Edward Snowden – Hero to American Privacy and Security

What a wonderful time to be alive – when people who believe in the individual and natural rights of all humanity are willing to sacrifice their own life to continue to make truth and transparency in government possible.


Mr. Edward Snowden, the source for the information regarding the National Security Agency (NSA) and the atrocious and unconstitutional collection of information from all Americans (and who knows who else) did more than just give pertinent information to the press – he has become a beacon of hope for the next generation of Americans who believe in true freedom, in a truly transparent government, and in securing the privacy of people who live in this country.


A “dragnet” collection and storage of Americans’ phone calls, including geographically located and logging where data is collected (“Boundless Informant”), is at the heart of the issue. Proponents of this far-reaching use of data in order to “protect” and “save” Americans include Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee’s Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence – Representative Peter King who is calling for Snowden’s capture and punishment.


Maybe the people of this country should demand the capture and punishment of Peter King and the other representatives who have failed their oath of office, the oath to uphold the Constitution!  Who is the Criminal? People SHOULD be in jail, and they are not the Edward Snowdens of the world.


Never in history has so much data been collected on so many innocent people. What happens when the people collecting the information decide that someone is a threat and should be “dealt” with? Is there review from a jury, a judge, a citizens oversight committee to see if that person is indeed a threat? Who decides what determines a threat? It is said that Congress knows what is going on – but judging from the other amazing things Congress is doing for mankind, I kind of doubt it. Does my representative Scott Tipton (R) know who in his district has their information being collected by the NSA? Does he know who is on a list determined to be a “threat”? I would love to think that he does, but he is probably as aware of the NSA’s activities as any of us are.


As a Colorado citizen, I can assure you that I think that the leaks about NSA’s activities from Snowden are more crucial to our security than keeping these unconstitutional activities hidden from Americans. When people like Representative King scream about the dangers to Americans from Americans who seek transparency in government, it is a blatant illustration of the “smarter than thou” mentality from people sitting in offices far away from everyday Americans working very hard to just survive.


This has nothing to do with terrorism – this has everything to do with the disregard for the privacy of innocent people who should never have their emails and phone calls read and listened to by people working for the NSA, for the government, or for any bureaucratic entity christened to “keep watch” on the homeland. There are judicial processes available to constitutionally deal with terrorist threats – there is absolutely zero need to invade the privacy of individual citizens.


God Bless You Edward Snowden, you are my hero.


– Tisha Casida


Thanks Colorado Springs for Destroying Small Businesses

I am seeing on the news that the Balloon Classic may not be able to hold its annual event next year because the city is requesting an additional $24,000 to provide for “safety” – barricades and more police officers.  The person who runs the event says that this is a hard hit for them as a small business – yeah, I am sure it is.  They should be outraged.

Colorado Springs is forgetting about how much money that event brings in to the City.  The inability to work with people who have run successful events like these for DECADES is a blatant example of government elitists destroying businesses and people who work in government being ignorant of the extreme difficulty for small business owners.  We are legislating our way out of any type of sanity and successful economic policy.  When “safety” is actually a way to generate revenue for government, we must remember that ultimately no one can protect us from everything.  Sometimes we have to take a chance.  I am betting that the Balloon Classic would go on just as well without more barricades and more police officers.  I hope that Colorado Springs officials recognize how horrendous this $24,000 bill would be to a small business owner.

This is just like the grounding of the Thunderbirds – a staple for us in Colorado (and elsewhere).  The Thunderbirds did not do their flyover at the Air Force Academy’s graduation this year because of the sequester.  Really?  Way to punish the people who are writing your paychecks.  The President could have taken one less trip on Air Force One and funded large amounts of these events for people who love them, and love our servicemen and women.  This was to punish us.  I think that the people making these outrageous policies should be punished – why don’t they take a pay cut?

When people in government think they know more than the people working their tail off to provide tax revenues to pay their paycheck, it leads to dangerous policies being enacted that allow force to be used against those who are not a part of government.  For the people running the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic, I hope they get a good and active group of citizens behind them to get rid of this upcoming $24,000 bill.

Power As The People

Today I took my abuelita (little grandmother) to church and watched as many people, many years my elder, hug and shake hands with one another. You could see them quickly catching up with one another, sharing updates, sharing consolation, sharing love.


When disaster strikes, we can call on “the government” to help us, but it is really the people who surround us – in our community, our church, our favorite non-profit organization, our favorite local store – that “save us”. It is our neighbors, our customers, our vendors, and our friends who hug us, who cry with us, who help us to rebuild. These are individual people – we as individuals hold the power to help one another.


There is an entity called “the government”, but it is really just a collection of individuals – those people who work in government have families, have communities, and have souls (for the most part), and act as individuals as well.


What is the difference between a collection of individuals in a community and a collection of individuals acting as “the government”? Well, it is the use and ability to use force – the force of law, the force of punishment and incarceration if laws are broken, the force of death if you run from a law that you broke. The difference between a collection of individuals in a church, and a collection of individuals who work for “the government” is the use of force.


I don’t believe that force should ever be used unless it is to protect one’s life. Force should not be used to protect the IRS’s collection of taxes, to protect the EPA officials who use drones to spy on farmers’ land, to protect Monsanto from the deadly repercussions its trans-genetically modified seeds may create. The use of force should only be used by individuals to protect individuals – not as a collective force acting as “the law” and as “the government”.


When disaster strikes, we can only save ourselves. Anything that “the government” does for us, as people, involves the use of force and should be used sparingly. Most of our everyday problems as individuals could be much better solved by smaller groups of people acting in our community, County, and State. It happens naturally – it will continue to be how we truly solve the problems facing our economy and culture.


When disaster strikes, “the government” responds (eventually) and tells us what they expect us to do, how to behave to get their help, and only offer what they think we need.  When your family, friends, neighbors and people you have never met respond and step up, they ask what you need and then find a way to do it.  No limits, no rules, no restrictions…who do you want to help you in your time of need?  A heavy hand or a helping hand?


Love is powerful. WE are powerful. We do not derive our power from government – we derive our power from loving each other. In the times ahead, please remember how much power you have.


– Tisha Casida


If You Are Saying, “You Shouldn’t Run for Office” – Please Read This

To Whom It May Concern:

I consider myself to be efficient at communicating, so this is my blanket statement for those of you who have the following things to say to me:

“You shouldn’t run for office.”

It is my Creator-given right to express myself freely, as well as to run to be a representative in my government.

“You don’t have enough money to run for office.”

I personally don’t think that the amount of money that you have should be a precursor to being able to do or accomplish anything.

“You should “pick a side”.”

I know that both major parties – the Republicans and the Democrats – are corrupt beyond any fixing, and that although there are wonderful individuals inside of those parties, that any “collective” eventually erodes the rights of the individuals. By “majority rule” – eventually the “minority” is silenced.

Thank you so much for understanding that this is not your decision, it is mine. I am a fully functional, intelligent, and free woman with the ability to outline and effectively communicate important issues to the constituents of Colorado’s third congressional district. I will be the only candidate to speak freely without ties to collective organizations and to political parties, that hurts the individual liberty of Americans and of people around the world – welcome to your next generation of people participating in government and politics.


Tisha T. Casida




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