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Celebrating sovereignty and promoting peaceful REBELLION has to be the most fun and rewarding thing that someone could do.  That’s why I want to show and highlight some of the awesome and amazing people around the country doing great deeds and finding actual workable solutions to the problems that we face.

You cannot be stopped!  You cannot be silenced!  If you believe in yourself and in peace – we can indeed ensure health and prosperity for our loved ones and community.

After running for Congress in 2012 and 2014, and owning my own enterprise (That’s Natural!) for over nine, it is my honor to be a part of finding and creating rebellious acts that embrace those who are not afraid to push back and DO SOMETHING (versus complain about it!).  Let’s Do This!

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Tisha Casida

Can We Win the War on Terrorism?

By: Tisha Casida

An article from CBS reads, “Will ISIS plan a 9/11-style terror plot against the U.S.?”.

How can Congress have these fears when we have spent billions of dollars to “secure” other countries and our own?  When does this stop? Do you mean to tell me that we are in the exact same place that we were after 9/11?  And if this is the case, what is to say there is any hope to out-spend the “enemy” to “protect” us?

The only way to completely eradicate terrorism is to kill all people living on earth.  With the way that our government has handled our nuclear weapons technology and stockpile, that is a grave possibility.  There are always going to be bad people wanting to do harm to others.  If you want to win the war on terrorism – you would have to get rid of all human beings.  I am not a fan of that option.  There has to be some common sense answer to this question and fear – and it has to be different than having a standing army of Americans in countries with extreme religious factions that will stop at nothing to kill Americans.

With all of the technology we have, why isn’t is possible to do a better job at securing our country’s borders?  With the unprecedented collection of data on American citizens, as well as the disgusting use of Homeland Security as a standing army waiting to be used against our own citizens (complete with detention centers and government agencies having enough ammunition to knock off most Americans) – you would think that the government would have the “power” to stop the enemy.

Or, maybe that complete power to stop the enemy would mean that we, as Americans, would be literally or figuratively dead.  Either incapable of living, or determined to be the enemy ourselves, and killed.

What is happening in Iraq with ISIS is a lesson for us about the use and power of government.  Even the most “powerful” government in the world cannot stop bad people from doing bad things.  Even with the “Patriot Act” that strips away the freedoms and liberties of innocent and peace-loving Americans, even with trillions of dollars of spending on the “War on Terror”, even with our own “Weapons of Mass Destruction” – bombs, bullets, tanks, and drones – that we use against others – we still have enemies, and we still have people who want to terrorize us.  But now the question becomes – who are the terrorists?

It is too late to turn back the clock on our interventionist foreign policy that often takes other countries’ resources as a part of the plan of intervention.  Imperialism is nothing new in the history of our world.  However, for the sake of the next generation, for our kids and grandkids, we can at least theorize and discuss possible options to protect Americans and to protect the liberties of Americans – the very freedoms that make our country one where people want to flee to for liberty – not want to destroy.

What are the options for dealing with this crisis?  We certainly do not need boots on the ground in these countries that harbor terrorists and terrorist organizations like ISIS.  With the technology that we have, it is possible to not have our troops physically there.  We also do not need Homeland Security infiltrating our local police forces to create a standing army, where the potential for abuse is large and growing.  Any type of defense against foreign enemies should be at the borders – not in our community and towns.  If we focused our data collection on foreign enemies – the efficiency of that data collection should increase.  As with 9/11 and the Boston Bombings – these data collection systems were already in place – if the people collecting data were doing their job – we should have been able to stop these terror plots.

Yes, I am sure ISIS is planning a terror plot on the U.S.  I am sure there are several organizations that are doing so.  How can we use our technology to protect Americans while preserving their civil liberties and privacy?  How can we use the checks and balances of our republic to protect people and make sure we never become a police state with the horrific potential outcomes as what happened in Hitler’s Germany?

There are solutions, but we can’t be afraid to talk about them, and we can’t be led down the path of fear and terror about who wants to kill us.  We must walk unafraid, and realize that terror comes in many packages – including those sold to us by our own government in an effort to destroy our will to question, to fight, and to live.


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