Statistics – Whatever You Want Them To Be

There is zero credibility in any statistic sited by any news organization at any time when they discuss national sentiment or any national statistic.

How do I know this?  Well, have you ever considered that it is impossible to actually garner a “true” sample size of the population unless you are gathering at least 25% of the people who exist in the country?  This would be over 76,000,000 people!  (I hope you are chuckling because that too is a bogus statistic.)  See how fun it is to say things and have people believe what you say?  There is no logic to this!

Yeah, you can talk to hundreds, or even thousands of people and get an “estimation”, but this doesn’t reflect millions of people.  It is impossible to account for every variable there may be, it is impossible to count on people speaking the truth, it is impossible to ask your question in a completely un-biased way.  Impossible.  You can guess, you can make estimations, but you cannot know for sure.

Statistics is an art, not a science.  Statistics is about how you can manipulate numbers and data to say something.  And then how you can find a vehicle or a means to relate that data to people.  How you accent the words, the numbers, the delivery – it is all like painting the picture that you want.  But it is art – highly subjective with zero credibility.

Have fun watching your news organization talk about the percentages of people who like or don’t like something.  Is it close to 50/50?  Is it close to 60/40?  Is it close to 70/30?  What does this mean?  Do you know who they actually talked to?  Do you know that those thousands of people may be the only ones answering the phone – not the millions of people who didn’t pick up?

Never, ever believe a poll or statistic.  Do your own fact-finding.  Talk to your neighbors.  Listen to your heart.  You will have a far better grasp on reality versus these people that try to create the picture of your reality.  Paint your own picture.  Imagine That!

The "World" Set a Red Line

President Obama, said, in defending his potential future action to strike Syria, that it was not he who set the “red line” that was crossed.  He said the world set that red line.


I didn’t set it.  I don’t agree with it.  And large numbers of people don’t – is that not part of the World?


Okay, so the “leaders” of countries represent all of their people.  (In America, the President is NOT supposed to be the sole executive leader, but we are moving there fast.)  That would mean, if every country had a leader who agreed with President Obama, that would equate to 196 “leaders” – representing 6.9 billion people.  Very few “leaders” with massive representation can be a very dangerous thing.


The TRUTH is that while we look up at the television or bow our heads to the speakers to hear our leaders speak – it is YOU AND I who are responsible for our thoughts, actions, and destiny.


And the President is NOT MY KING  I do not want more war.  Congress – please take note that the responsibility for any action or inaction lays on your shoulders and you WILL be judged by your actions.  You are supposed to stop tyranny – you are supposed to stop executive rule.  THIS IS YOUR LAST RED LINE TO CROSS!

– Tisha T. Casida


Most of our “leadership” in Washington s pathetic.

Just pathetic, and I would use adjectives to describe the pathetic-ness but then kids could not read this, and they should as this is their future that these worthless politicians are waging on un-winnable wars.

Unbelievable.. Senator John McCain, you are pathetic.  Sickening.  You can actually joke about paying poker on your smart phone while you wage a decision about war that could bring the United States into a conflict that could be devastating to our economy and security?  It is not a joke and it is not funny – I despise you and what you portray as being a leader to the United States of America.  And you are not alone, but since i just witnessed you snickering on “The Situation Room,” on CNN, you are the target of choice.  I wish you had the morality to be humbled, but obviously you are so out of touch that there is no hope of reaching any type of reality, and the words I write are solely to fuel the fire that will out-flame your propaganda and lies that you think will evade the thinking minds of the American public.

You said that we “make the world a much better place”.  How about we do that by making the United States of America a beacon and light of freedom and NOT by bombing the smithereens out of nation-states that have completely different thought patterns and belief systems than we do?  Why don’t we secure OUR country and OUR nation?  Why in the world are we arming terrorists in the name of fighting terrorism?  Who are the terrorists?!?!?!

You “key Republicans” that are funded and protected by the powerful military-industrial complex are not conservative and no protectors of the Constitution,  How dare you risk the lives of our young – how dare you risk our lives, our prosperity, our Country.  I pray that Providence prevails and destroys your ego, your wealth, and your worth.  You have no business representing our American people WHO DO NOT WANT MORE WAR.  May you fail, and may the country and our young people be protected from your disgusting interpretation of a free country and a free World.

– Tisha T. Casida


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