Being a Victim of Committing Victimless Crimes – CASE 1: License Plate Registration

The Latin base of the word “registration”, is ‘regis’ – this means “King”.


Once again, I found myself in line at the courthouse to register my license plates with the State of Colorado. It is fun to pay the State for the “privilege” of being “legal” to drive my car (my property that I pay for), since it is my Constitutional right to transport myself wherever I like with whatever mode of transportation that I so choose. I like to pay for things and ask permission from the State for the right to do things so granted to me by my Creator.


Sarcasm aside, I really don’t like paying the State for things that do nothing to benefit me or my community. I should be able to drive where I want, how I want, when I want, because I have that right to take myself there. I am not talking about having insurance, or having a driver’s license (which are both great additional issues to discuss), I am just talking about registering my license plates.


If I didn’t register my license plates with the State, I would be subject to getting tickets from “law enforcement” agencies, enforcing these laws that do nothing to protect people’s property, but rather generate revenue. When I have expired tags, I am considered a criminal, and must pay a fee to the State. I am a criminal, but there is no victim. But that doesn’t matter to the State – it does not matter that I did not harm anyone or their property, what matters is that my inadequacy at paying licensing fees will still generate revenue for the State through tickets and fees. Bow down and pay, or be punished. Yippee!


How many tickets are written by law enforcement agencies that have nothing to do with “keeping the peace” or “protecting the people”? How many times have you received a ticket and have paid that ticket to the government so that you can maintain your privilege (which is actually your right) to drive around town, around the country? If you did not pay that ticket, if you did not license your vehicle, if you did not register your vehicle, you would be considered a criminal. Are you?


We are victims of committing victimless crimes. We are afraid of fees, of losing our “privilege” to drive, of being thrown in jail – and so we blindly accept that we must pay government to keep up “legal”, to keep us “safe”, and to maintain the operations of government (oh, the efficiencies) that “help” us. But, we are not criminals. We are not criminals for not having the means to pay licensing fees, to pay registration fees, to pay tickets and to pay government for the ability to do things. We are not criminals for being poor, or for being unable to pay to State for permission to do things.


We are not criminals, and we can embrace the power we have as individuals to bring common sense back to government, and back to a place where we are no longer victims of committing victimless crimes. It starts with you, recognizing that power you have. Now do it!

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