Flying Above the Mind Vampires

“Like the bird who flies over the field and doesn’t care about the fences underneath.”

Benjamin Zander, TED Talks “The transformative power of classical music”

I believe in the power of individuals in this world to transform our political systems into something that preserves the individual liberty, creativity, and potential of who we are as human beings.  I believe in the role of peace, in the role of sound currency, and in the role of love to forge through the murkiness that sometimes shadows these beliefs and I believe in the sincere thoughts we have to obtain greatness.

The more I study, and the more I listen, the more profoundly sensitive I am becoming to the words we use, the foods we eat, the ideas we present and how we present and communicate to each other.  We are all this way, although sometimes we are going so fast that we don’t hear our hearts, our senses reaching out to us about the people and energy around us.

But I want to let you know that there are things that exist that are mind-vampires that truly feed off of your thoughts, and erode your power and well-being.  Remember those dreams, those feelings as a child – ignorance of fear – just the desire to create and exist?  Where do those feelings go – those that are inherently part of our being?  They are taken away by mind vampires, by people and words that destroy your belief in your divinity and your power.  Fear rules their words and force, and this fear is sent out to crumble the thoughts of the dreamer, the believer, the individual.

It is so easy to become wrapped up in this spiderweb, and it is often a web created by very well-meaning people.  I do know, admit, and understand that there are real issues we face and that these issues have solutions that require action.  But I believe that our actions speak louder than words, and that we could save time and energy to focus on the solutions first, instead of use fear, anger, and ill-will to influence people to act.

The latest example is Monsanto’s creation and passage of a federal law that exempts them from any responsibility to people or the environment with the genetically modified products that they are producing.  This is bad, except that shouting out how bad it is, or sending hate-mail to Monsanto, or to our corrupt “representatives”, is not only pointless – it is an expansion of your energy that would be better used to learn about a local farmer, talk to your county or State representatives, or just go purchase something from a local producer that costs more than what you buy at the grocery store.  Using fear and hate directed at mind-vampires just takes away your mind from your own individual power to immediately change what YOU do.  Do you know how much power you have?

All my life I have had mind vampires tell me that I am stupid for believing in what I believe in.  I have mind vampires try to scare me from speaking out freely against my country’s government.  And I fall down, and pick myself back up – just like we all do, as we learn more about the things that destroy us, versus the things that create us.

Today is a very good day to change your trajectory of what you are doing with your precious time on earth.  Be wary of the people and things that make you feel bad, make you feel fearful, make you feel tired.  Guard your heart and your mind and know that you are absolutely in charge of your destiny.

– Tisha Casida


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