Homeland Security – Where’s Scrutiny Over GMOs?

If you are concerned about the safety of the nation, and are worried about how to protect citizens from bodily harm from terrorists – you should really feel that same way about the injection of genetically modified organisms  (GMO’s) into the entire nation’s food supply by private companies and public partners that have deemed this infusion of un-tested foods onto our dinner tables “safe” and “necessary”.

I mean, changing the genetic make-up of the very food we eat that becomes part of our own DNA, is a pretty big deal – maybe citizens of our “free” country deserve a choice?

So, even though GMO’s have been “approved” by the all-knowing anointed intelligence agencies of American’s government, like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we have to remember that this agency approves “drugs” that have very damaging side-effects (including death – like what’s vocalized on all those pharmaceutical drug commercials with puppies running through a field of flowers and dancing people pirouetting down the beach).  A real “test” of how genetic modification may have long-term consequences on our agriculture industry as well as health of our citizens has not been completed.

You and I are the guinea pigs, we are the test.

The harbinger of corruption at the federal level of “protecting the people” through the office of the FDA is Michael R. Taylor, who worked for the FDA as the deputy commissioner for policy in the 1990’s, then went to work for Monsanto as Vice President of Public Policy, and then came back, under President Obama, as the Deputy Commissioner for Foods:

“Mr. Taylor is leading FDA efforts to

* develop and carry out a prevention-based strategy for food safety

* plan for new food safety legislation

* ensure that food labels contain clear and accurate information on nutrition”.

Yeah!  Of course he is going to do all of this effectively with absolutely no bias towards genetically modified foods, the flagship of Monsanto – where he worked and probably has some ties not to mention “stock” options.  Sure.

This is called the “revolving door”.  So are we giving the government and corporations the right to control your garden?  We already have.

Now it’s time to take it back.

And of course, the protection of multi-national companies like Monsanto from Constitutional law and from being responsible for human carnage with their practices through judicial review – is a testament to the fact that we absolutely have to take this fight in our own hands at the County and State level of government.

If we talk about “Homeland Security”, then can we talk about the very soil, water, and air that feeds the 307+ million Americans who exist here?

It is obvious that things are out of hand in Washington, D.C., and my guess is that our best bet is to lean local, know your farmer, spend more money on food and less money on policy, and vote with our wallet – the one vote we have left to make an immediate difference.

– Tisha Casida


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