchase Italian Sausage from a small, local market and use it in her tortellini soup. But she was not “allowed” to! According to rules and regulations, the small local market can sell directly to the consumer, but as soon as the market sells to her they need a wholesale license and to be inspected by the USDA!  An impossible feat for this small-time market – this is an added expense that is not worth spending the money – there is just not enough volume to justify the investment, and therefore stops the creation of this product in its entirety.

4. If she wants to use farm-fresh eggs in a recipe, then she must have a license from the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA), and a home inspection. She can sell farm-fresh eggs in her store-front, but SHE IS NOT ALLOWED TO USE THEM IN RECIPES.  All eggs served to the public must be pasteurized.  There are groups of people who do not want pasteurized products, and she has been stopped from using farm-fresh eggs in her recipes. People who want products that have not been pasteurized do not get the option of purchasing these products from her.

5. This entrepreneur started a very small indoor farmer’s market that was never inspected by the Health Department (after all, it was produce being sold by willing sellers and purchased by willing buyers – no prepared foods were involved) – and she was warned by someone in the Extension office that her market may have been “illegal”.  She asked me, “Don’t we have the right to gather and sell the goods we’ve produced?


Do We?

Small, local, micro producers should never be held to the same “laws” as large multi-national companies that lobby Congress to create these atrocious rules and regulations (what they call “law”) that eventually stop small producers from producing.  Follow the money.  You can see that most of our representatives in Congress have got there through the very money that ends up creating “laws” that hurt small farmers, entrepreneurs, and producers of food products.

It is people’s natural and unalienable right to consume products that they want to and exchange those products amongst each other.  There are no laws that can stop people who grow food or raise animals from getting those to willing consumers who are willing to purchase those items. And if those “laws” exist, then we can get rid of them in our own localities and communities.


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